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veil1451GTASC 2019veil1451 has been eliminated from GTASC 2019 - Individual
xSCARYJAMxSpencerxSCARYJAMx completed the game Spencer and is the 1,563rd gamer on the site to complete it
xSCARYJAMxSpencerxSCARYJAMx has rated the game Spencer 1 out of 5
xSCARYJAMxSpencerxSCARYJAMx won 10 Achievements in Spencer for 1097 points
xSCARYJAMxSpencerKeycard achievementxSCARYJAMx won the Keycard achievement in Spencer for 227 points
xSCARYJAMxSpencerBattery 3 achievementxSCARYJAMx won the Battery 3 achievement in Spencer for 113 points
xSCARYJAMxSpencerBattery 2 achievementxSCARYJAMx won the Battery 2 achievement in Spencer for 112 points
xSCARYJAMxSpencerBox Champ achievementxSCARYJAMx won the Box Champ achievement in Spencer for 111 points
xSCARYJAMxSpencerBox Rookie achievementxSCARYJAMx won the Box Rookie achievement in Spencer for 110 points
xSCARYJAMxSpencerBattery 1 achievementxSCARYJAMx won the Battery 1 achievement in Spencer for 108 points
xSCARYJAMxSpencerBox Amateur achievementxSCARYJAMx won the Box Amateur achievement in Spencer for 51 points
xSCARYJAMxSpencerThe Ghost achievementxSCARYJAMx won the The Ghost achievement in Spencer for 104 points
xSCARYJAMxSpencerxSCARYJAMx started the game Spencer
pandaman105ABZÛ (Win 10)pandaman105 has rated the game ABZÛ (Win 10) 3 out of 5
xSCARYJAMxBorderlands 3xSCARYJAMx won 4 Achievements in Borderlands 3 for 84 points
ArufredArufred has reached a new milestone: 1,440,000 GamerScore
ArufredArufred has reached a new milestone: 4,200 Games Played
ArufredFractured MindsArufred completed the game Fractured Minds
ArufredTanky TanksArufred won 2 Achievements in Tanky Tanks for 216 points
ArufredTanky TanksArufred started the game Tanky Tanks
ArufredFractured MindsArufred started the game Fractured Minds
xSCARYJAMxOnigiriLevel 50! achievementxSCARYJAMx won the Level 50! achievement in Onigiri for 80 points
xTsunAxAnniversaryxTsunAx is celebrating their 5-year anniversary of joining
mechanic armsGarfield Kart Furious Racingmechanic arms has rated the game Garfield Kart Furious Racing 1 out of 5
mechanic armsScarlett Mysteries: Cursed Childmechanic arms has rated the game Scarlett Mysteries: Cursed Child 0.5 out of 5
mechanic armsThe Unicorn Princessmechanic arms has rated the game The Unicorn Princess 0.5 out of 5
ArufredGears 5Arufred won 2 Achievements in Gears 5 for 81 points
veil1451Desert Childveil1451 won 2 Achievements in Desert Child for 175 points
mechanic armsThe Unicorn Princessmechanic arms completed the game The Unicorn Princess and is the 8th gamer on the site to complete it
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Completed Games in All Games 2,691 View history chart 298,806 0.90
TrueAchievement in All Games Japan 37 View history chart 763 4.85

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