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If anyone wants to boost Friday the 13th or Gears of War UE PC, message me on Xbox.

Airwreck Slays

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Comment by Sonderfall at 07:05 on 10 Jul 2020

"Ich muss echt aufhören, diesen Müll zu kaufen." sprach er, während er den Kauf von Pity Pit und Radio Squid abschloss :P

Comment by PerfectOO7 at 07:34 on 10 Jul 2020

Jupp, deswegen ja, das muss aufhören ...

PerfectOO7Radio SquidPerfectOO7 has rated the game Radio Squid 0.5 out of 5
PerfectOO7Pity PitPerfectOO7 has rated the game Pity Pit 1 out of 5
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