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Xbox One X! I don't have one! but people are dumb. microsoft is cheap
file this away in "saw that one coming a mile away"

the word "retard" means slow. Someone being mentally retarded means, in theory, they'll grasp a concept sooner or later. Their stupidity is temporary.

Referring to someone who is never going to understand as a retard is just demeaning real retards.

In my case, I just learned the Xbox one X systems were having a little bit of a problem. And there are plenty of videos on that one specific problem all over youtube.

tl;dr version of this blog:
- xbox one x's are overheating
- reason appears to be thermal compound (surprise!)
- lots of videos on youtube showing 'solutions'
- lots of idiot dumbases trying to sound smart claiming thermal paste is "dried out"

So less than a year ago, I got an Xbox One S and tore it down to bullet proof it. One of the issues I knew I had to address was thermal paste. Common reason 360s and PS3's failed last gen. Common reason Ones and PS4s failed this gen. And wouldn't you know it, but the powerful console revisions are having this goddamned problem too! You think manufacturers would learn! Ironic given the Xbox One X was promoted with reverse osmosis cooling chamber technology utilizing vics vapor rub and came with a little black beret to identify your Xbox One X Scorpio is going to be cool and remain cool before it becomes hot and popular with the in crowd.


I mean to say Xbox One X systems are overheating and shutting off.

Microsoft uses a machine process when they produce their consoles. Their assembly line spits out a slab of thermal compound on the system's processor. A hit sink is slapped on top with a fan on top the heat sink. It was like this for the OG One. It was like this for the S. Its STILL that way for the X.

I could tell anyone matter of factly the X's overheating issue is most likely due to what I've seen in my OG One and S. It has 1) shitty low quality thermal paste. 2) poor application.

good application of therm paste is supposed to touch C/GPU and the structure that takes heat away. Nothing else. When its so thick and caked all around the processor, it becomes harder for the heat sink to wick away heat. Adding to the problem is microsoft's thermal compound is designed to melt (like its wax based) and when it does this, it tends to pool around the processor and touch the motherboard. You can see this in the multitude of youtube videos: the stuff melts and gets caked all around the main processor. That's bad.

This should be basic knowledge kind of stuff. That such a huge company can be so fucking stupid and keep doing this over and over (still better engineering than OG PS4's where the therm paste would physically separate from the heat sink and people found they could 'fix' it by turning the system upside down or putting something heavy on top) its crazy. But they've got money to burn I suppose.

Anyway, there are ton of videos up on youtube about the Xbox One X overheating and what you can do to fix it. Most of these are "replace the thermal compound" vids which, honestly, is a good idea. Not a good idea to encourage people to void the warranty and DIY it. Worse are the vids with assholes touching the goddamned internals with their fucking bare ass hands and without shock protection.

The biggest pet peeve though, and I have to say this, are the dumbfucks that try to explain why the thermal paste is bad. The thermal paste doesn't "dry out" you fucking idiot morons. the shit is supposed to be solid at room temperature and melts at high temperatures to fill in microscopic gaps and holes. its not arctic silver 5 you dumbasses. I want to call these people retards, but that would be insulting real retards.
Posted by Archer Spense on 31 January 18 at 22:41 | Last edited on 31 January 18 at 23:25 | There are no comments on this blog - Please log in to comment on this blog.

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