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If Silent Hill 1 Had Achievements
1.) Was I dreaming? - Wake up in Cafe
2.) Yes, it was aliens - Get Channeling Stone (secret)
3.) Harry Madison - Enter Midwich Elementary
4.) Bleed the Lizard - Defeat Lizard Boss
5.) Totally used a faq - Complete piano puzzle
6.) Drill Bit Harry - Get a kill with the Rock Drill
7.) Midnight Snack - Return to the cafe at night
8.) Why you cryin'? - Hear the cries in Midwich Bathroom
9.) Harry Caterpillar - Defeat Caterpillar Boss
10.) Mans Best Friend- Kill a dog
11.) Die Devil Bird! - Kill a flying demon
12.) They look like monsters? - Kill a nurse
13.) Just what the doctor ordered - Kill a doctor
14.) Harry Montoya - Kill a baddy
15.) Hatchet Man - Get the hand axe/hatchet
16.) Always Trusty - Get the Fire Axe
17.) Is anyone out there? - Complete the game while the radio is turned off/after the first fight
18.) Packrat- Pick up 50 items (or 100)
19.) This is my Boomstick - Get the shotgun
20.) Sigh of relief - Meet Lisa
21.) A hunting I will go - Get the hunting rifle
22.) Space Ranger - Get the hyper Blaster
23.) Detective Harry - Discover hidden stash of drugs and object in motorcycle.
24.) What's up doc? - Meet Dr. Kaufman
25.) Slimed - Collect red liquid with the plastic bottle
26.) Bug Hunter - Kill The Moth Boss
27.) Cop Killer - Kill Cybil
28.) Brahams finest - Save Cybil
29.) Kawabunga - Finish Sewer Section
30.) Intensive Care - Finish Hospital section
31.) Creepy Crawler - Kill a sewer dweller
32.) What the wookie was that? - Kill a hairy dog monster
33.) Addicted to the bottle - Drink 5 health drinks in a row
34.) No well here - Watch Video Tape
35.) Harry in Wonderland - Solve the Hospital Plate Puzzle
36.) Quite a park here - Reach lakeside amusement park
37.) My door is always open - Get to the church
38.) Chainsaw Massacre - Get the chainsaw
39.) The middle of Nowhere - Finish Nowhere Section
40.) Neither Silver nor Gold - Get Pipe
41.) Happy Family - Watch the opening cutscene with Harry and Cybil after the "good ending"
42.) Warpspeed Mr. Mason - Finish the Game within 7 hours
43.) It all started with a lighthouse - Reach lighthouse
44.) Can't keep a good man down - Finish the game without dying
45.) Guilt Driven - Read Lisa's Diary
46.) Demon Slayer - Kill Demon Incubus
47.) Witch Killer - Kill Alessa
48.) Get UFO ending - X Files
49.) Get bad ending - Try again?
50.) Get true ending - Happily ever after

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