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Needs to get around to hoovering up some DLC's, scamming bastards!

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Never Hesitate!

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ArkzeinZenithArkzein completed the game Zenith and is the 671st gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by Swinny Costello at 15:09 on 22 Jul 2019

Nice! I found that game enjoyable.

Kongo DragonDarksiders II Deathinitive EditionKongo Dragon completed the game Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition and is the 421st gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by Kongo Dragon at 11:06 on 21 Jul 2019

One of the dullest gaming experiences I've ever had.

AndreFlash83Call of Duty: Black OpsFirst Strike Map PackAndreFlash83 completed the First Strike Map Pack DLC for Call of Duty: Black Ops
Comment by wellingtonbalbo at 03:04 on 18 Jul 2019


Comment by AndreFlash83 at 03:06 on 18 Jul 2019

Muita sorte kk

Comment by wellingtonbalbo at 03:18 on 18 Jul 2019

Falando em sorte vou tentar solo q em teoria é mais fácil smile

Comment by wellingtonbalbo at 06:01 on 18 Jul 2019

Deixa pra lá, melhor fazer em #equipe

Comment by AndreFlash83 at 09:44 on 18 Jul 2019

Kkkkk vai dormir

ArkzeinWin StreakArkzein is currently on a 25 day achievement win streak , which is a new personal best
Comment by Arkzein at 14:28 on 17 Jul 2019

Ha, only took 11 years to beat the first, and over now anyway!

SnapDragonYoku's Island ExpressSnapDragon has rated the game Yoku's Island Express 5 out of 5
Comment by SnapDragon at 08:26 on 17 Jul 2019

Such a wonderful game!

SnapDragonYoku's Island ExpressSnapDragon completed the game Yoku's Island Express and is the 420th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by SnapDragon at 08:25 on 17 Jul 2019

I'm not the kind to make a joke here... (or am I?)

Comment by Johnny Sinister at 09:33 on 17 Jul 2019

I don't think you are. You tend to take the High road, amirite?

Comment by K4rn4ge at 12:17 on 17 Jul 2019

The YOK's on U for this on Snap! :P Grats

AndreFlash83Completion PercentageAndreFlash83 created a new Completion Percentage Goal - beat netstryker by 31 Dec 2020
Comment by wellingtonbalbo at 19:32 on 15 Jul 2019

Bora abrir jogo (6c 6)

Comment by AndreFlash83 at 19:53 on 15 Jul 2019

Fala isso pro Andrey kk

Comment by VenomSlayer88 at 00:47 on 16 Jul 2019


AndreFlash83Crimson DragonAndreFlash83 completed the game Crimson Dragon and is the 1,237th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by Cakau at 16:59 on 14 Jul 2019

Parabéns truta!!! clap

Comment by Bk LuCKY ChaRMS at 17:44 on 14 Jul 2019

Awesome I'm thinking of doing this game how hard is it

Comment by wellingtonbalbo at 17:53 on 14 Jul 2019

Boa clap

Comment by MasterNero14 at 18:00 on 14 Jul 2019

Boa flash!!! :)

Comment by AndreFlash83 at 20:06 on 14 Jul 2019

Thanks guys, not that hard BK, around 3,4/10 difficulty

Comment by SSSteinMan at 22:01 on 14 Jul 2019

Nice. A friend of mine want me to boost this and then I noticed I need a fucking Kinect for 1 or 2 achievements. Fuck off MS!

Comment by AndreFlash83 at 00:36 on 15 Jul 2019

Yeah 2 achievements are kinect required, that's why it took me one week to get the last achievements cry

AndreFlash83AndreFlash83 has reached a new milestone: 555 Completed Games
Comment by MasterNero14 at 01:02 on 13 Jul 2019

Boa flash!

Comment by Yellow Worker at 02:02 on 13 Jul 2019

just +111... and the prophecy will come true.

Comment by AndreFlash83 at 09:35 on 13 Jul 2019

A ressurreição será realizada kk

AndreFlash83Bouncy BulletsAndreFlash83 completed the game Bouncy Bullets and is the 551st gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by Betto pck at 11:13 on 13 Jul 2019

Por 4 não iguala ao número de jogos completos, parabéns Flash

Comment by AndreFlash83 at 11:20 on 13 Jul 2019

Kkkk vlw, seria muita coincidência

AndreFlash83Energy Cycle EdgeAndreFlash83 has rated the game Energy Cycle Edge 0.5 out of 5
Comment by AndreFlash83 at 00:55 on 11 Jul 2019

I dont remember when it was the last time I gave this rate for a game.

Comment by MasterNero14 at 01:40 on 11 Jul 2019

Pense num jogo bosta pqp kkkkk

Comment by AndreFlash83 at 02:07 on 11 Jul 2019

Mano esse eh o tipo de jogo que os cientistas usam com chimpanzés kk que doidera da porra

AndreFlash83AndreFlash83 has reached a new milestone: 610,000 GamerScore
Comment by MasterNero14 at 20:48 on 10 Jul 2019

Boa flash ;)

Chris mad manChris mad man has reached a new milestone: 550,000 GamerScore
Comment by ClockKing1986 at 04:13 on 10 Jul 2019

Wow, congrats!

