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Comment by Kanchanaburi at 04:09 on 18 Apr 2021

it seems (at least for the PC) that the DLC was included in the gamepass

Comment by ProfessorPluto at 12:44 on 18 Apr 2021

It's included in the xbox version too i believe. I don't think i paid for it and i have access

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ProfessorPlutoReCoreJourney's End achievementProfessorPluto won the Journey's End achievement in ReCore for 125 points
Comment by Kanchanaburi at 02:06 on 20 Apr 2021

PS. when are we going to start the 4 player coop? we need to get two more people, i did try asking Crackshot again, but he hasn't responded as usual.

Comment by ProfessorPluto at 05:31 on 20 Apr 2021

Yeah I talked with Crackshot and he isnt interested. I wont be able to play this weekend either, but next weekend maybe? We could put up a session and see who joins?

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Comment by Kanchanaburi at 04:55 on 11 Apr 2021

i played a bit of horde and this feels exactly like ZA3.

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Comment by RampidMeerkat at 08:12 on 07 Apr 2021

I keep wanting to finish this, but i end up playing for 5 minutes and then switching. haha

Comment by ProfessorPluto at 09:15 on 07 Apr 2021

You didn't like it? I'm really enjoying the game so far

Comment by RampidMeerkat at 22:27 on 09 Apr 2021

I loved it, but for some reason i cant bring myself to play it. Haha

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Comment by Kanchanaburi at 17:12 on 06 Apr 2021

Are you ready? Crackshot is still not talking to me so I don’t know about him playing but it’s time to get some zombies!

Comment by ProfessorPluto at 21:49 on 06 Apr 2021

Yeah I'm ready. Games been installed since Christmas haha

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Comment by CrosstownAnt214 at 12:19 on 03 Apr 2021

Congrats :)

Comment by ProfessorPluto at 12:21 on 03 Apr 2021

Cheers now on to the xbox one version!

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