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Now opening - Club 104Permalink
Battleshhhhh.... Warboats has now finished so new membership cards will be going out soon with the new logo on. I won’t re-list our existing members, I’ll just say that all previous members of Club 108 are welcome to Club 104 with the exception of the following who must be turned away if they try to enter the club treehouse:

Agnt Washintub - never seemed to get going, only popping a couple of achievements in the event although one WAS a hit from memory.
dymagate - looked on course for success but appears to have been stymied by Guitar Hero 2 which may have completed a boat had they hit it. Forgot to remove from game collection? Faulty peripherals which hadn’t been used in 8 years? No co-op partner to be Lennon to their McCartney? Who knows, but whatever the reason their membership is revoked.
FinalKaos - popped quite a few achievements but mostly whiffed on the boats, did score one hit but never followed it up.
Fury87 - same story as Agnt Washintub, only fired a couple of bullets and never followed up on the hit they got.

With the loss of 2 from England, 1 from Scotland and 1 from Canada the Americans domination of the club grows stronger... exactly half of the membership resides in the USA (not including Americans overseas who I know we have a couple of) so the rest of us need to up our game if we want to avoid them having “control of the house”. I like the fact that our clubhouse is a rifle-free zone and the antiseptic and plasters are free to use should you cut yourself while on the bouncy castle, and I would like it to stay that way.

Until the next community challenge, stay safe everyone, even you losers outside the 104.
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Club 108 - The ListPermalink
Since I started tracking the list of people who had completed every community challenge, it has been asked several times if this information could be shared. Well, finally the answer is yes... from the perspective of the 108 members of “The Club” the Hangman Challenge is now complete without any casualties even if nobody is quite sure exactly when the Hangman event ends now it has been extended, so in the no doubt brief lull before the next challenge begins I decided to publish the list of members. Rather than just doing it alphabetically I decided to make it a bit more interesting by ordering by TA site ranking (as of this morning’s recalculation) and including the members’ countries too. The order should not be seen as a ‘ranking’ of any sort, in the eyes of the club administration Pteppic42 is no better than Calavamari, I just thought it would be an interesting way to show the spread of gamers who these challenges appeal to, be they hardcore gamers for whom Xbox = life, or those who dip in just occasionally or are just beginning on their achievement hunting journeys. The only thing that matters is that we are all better than everybody else outside of the 108 and they must forever gaze upon us from afar, their grubby snouts pressed against the glass of our clubhouse windows.

I considered using a spoiler tag but decided the magnificence of the 108 should not be concealed. If you are in the club, share this far and wide so everybody knows; if you’re not in the club but know somebody who is, share it as well and maybe they will look kindly on you and save you some crumbs from the table at our next feast.


Pteppic42 67, AUSTRIA
cyberber 109, JAPAN
Spirochaete 161, USA
boldyno1 203, ENGLAND
iMaginaryy 243, USA
ChinDocta 247, AUSTRALIA
FinalKaos 251, ENGLAND
planting42 261, USA
Wakapeil 266, SWEDEN
Slayer Reigning 298, USA
nuttywray 311, ENGLAND
PirateSpirit 352, SCOTLAND
RadicalSniper99 427, USA
NBA Kirkland 432, USA
rekikire 482, AUSTRALIA
Proulx 483, USA
Gunstar Red 506, USA
Kez001 523, USA
Racknore 690, USA
Johnny Sinister 750, GERMANY
Ethstraad 794, ENGLAND
Baby Shibs 814, USA
PlayUltimate711 884, USA
Matrarch 898, USA
o Heres Jonny o 931, ENGLAND
IllegallySam 967, USA
KungFuStu72 1059, ENGLAND
pete4968 1062, ENGLAND
Evil Genie 1097, USA
Tatey 1143, ENGLAND
AlphaSignal 1156, ENGLAND
Big Ell 1228, USA
KaveDweller 1299, USA
xLsWx 1452, ENGLAND
JamP0und32 1549, ENGLAND
Shinnizle 1614, CANADA
AtlantisRhythm 1626, ENGLAND
eohjay 1680, USA
Kaz Adama 1707, USA
MrCoolness3 1751, USA
Pocrage 1842, USA
hotcurls3088 1859, USA
Falensarano 1907, ENGLAND
ChewieOnIce 1939, ENGLAND
playerforty4 1941, USA
d3nn1s99999 2018, NETHERLANDS
Gepardi 2020, FINLAND
Redd Five 2026, USA
Timww572 2047, USA
Elite1111111111 2158, USA
Seamus McLimey 2351, CANADA
Agnt Washintub 2377, ENGLAND
KooshMoose 2436, USA
ErichRunner 2458, USA
Bastian Reader 2521, USA
Whtthfgg 2523, USA
Osmo76 2675, FINLAND
Xpovos 2683, USA
Slipper21 2720, ENGLAND
Fury87 2910, CANADA
djj 3101, ENGLAND
angelsk 3126, ENGLAND
MagicalChild 3159, USA
Xealon 3355, IRELAND
MidniteDLITE 3771, USA
dymagate 3944, SCOTLAND
Anubseth 4021, BRAZIL
Sarsars 4456, USA
Freamwhole 4645, USA
FOV1863 5025, ENGLAND
KinectKid333 5362, USA
NawtyCawty 5971, ENGLAND
Redrum Homicide 5994, USA
Mark B 6016, ENGLAND
ZaeloRae 6299, USA
blueracer442 6307, USA
Jblacq 6344, CANADA
LeeDoc40 6471, ENGLAND
LuckyKant 6593, ENGLAND
ManicMetalhead 6677, ENGLAND
WithTheDawn 7046, AUSTRALIA
Darth James O 8119, ENGLAND
Adeusz 8162, HUNGARY
HenkeXD 8820, SWEDEN
Arador 8826, NEW ZEALAND
Cavaliers07 9105, ENGLAND
Stig Assassin 9455, USA
Ripley LV426 9471, USA
HawkeyeBarry20 10030, USA
Daedski 12121, SCOTLAND
Vandel Buster 12923, USA
WickstarRunner 12930, USA
MorphingAmoeba 13646, FINLAND
Silver1337 16358, AUSTRALIA
BetaSigX20 17122, USA
Lanceride 17925, USA
LagDotCom 20873, ENGLAND
DavidDoes 27789, USA
CrunchyGoblin68 28234, CANADA
Flabyo 30006, ENGLAND
MinPin 30624, USA
MJAMaster 32126, USA
Jewl13 32171, CANADA
Old Zengunner 39315, TAIWAN
jimbobvaquero 95127, USA
Calavamari 123620, USA
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*DEFINITIVE* RadicalSniper99 v angelsk QuarUHHntine ChallengePermalink
AWAY: Journey To The UnexpectedSavvy ShopperThe Savvy Shopper achievement in AWAY: Journey To The Unexpected worth 73 pointsBuy 2 items from the shop during the same game

