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did anyone do the quests for November and get a reward?

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400k gs and looking forward
At the beginning of the year, I set a goal for myself on TA to hit 400,000 gamer score. paltry compared to low hanging fruit pickers like Xenodolf (That's right, Nick).

I just passed that mark less than an hour ago.

What I didn't know at the time I set that goal was how 2017 would turn into a trial for me. Not just for that stupid Gamerscore goal, but life in general for me personally. About 2 and 1/2 months ago I was about 50k short of my goal. Back then if you were to ask me if I felt like I could pull off 400k by the end of the year, I would have said no.

My life sucks. Things developed in 2017 that made life far more unpleasant. You can basically look at my TA profile here and know with a good degree of accuracy what my life has been for the past 2 1/2 months. Its been a lot of sitting in front of the tv playing shitty games that suck ass. A lot to that was playing catch up for a pathetic pointless goal that essentially means nothing in the broader sense of things. You can paint me as a living stereotype if you'd like. Certainly filled the part recently. The other unfortunate aspect of sitting in front of the tv was escapism; to distract me from the things that exist to make me miserable.

I'm certain anyone reading this is asking the obvious question: what the hell do you have to be so miserable about?

welp, my father is a cancer survivor. He had surgery 20 years ago to save his life. He also underwent therapy to make sure the cancer would not come back. This resulted in life long challenges to his health. I've been taking care of him for the past few years since my mother passed away. This was the year where all that stuff began to overtake his mind and then his body.

his mind began to deteriorate over the summer which was disruptive and difficult for me to deal with. It progressed to a point where he was nearly totally dependent. Then, in September, his bowel decided it wanted to have an obstruction that required surgery to fix. He spent the whole month in the hospital. And I spent a lot of time there with him and afterwards at the nursing home he was sent to. 2 months pass and starting December, his health went to shit again.

In fact, I just got a call he's being rushed to the hospital right this moment, so I've got to end this and go. And I've got a bad feeling this is it for him and I don't know what my future's going to be after he's gone.

but before I go, the secret to getting a shit ton of gamer score in a super short period of time are shitty indie games on Xbox One. They frequently go on sale for pocket change. Mostly always god awful games with easy 1000 gs completions.

Funny is I was playing Lost: Via Domus and got some cute messages from my friends about easy gamer score. Meanwhile I know I could have easily gotten 3k gs from indie shitstain games on the One.

gotta run


spent 5 hours at the hospital. he got admitted for an infection.

basically, the gist is my father is in bad shape. the surgery he underwent in September happened in a way where it was bad. His mind is now blown out. Physically he's very screwed up. But somehow, in spite of it all, his body is healthy and strong enough to keep pulling through. And as he still lives, his health issues keep mounting and getting worse.

everything I originally wrote kind of makes it sound like I'm bummed my dad is dying, In truth its worse than that. He should be dying, but he's not. So it feels like as I fight to keep him alive I don't know if its worth it and it feels like I'm prolonging suffering. I know that sooner or later he will pass, but it really fucking sucks to watch it happen. And I've been through the same with my mother (but that was worse)

and then today I spent 5 hours at the hospital. Serious enough to 911, but not so serious that I know he's going to survive. I'm certain it'll be a few more weeks of him being stable, maybe, before something else happens.

but as far as achievements and gamer score goes. I cranked out around 45,000 gamer score in roughly 2 months taking a little break to take advantage of some stupid Happy Dungeons event. The vast majority of the games I culled those points from where shitty, short, easy as fuck indie games on the One. The same sorts of games that formerly would have been XBL games with 200-400 Gamerscore a piece. Now they all have 1000.

sooner or later I may shotgun review the entirety of the games I've played over the past year. Large part of why I haven't been keeping up on posting impressions of the games I've been playing is basically chronicled above: father getting sick and my having to deal with it.
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