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Customers? Who needs em?
Today, I got an abrupt reminder of why I tend to do most of my shopping online nowadays.

I had a half shift today at work and got off at 1, so I figured I'd stop by the store on my way home and pick up the new Smash Bros and Forza Horizon 2. Been looking forward to both games for a while now and finally both convinced myself it's worth picking up in stores and saved up enough to do so, so I stopped off at Best Buy on the way home. Ah, Best Buy. The store where I used to blow most of my hard earned paychecks every week back when income was disposable and bills were superfluous.

Unfortunately, it seems that Best Buy has gone downhill and the harsh reality of today seemed to destroy my fond memories of the place. Picking out games used to be such an easy task. Now, there's a selection about five games from two years ago and they're all thrown about the department so I never truly know how much I'm paying until I go to the register. I kept wondering when Jay would bring down the mystery box and ask if I'd like to make a trade. But after searching the department about three times and checking for hidden games like they were easter eggs, my search ended in failure. However, in an odd twist of fate, I found both of the games I was looking for three weeks prior (of which were nowhere to be found): Layton vs Phoenix Wright and Kirby Triple Deluxe. I ended up snagging a copy of Layton and heading off on my quest to find an employee to see about the other two.

However, it seemed like no one took interest in my plight. A man who was busy writing game numbers down in the department ignored me as I passed him five times looking for the game and, trying not to disturb him, approached a group of three employees who were commenting to themselves. However, as I drew near, the three scattered and the one left behind ignored me as he punched numbers into an order gun, giving me rude looks as if to say "how dare you interrupt me?". And at this point, I begin to realize I'm frustrated, having wanted to simply pick up two games and go home without much hassle. But since no one wants to help me, I have to ask my cashier humbly for a copy of Smash Bros (who cuts me off before I can ask for Forza). She's nice enough and decides to go look in the cage where the wild video games nap and await their next meals but comes back moments later with no luck. "They're on the sales floor" she casually told me. "No, I checked five times already. Are you out?" So she leaves the front and approaches the customer service desk where four of them flock over to the computer to check, casting eyes at me like I was asking for a subscription to the KKK's newsletter.

At this point, I'm mad but trying to keep my cool. The line begins to back up since she's the only one open and I can feel the evil glares burning through my back, setting the checkout ablaze as the heat lasers penetrate my back. The cashier returns almost ten minutes later with no copy of the game but assures me that someone is coming up front with a copy of it. Already having spent nearly half an hour too long in the store, I forget about asking for Forza and quickly purchase my copy of Smash and Layton before someone snatches it out of my grasp and wags their finger at me for wanting to spend my money there and distract their employees. I can't help but laugh as even the greeter ignores me leaving the store and I casually sniff myself to make sure I'm not offensive.

So I decide to head to Target, which isn't too much farther away. They should have Forza right? And they should be willing to treat their customers with respect right? Shouldn't be too much of a problem. I head in, walk for three months to the back of the store where electronics are located and after a couple minutes find Forza locked away like a boss door in Zelda. All I need is to find the treasure chest with the key. And I'm in luck, it seems, as three employees are hanging just behind the wall where the end of my quest lies. I casually approach them and am again ignored. So I ask them, somewhat rudely I admit since I'm quite irritated now, if one of them can get me a game out of the case. "We don't have the keys." "Can you get them from someone?" To which she replies "there's a button that you press that summons the guy". I told her "you know what? Forget it. It's obvious you don't want my business" and walked out. No doubt she probably turned to her coworkers and commented on my abnormal exit.

What ever happened to treating the customer right? I'm a pretty laid back guy and maybe I had some bad luck today though I doubt it. But my expectations aren't high. I'm not asking for a free shoe shine when I walk through the door or a picture of me above the register so the clerks can worship it. Simply acknowledging me and trying to help me complete my purchases is fine enough. And this isn't even the first time I've been treated wrong at Best Buy (or Target for that matter). When I bought my Xbox One from Best Buy, I had to wait fourty five minutes to pick it up, even though it was already paid for, just because all four customer service clerks were trying to figure out why another customer's phone wasn't activating instead of breaking off to help the growing line. I was given a RROD Xbox 360 as a replacement for my still waranteed 360 and treated like scum because I brought it right back to them half an hour later. And at Target, I was told that, because my game had a scratch on it and I wanted a new one, I'd have to pay some bogus electronic restocking fee.

And people wonder why Amazon is driving them out of business. But, on the Mr. Brightside of things, I ended up with two awesome games that I highly recommend you purchase from an online retailer. I'm sorry if this post was long or complainy. I'm not really much of a complainer but it really rubbed me the wrong way today and I didn't end up getting home till nearly 2:50 (having arrived at Best Buy at 1:15 and leaving Target at 2:35). But if this is how Best Buy and Target think they're gonna beat Amazon and stay successful, then they outta fit right in with the guys over at Circuit City and Blockbuster.
Posted by AquaPrince86 on 20 October 14 at 05:37 | There are 2 comments on this blog post - Please log in to comment on this blog.
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