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AliosghofAliosghof has reached a new milestone: 1,405 Completed Games
AliosghofRoar of RevengeAliosghof completed the game Roar of Revenge and is the 250th gamer on the site to complete it
AliosghofRoar of RevengeAliosghof started the game Roar of Revenge
AliosghofSwitchballSpyglass achievementAliosghof won the Spyglass achievement in Switchball for 38 points
AliosghofThe Dark ProphecyAliosghof completed the game The Dark Prophecy and is the 96th gamer on the site to complete it
AliosghofThe Dark ProphecyAliosghof started the game The Dark Prophecy
AliosghofDandy AceAliosghof won 2 Achievements in Dandy Ace for 48 points
AliosghofDandy AceAliosghof started the game Dandy Ace
AliosghofAliosghof has reached a new milestone: 2,270,000 TrueAchievement Score
AliosghofVisageAliosghof completed the game Visage and is the 1,509th gamer on the site to complete it
AliosghofVisageAliosghof completed the story in Visage
AliosghofVisageAliosghof won 26 Achievements in Visage for 3559 points
AliosghofVisageFamily reunion achievementAliosghof won the Family reunion achievement in Visage for 387 points
AliosghofVisageVoid achievementAliosghof won the Void achievement in Visage for 201 points
AliosghofVisageThe Neighbors achievementAliosghof won the The Neighbors achievement in Visage for 19 points
AliosghofVisageEasy way out achievementAliosghof won the Easy way out achievement in Visage for 49 points
AliosghofVisageSpecial gift achievementAliosghof won the Special gift achievement in Visage for 84 points
AliosghofVisageMirror mask achievementAliosghof won the Mirror mask achievement in Visage for 68 points
AliosghofVisageHot chocolate achievementAliosghof won the Hot chocolate achievement in Visage for 75 points
AliosghofVisageDance, dance achievementAliosghof won the Dance, dance achievement in Visage for 405 points
AliosghofVisageChapter: Lucy achievementAliosghof won the Chapter: Lucy achievement in Visage for 161 points
AliosghofVisageSmile! achievementAliosghof won the Smile! achievement in Visage for 56 points
AliosghofVisageGearing up! achievementAliosghof won the Gearing up! achievement in Visage for 69 points
AliosghofVisageChapter: Rakan achievementAliosghof won the Chapter: Rakan achievement in Visage for 157 points
AliosghofA Fold ApartAliosghof completed the game A Fold Apart and is the 832nd gamer on the site to complete it
AliosghofVisageAliosghof started the game Visage
AliosghofA Fold ApartBonus ChaptersAliosghof completed the Bonus Chapters DLC for A Fold Apart
AliosghofA Fold ApartAliosghof won 8 Achievements in A Fold Apart for 859 points
AliosghofAliosghof has reached a new milestone: 1,400 Completed Games
Active Targets
September DLC Completion Target
September DLC Completion TargetComplete 1+ DLC or Title Update
Joined on 02 Sep 2022
Ends on 30 Sep 2022
4,730 participants
AliosghofGold medal
7 completions - Gold earned
Gold medal
Weekly Leaderboard Pos Gamers %ile
TA Difference Week 39 2022 524 196,918 0.27
TrueAchievement Week 39 2022 612 196,918 0.31
Gamerscore Week 39 2022 962 196,918 0.49
Site Leaderboard Location Pos Gamers %ile
Gamerscore in All Games Canada 12 View history chart 6,482 0.19
Gamerscore in All Games Ontario 5 View history chart 2,799 0.18
User Leaderboard Access Pos Gamers %ile
splicegraph Torontonians Public 1 22 4.55
Aliosghof Persian Gamers On TA Public 1 13 7.69

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Roar of Revenge


Roar of Revenge
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