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                  Status change by BrightCorvus at 09:09 on 07 Jul 2022BrightCorvus status: Shame on Ubisoft, never putting DLC on sale
Crazy Nikos 78Rush Rally OriginsCrazy Nikos 78 has rated the game Rush Rally Origins 3.5 out of 5
FxxIMxxxDFxxIMxxxD has reached a new milestone: 580,000 GamerScore
GS13 ERGO PROXY shared the Assassin's Creed: Revelations achievement list at 02:12 on 07 Jul 2022Assassin's Creed: RevelationsGS13 ERGO PROXY shared the Assassin's Creed: Revelations achievement list
Comment by Baritones101 at 02:23 on 07 Jul 2022

tell me about it

CHABINSJust Cause 3CHABINS won 2 Achievements in Just Cause 3 for 30 points
LordBiscioneSnowRunnerLordBiscione won 2 Achievements in SnowRunner for 315 points
FxxIMxxxDOmnoFxxIMxxxD won 2 Achievements in Omno for 82 points
FxxIMxxxDOmnoThe Apprentice achievementFxxIMxxxD won the The Apprentice achievement in Omno for 39 points
FxxIMxxxDOmnoPlateau Master achievementFxxIMxxxD won the Plateau Master achievement in Omno for 43 points
FxxIMxxxDTownscaperFxxIMxxxD won 7 Achievements in Townscaper for 777 points
FxxIMxxxDTownscaperFxxIMxxxD started the game Townscaper
mric82Riders Republicmric82 won 3 Achievements in Riders Republic for 249 points
BrightCorvusFar Cry 3BrightCorvus won 2 Achievements in Far Cry 3 for 45 points
KreuvaitteScreamRideKreuvaitte won 2 Achievements in ScreamRide for 12 points
KreuvaitteScreamRideKreuvaitte started the game ScreamRide
KreuvaitteCities: SkylinesKreuvaitte won 2 Achievements in Cities: Skylines for 13 points
KreuvaitteCities: SkylinesKreuvaitte started the game Cities: Skylines
BlackTiboGenesis NoirBlackTibo started the game Genesis Noir
Naystar32Naystar32 has reached a new milestone: 5,250 Achievements Won
FxxIMxxxDOmnoFxxIMxxxD won 3 Achievements in Omno for 119 points
FxxIMxxxDOmnoPit Master achievementFxxIMxxxD won the Pit Master achievement in Omno for 36 points
FxxIMxxxDOmnoThe Initiate achievementFxxIMxxxD won the The Initiate achievement in Omno for 20 points
FxxIMxxxDOmnoAmphibic achievementFxxIMxxxD won the Amphibic achievement in Omno for 63 points
CHABINSSuper Night RidersCHABINS won 2 Achievements in Super Night Riders for 78 points
FxxIMxxxDOmnoFxxIMxxxD started the game Omno
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TA Difference Week 28 2022 7,071 118,147 5.98
Gamerscore Week 28 2022 7,440 118,147 6.30
TrueAchievement Week 28 2022 7,491 118,147 6.34

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