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I have been enjoying my time on the PC and have managed to get a huge backlog there now as well. I have boxed up just about all my x360 games and plan to get rid of them. I bought several games on steam that I had only just started or bean dived. The 360 is just less interesting to me each day. I have a few things I still plan to play and have a few good on-demand games but overall I feel like my 360 days are waning. I pre-ordered Dark Souls II (on Steam via GMG for $40) and look forward to that, I may spend the next month working on Skyrim. It took me right at a months time to complete Dark Souls (PC) and it was a ton of fun, so much so that I am having a hard time starting something else. I keep going back to DS to just test new armor combos and or pvp/co-op. My second daughter is due right around the same time as the DS2 release but I am sure I will be able to squeeze in some time.

My focus on games has to be on the ones I truly want to game hording has obtained so many others that the waters have been murky...but I am working to filter what I truly want to play. After those are done, I can move on to the games of lesser importance if there is time. At some point...I have to just say enough is enough. Too many games...not nearly enough time. If I was in my brothers situation, I could really knock some games out. (Bachelor with a house to himself...but that is not my sitch.)

The Xbone is probably something I will never get...unless it gets real cheap as I am more interested in its multimedia stuff than gaming on it. In any case, I do hope that Halo 5 makes a pc release.
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