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Born Again Gen
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Posted on 10 September 19 at 21:03, Edited on 11 September 19 at 00:23
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This title is by far the most challenging, yet rewarding game I have ever played. Almost everything you learn will be from trial & error, and looking up additional information online. From well over 300 hours of gameplay this is my opinion of the game.

- Absolutely breathtaking scenery (I have taken dozens of screenshots)
- Patience is rewarded
- Money and XP is earned upon harvesting (encourages strategy) - Plentiful re spawns of animals and rares
- When you get in the groove money is never an issue
- Several skills and perks to customize your hunting experience
- Lots of different weapons to choose from
- You can set your fast travel locations with tents
- In-depth and engaging quests to complete
- Lots of hidden secrets to uncover through exploration
- Achievements make sense, and entice you to work towards them
- In-depth anatomy system (shows which organ & skeletal damage)
- Realistic bullet drop

- Very glitchy, especially when driving the ATV
- Sometimes animals you are chasing will walk in the water and despawn
- The animals have questionable detection zones at times
- Some quests and achievements are VERY reliant on luck
- Occasionally i'll go hours without seeing an animal (Reload the game)
- You can slip and fall right off cliffs without being on the edge
- When shooting from prone sometimes you'll shoot the floor instead

- Always watch your noise and viability meter. While walking through grass it can spike and spook the animal without you realizing
- Use the high penetration bullets for all long shots (They go further without dropping compared to the expanding bullets)
- Always harvest your kills and aim for vitals for max bonus multipliers
- Use callers often
- Place tents in key areas ( I like to use them on hills beside lakes)
- You can place tents beside lookout zones for easy terrain scoping

There is a level of challenge and patience in this game that rivals even the Souls series. However with some researching, patience and luck you'll be shooting those trophies in no time.
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