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If Ocarina of Time had achievements
PUT THIS ON THE ONE: I already made a list! *waves sign in air*

1210 gamerscore overall with 73 achievements

leave your house 5g a hero awakened
obtain kokori shield 5g it's made of wood
obtain kokori sword 5g i hope this doesn't break
obtain deku nuts 5g wrath of the nuts
obtain deku stick 5g hit em with dat stick
obtain kokoris emerald 10g ooh shiny
obtain sarias ocarina 5g i'll call you sometime
kill 20 enemies with deku sticks 10g dooki stick master
obtain the fairy slingshot 5g link the menace
obtain a hyrule shield 5g duck and cover
meet princess zelda while having a hyrule shield equipped 10g future told now
get every mask in the happy mask shop and be happy 15g why so happy?
win the treasure in the treasure box shop 5g that was easy
find the pooch ladies dog 5g where's my reward?
obtain lon lon milk from a cow 5g milkin' da cows
learn every song on the ocarina 15g music maestro
obtain all the gifts from the great fairies 15g soothing song and gifts
collect a gold skutulla token 5g 1 is all you need
collect 50 gold skutulla tokens 15g spider smasher
collect all gold skutulla tokens 25g gotta collect em all
hunt every rare poe and collect the treasure that the ghost hunter will give you 20g ghost in the bottle
obtain the top prize from bombachu bowling 5g this was fun
obtain gorons bracelet 5g look what I can lift
obtain gorons ruby 15g this looks tasty
take a ride from the owl 10g I believe I can fly
purchase and plant all the seeds from the guy near zoras river 20g green thumb
obtain all the rewards from the mask fashion show 10g superstar
obtain zoras sapphire 20g guess we're married
obtain the boomerang 5g not only in the outback
obtain the bombs 5g bombs away
obtain the top prize as an adult and a kid in the shooting gallery 15g nice shootin' Tex
beat dampe as an adult and get his treasure 5g race against dampe
obtain the ocarina of time 5g no more pink?
raise your max health by one heart 10g I feel stronger
collect every piece of heart and max your life energy 40g better, faster, stronger
obtain the master sword 5g every hero needs a sword
obtain the mirror shield 5g deflected!
obtain the silver gauntlets 5g do you even lift?
obtain the gold gauntlets 5g come at me bro!
obtain the iron boots 5g look ma i can sink
obtain the air boots 5g I believe i can hover
obtain the fairy bow 5g lets go hunting
obtain a temporary goron sword 5g hope this doesn't break
obtain the true goron sword 25g that's more like it
create your scarecrow song 10g jam session
revisit your home and sarias home as an adult 5g Echoes from the Past
call saria as an adult using your ocarina 5g Long Distance Relationship
kill an enemy using the broken goron sword 20g It's not the size
obtain the hookshot 5g get over here
obtain the long shot 5g Not by a Longshot
claim epona as an adult 15g a boy and his horse
attack chicken to anger them and stay alive for 3 minutes 10g pissed off chickens
corall all the chickens in kakariko village as a child 5g check the crates too
obtain the light arrows 5g blinded by the light arrows
obtain the fire arrows 5g light my fire
obtain the ice arrows 5g chill out
maximize your magic meter 10g i've got the power
obtain the forest medallion 25g we'll always be friends
obtain the water medallion 35g a present from the wife?
obtain the fire medallion 30g old friends
obtain the light medallion 20g that was easy
obtain the shadow medallion 40g shadow of your former self
obtain the spirit medallion 50g got the heart and spirit
go on a magic carpet ride 5g far out dude
obtain fire tunic 5g ain't too hot in here
obtain water tunic 5g I can breathe
defeat ganondorf 60g show your true form!
defeat ganon 70g Ganondorf got ugly
beat the game 100g Hero of Time
beat the game without dying 200g Legends Never Die
max out your final wallet as an adult 20g deep pockets
catch a fish large enough to get the max prize - 15g Look what I caught!
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Comment by Angels Kill Too at 05:24 on 19 Sep 2017

yeah, beat those old shitty games

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Comment by Angels Kill Too at 03:58 on 16 Sep 2017

got money? it helps A LOT lol

Comment by PhoenixKurogane at 04:25 on 16 Sep 2017

Nah, going to play it normally. During this week though, they are offering free stuff in-game, which will help in the process.

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Comment by Angels Kill Too at 03:58 on 16 Sep 2017

best time, sexy time is meh lol

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