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Nearly six years since my last update. Nearly ten since I started the blog. Wow.
Wow time sure flies doesn't it? Someone told me that the Xbox 360 turns 15 this year and I was blown away. I honestly was in disbelief as I still remember like it was yesterday walking into the store and seeing someone playing Call of Duty 2 on a store TV. I'm starting to sound like an old man.

The first thing I should do is reintroduce myself. Thanks for checking out this blog. I used to go under the name JerrynSteph4eva but I changed the name back in 2016 after Steph and I broke up. Unfortunately, we just grew apart and decided to break off our engagement. But to be honest, I'm not looking for sympathy, just to explain my name change. It was five years ago after all. Since then, I met another woman and the two of us hit it off immediately and got married. When we first started dating, I chose to rename myself "AquaPrince" in reference to her, as her name is Ariel. Honestly I was gonna name it prince Eric or something along those lines but we've had history with the name so I chose the general Aqua.

So where have I been and what has happened since October 2014? Well, quite frankly, a lot. As I previously mentioned in a blog update from 2013, I switched to primarily playing Playstation after trying out and loving Ratchet & Clank and Uncharted. Not to say I completely abandoned Xbox, I would play things here and there. Mainly exclusives as I really enjoy Halo, Gears of War and Forza (mainly Forza). Still have to play Halo 5 but I never beat 4 or Reach so I want to do that sometime soon. Maybe replay the series from scratch again. But when I played PS4, I was genuinely impressed with the system. I liked the controller and the speaker/light bar (Resogun made great use of it but my favorite use is in RE2 where it plays conversations and shows your health). With the Xbox One, I would often grow frustrated at the long times it took to install games, even from disc. And with PS4, it seemed like most would insta-load and install as you went on, which was a big thing for me. Plus the PS4 had more JRPGs, indie and Japanese games (such as FFXIV, Ys and the like) at the time which I really liked. But the main thing that switched me for good was my friends jumping over to PS4.

Honestly I did feel the itch of trophy hunting on it too and I really bonded with the system. I loved the fact that you would get a platinum for completing lists and you still kept it after DLC was released (which showed up as a separate list not necessary for the platinum). Oftentimes I would get frustrated with Xbox for adding DLC achievements which I would have to reclaim if I wanted to keep the completion (such as World of Keflings). Of course, despite saying I would stop gaming for achievements/trophies in a previous blog post, I relapsed and became a big trophy hunter. I'm actually nearing 200 platinums and I surpassed my Xbox score last year, which I thought would never happen since I was hopelessly addicted to achievements for nearly six years. However, when it came to Xbox, I kept my "stop stressing on achievements" philosophy. And Xbox became my platform to play games and have fun without worrying about achievements (at least totally, I still nab some here and there for fun). There are a lot of games I'll play and replay on Xbox because I know they're either tough completions I don't need to go for or just enjoy enough to play again. Like I said, I enjoy going for achievements and have gotten a few completions since 2013 (such as Assassin's Creed and The Sims 4), but with Xbox, I don't push myself to go for achievements anymore if it's not fun.

One huge thing that brought me back to Xbox here and there is the backwards compatibility. I love it. It's so awesome replaying the games on Xbox One, especially since I upgraded to the One X in 2018 when I got a 4K TV. Replaying old games with the added power is so awesome and it's great being able to play series games in a row (such as Just Cause 1, 2, 3, etc) with some being 360 only titles. Some games that were notorious for playing choppily are buttery smooth and look great. For example, Elder Scrolls 3 Morrowind is one of my all time favorite games but the Xbox port was always clunky, laggy and with long load times. On the One X, I love being able to play it smoothly and have it pretty much insta-load the next area. I'm so glad they revisited this concept cause it's definitely a feature I keep my Xbox for.

If you made it this far, thanks a ton for reading this and listening to me ramble on. I still enjoy playing Xbox One and I doubt I'll ever truly give up playing it. I still keep an eye on things here (this website and its sister site TrueTrophies are awesome) but I'm mostly on PS4/3/Vita. But I was getting tired of seeing my rant about customers every time I came here and wanted to update what's been going on in the last six years. As long as there isn't a $3000 price tag, I hope to pick up both the PS5 and Xbox Series X over time (though PS5 is the priority) so I won't ever completely disappear, even if I go 6 years without an update.
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