Comment by Chris mad man at 07:40 on 10 Jul 2019

Much appreciated!

Comment by ReiZero2 at 16:22 on 10 Jul 2019

Keep goin man!

AndreFlash83The Disney Afternoon CollectionAndreFlash83 completed the game The Disney Afternoon Collection and is the 185th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by Yinga Garten at 21:30 on 09 Jul 2019

Congrats! How hard was the completion?

Comment by MasterNero14 at 22:30 on 09 Jul 2019

Caramba foi muito rápido flash kkkkk

Comment by MasterNero14 at 22:30 on 09 Jul 2019

Parabéns :)

Comment by AndreFlash83 at 22:39 on 09 Jul 2019

I would say 4/10 difficult, and a good old school game

Comment by AndreFlash83 at 22:39 on 09 Jul 2019

Vlw Viny toast

Comment by Yellow Worker at 00:42 on 10 Jul 2019


Comment by Chris mad man at 07:41 on 10 Jul 2019

Very fun collection of NES games. I am glad you enjoyed it!

Comment by ZiMba 4 LiFE II at 08:58 on 10 Jul 2019

Congrats Andre , I never realized what games were included , I used to have them and I have beat them all back in the day on my NES , if it goes on sale im buying it !

Comment by AndreFlash83 at 09:32 on 10 Jul 2019

Thank u friends, these are great mainly the last ones, Ducktales 2 and Reacue Rangers 2, but Tale spin and darkwing were also great, the only thing that sometimes got

Comment by AndreFlash83 at 09:33 on 10 Jul 2019

Me mad were the controls, it's a bit hard to be 100% accuracy with the stick.

AndreFlash83Crimson DragonTitle UpdateAndreFlash83 completed the Title Update DLC for Crimson Dragon
Comment by AbleHenry at 10:29 on 09 Jul 2019

Congrats Andre. Very close to the completion of the game now

AndreFlash83Crimson DragonMultiplayer Title UpdateAndreFlash83 started the Multiplayer Title Update DLC for Crimson Dragon
Comment by Deco76BR at 16:31 on 09 Jul 2019

Boa. Tenho q fazer essa DLC.

Comment by AndreFlash83 at 17:48 on 09 Jul 2019

Eita achei q vc já tivesse jeito, criei até sessão, vc bem que poderia ter me avisado laugh

Comment by Deco76BR at 17:59 on 09 Jul 2019

É que fiquei um bom tempo sem o one. Fiquei com vários jogos parados. Pra retomar com o game pass tá difícil. Kkkk


                  Status change by DaBlackAlbino at 23:31 on 08 Jul 2019DaBlackAlbino status: They Are Billions is a ridiculously hard game even on a low difficulty with a keyboard and mouse.
Comment by DaBlackAlbino at 23:32 on 08 Jul 2019

The most difficult RTS I've probably ever played. Makes command and conquer look like a child's game.

Comment by DaBlackAlbino at 23:34 on 08 Jul 2019

What makes it hard is that the destruction of your buildings gives the enemies extra units. And this has a cascade effect. Plus expanding is a total bitch.

Comment by DaBlackAlbino at 23:35 on 08 Jul 2019

If they don't nerf the difficulty this game will have a very high TA ratio. Most people won't beat it.

SnapDragonThe Z Axis: ContinuumSnapDragon completed the game The Z Axis: Continuum and is the 3rd gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by K4rn4ge at 06:14 on 08 Jul 2019

Nice job on completing The Z Axis: K4tinuum :P I hope you did a bad pun like mine when you unlocked "my" achievement lol

Comment by K4rn4ge at 06:18 on 08 Jul 2019

K4rn4ge in The Z Axis: Continuum maybe there will be more levels later and we'll get a SnapDragon achievement with bad puns!

SnapDragonThe Z Axis: ContinuumThe Dwaggienite TrialsSnapDragon completed the The Dwaggienite Trials DLC for The Z Axis: Continuum
Comment by SnapDragon at 06:10 on 08 Jul 2019

These achievement names seem strangely familiar..

Comment by K4rn4ge at 06:19 on 08 Jul 2019

Who the hell are these people ;)

FL trooper beSAMURAI SHODOWNFL trooper be completed the game SAMURAI SHODOWN and is the 34th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by FL trooper be at 15:15 on 03 Jul 2019

Good fighter but a bit thin content wise. No combo challenges or fighter creation. 20 hours and did pretty much everything. Still glad i played it ??

ArkzeinDust: An Elysian TailArkzein started the game Dust: An Elysian Tail
Comment by Arkzein at 11:52 on 04 Jul 2019

Why didn't I pay this sooner, brilliant wee game!

JetGodLikeCrackdown 3: CampaignFlying HighJetGodLike completed the Flying High DLC for Crackdown 3: Campaign
Comment by JetGodLike at 16:49 on 01 Jul 2019

Another fun easy dlc :)

Comment by Monkster1978 at 22:06 on 01 Jul 2019

horrible controls for the wingsuit though

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