iBlast Moki (WP)

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iBlast Moki (WP) Achievements

Most Earned

Reached Formula 1 Speed
Reached Formula 1 Speed10 (10)Throw Moki really fast in the air
Mokiland Finished all Levels
Mokiland Finished all Levels10 (10)Complete all the levels in the Mokiland world
Reached Speed of Sound
Reached Speed of Sound11 (10)Throw Moki fast in the air, faster than the speed of sound
Blowingland Finished all Levels
Blowingland Finished all Levels11 (10)Complete all the levels in the Blowingland world

Least Earned

Mokitozor Got all Gold Medals
Mokitozor Got all Gold Medals15 (10)Obtain the gold medal in all the Mokitozor levels
Mokitozor Finished all Levels
Mokitozor Finished all Levels15 (10)Complete all the levels in the Mokitozor world
Mokitozor Boss Victory
Mokitozor Boss Victory15 (10)Beat the final level in the Mokitozor world
Completed iBlast Moki
Completed iBlast Moki30 (20)Complete all the levels of iBlast Moki
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