My Memory of UsWould you like to JiveThe Would you like to Jive achievement in My Memory of Us worth 62 pointsMake no more than 2 mistakes while dancing in „The Thief’s Duty”

FAR: Lone SailsHoarderThe Hoarder achievement in FAR: Lone Sails worth 89 pointsStore 15 object inside the Okomotive

Hellblade: Senua's SacrificeSecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice worth 47 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

Spyro Reignited TrilogyS3 | The Money's In The Bag...The S3 | The Money's In The Bag... achievement in Spyro Reignited Trilogy worth 48 pointsSunrise Spring: Free Sheila the Kangaroo

Unravel TwoGo exploreThe Go explore achievement in Unravel Two worth 16 pointsComplete Nightswimming

ControlFBC Crisis Solution Task ForceThe FBC Crisis Solution Task Force achievement in Control worth 54 pointsComplete 15 Side Missions

MoonlighterPrune the Plant!The Prune the Plant! achievement in Moonlighter worth 21 pointsDefeat Carnivorous Mutae

Serial CleanerBOOM! Headshot!The BOOM! Headshot! achievement in Serial Cleaner worth 18 pointsGet killed by a Shooter for the first time

Spyro Reignited TrilogyS3 | Cannon FodderThe S3 | Cannon Fodder achievement in Spyro Reignited Trilogy worth 37 pointsIcy Peak: Destroy 6 icy things using the cannons

A Hat in TimeAlpine Skyline - All clear!The Alpine Skyline - All clear! achievement in A Hat in Time worth 142 pointsCollect all Time Pieces in Alpine Skyline!

ReCoreSecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in ReCore worth 64 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

NieR: Automata BECOME AS GODS EditionAnimal RiderThe Animal Rider achievement in NieR: Automata BECOME AS GODS Edition worth 33 pointsAny animal ridden for 5 kilometers.

Yooka-LayleeThe Agie of PagieThe The Agie of Pagie achievement in Yooka-Laylee worth 69 pointsCollect 75 Pagies

Sunset OverdriveA Challenger AppearsThe A Challenger Appears achievement in Sunset Overdrive worth 24 pointsComplete 10 challenges with at least a bronze rating.

THIEFOne Step AheadThe One Step Ahead achievement in THIEF worth 53 pointsDisarm ten trap mechanisms

The Z Axis: ContinuumSpeedrun 25The Speedrun 25 achievement in The Z Axis: Continuum worth 79 pointsComplete level 25 in Classic Mode in less than 1:00.

Please, Don't Touch AnythingPerfectionistThe Perfectionist achievement in Please, Don't Touch Anything worth 605 pointsUnlock ending #30 without pressing any unnecessary buttons

UnravelNo stone unturnedThe No stone unturned achievement in Unravel worth 321 pointsFind every secret

Plague Inc: EvolvedI never asked for thisThe I never asked for this achievement in Plague Inc: Evolved worth 28 pointsFeel the negative side of artificial organs
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