Anyone know if the zombie of the year edition of dead island has the arena dlc with it?


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To Do List.
As I type this I'm in the process of trying to resurrect my xbox from the dreaded Red ring of death with some cotton bud (Qtips). I have ordered a new console but want to prolong it's life while I wait for the new one and then I can open it up and repair it to keep for double boxing and idling as I don't want to rely on it for day to day gaming especially with limited hard drive capacity.

Anyways the point of this blog is for me to have a place to keep track of the games I plan to work on in the near future. Some of these will have multiplayer/coop involved if anyone is interested although some of the multiplayer I won't be doing due to huge grinds or awkward servers for trying to avoid randoms.

The List:

Saints Row (Ger) - Possible multiplayer if have a group or another person with 2 copies to knock it out.
Saints Row 2 (Ger) - Will do Coop, If people play multiplayer will do some legit and alot of idling.
Saints Row 4 (AUS) - Such a fun game couldn't pass up the chance to do it all again.
Bad Company - Only going to do singleplayer to improve completion as multiplayer a balls.
Rage - Need to finish this singleplayer and do the dlc. Love this game but always get distracted.
Forza Horizon - Yet to start but intend to complete so will be doing the multiplayer.
Family Guy BTTM
Spec Ops - Need to finish fubar and 2 decision achievements
Dishonored - Go back and finish.
Game of Thrones - Nuff said
Splinter Cell Conviction - Last stand maps and Hunter without detection.

I will be working on other games as well but these are the main ones for the moment.

I will also be going back to skyrim and red dead redemption just for fun as these are 2 of my favourite games on 360.
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