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Dead Rising 3
oh yeah, its another XBAWKS JUAN 53XK3W51\/3

needed to free up some space on my One's internal hard drive. Decided to finish this one off.

tl;dr: Dead Rising 3 on its own is just ok. its too by the numbers and does nothing new.
The Dead Rising 3 side story DLCs are fucking crap. Cheap lazy cash-ins. I haven't started the super ultra DLC, so ultimately I have failed in my quest to delete this game off my hard drive at the moment.

Ok, so.... Dead Rising 3! Obviously intended to fill the same role for the One Dead Rising 1 did for the 360 being a launch title that would get people to buy a system. All Dead Rising 3 does is reveal how much of an anomaly Dead Rising 1 was.

The pitch for Dead Rising 1 was something interesting fresh and new. Nobody had ever tried to make Dead Rising before. Nobody had ever played anything like Dead Rising before. There was no measure of how to do it right or wrong, just to make sure things 'worked'. And amazingly, in spite of all the odds, everything fell into place for Dead Rising 1. One of the most unusual launch titles ever to date. Somehow it lacks many of the issues almost every launch game suffers from. Dead Rising 1 is over 10 years old now, and it is still every bit as fun and enjoyable as it was when it came out.

Unfortunately it was successful. Every time Capcom smells money in the water, they do the same thing they always do: beat that horse for cash. Even after it is dead and buried. So when it came due for Dead Rising 3 to happen, it was fated to be a by the numbers rehash that doesn't do anything new, innovative, or creative. Worse is its a lunch title that actually does suffer the effects of being rushed to meet a deadline. Then there are other factors that work against the game such as the no-talent development team Capcom Vancouver whom I fucking despise.

Dead Rising does indeed have a rushed sometimes unfinished feel to it. Years after release, it still has some obvious bugs and quirks like bad survivor path finding, cars exploding the moment they spawn, and even the rare game-shits-its-pants-so-hard-game-crashes-to-home-screen still happens.

As for the game itself, its watered down significantly from previous versions and without a doubt the easiest out of all the Dead Risings (only one I haven't played is 4)

It's also lacking things on a design level where it appears they have to simplify, modify, or toss part of a concept out just to get them in. Rescuing survivors is the most apparent. Its very different and initially confusing. The first survivors you run into will be found on top of cars shooting at zombies. Save them by killing the zombies, and the survivor thanks you and runs away? It takes a few hours of play before you get your first true survivor who will put you on a fetch quest. Complete the quest and the survivor follows you around. That's it. No escorting to a turn in point. And its the same thing every in DR3. Find survivor, complete fetch quest, they follow you around to fight zombies poorly and stand so close to you picking up items becomes a nightmare (speaking of which, the button for picking up things and giving a survivor something are the same; fuckin context sensitive buttons I don't know how many god damned games this generation are like this you'd think the designers would fucking notice). The only way you can get rid of them (and you will want to) is to go to a safe house to get rid of them via the board or ditch them by getting in a car and driving far enough away to despawn them. Survivors are so annoying and useless, there's no reason to have them following you around. As the game progresses, its hard no to notice how structured everything is. Completing a story mission trigger 2 survivor and maybe 1 psycho mission. There's always plenty of time to complete these. The way Dead Rising 3 handles its survivor concept removes a lot of the challenge and pressure found in the previous games. A guy on my friends list, oneshotudief55, summed Dead Rising 3 up with 'dull as dishwater' and this is one of the biggest reasons for it.

The story is also handled differently and makes the game much easier. Unlike 1 and 2 where story missions had a hard start and end time, story missions in 3 can be completed back-to-back excepting the few times there are scripted pauses between them. Its possible to beat the game with days to spare without breaking a sweat. Even nightmare mode is a joke.

Difficulty wise, the only other thing Dead Rising 3 would have is surviving zombies and that also is easy. Zombies are more annoying as fuck than they are threatening. Then there's the fact that food can be found almost everywhere. There's also the fact that as you level up, some skills essentially break the game and make it even easier. Being able to almost craft any combo weapon you want is OP.

So, yeah, Dead Rising 3 is dead easy. This extends even to the challenges where most are so joke level, they can be golded on the first try without trying. Quite literally the only thing I would consider hard in Dead Rising 3 is finding the collectables without a guide. That's actually difficult.

Now, as far as DR3's actual story goes, a funny thing happened. This was one of the games I bought soon after getting an One in 2015. This was at a time Gamergate was still happening. So I set up my One, pop in this game and play for a few hours. Game has a non-white protagonist. That's fine on its own. But then I get to the first psychopath: a white dude with a confederate flag painted on his face. Ok, maybe its just a crazy anarchist and I'm imagining there's race politics at play here... I play for a few more hours and finally hit the groundwork for the story: a white fascist military man is declaring all infected must have a chip implanted or else they are, um, ILLEGAL???? Shortly after this I run into a boss that is a slutty white female cop with giant tits. And I don't mean 'kind of' slutty, I mean they're really playing this shit up. And at this point it was made pretty clear the game was pimping the sort of sexist and racist politics the socjus assholes on the anti-gamergate side of things believe in. No joke. The first few hours of DR3 feel like its following socjus ideology: white people are racist devils, minorities are oppressed, lets make and portray a female heteronormative sex object in the most negative manner possible, kill whitey.

Dead Rising 3 is maybe the first game I went to 100% full stop and dropped it dead simply for finding the story offensive. I'm not imagining the game's story has a very political sub-text and handles it in a gormless (yay, I used a word the Brits love to say) and rather flagrant way. For fuck's sake, its very clearly giving the zombie infected aspect an illegal immigration slant. The strangest part of this is the moment I started the game back up, is the moment the 4th wave feminist socjus heavy tone suddenly vanishes and the plot loses that political spin attempting to tie itself into a series wide story arc. The only weird sense the game gave me afterwards is the fact all the psychopaths are based on the 7 deadly sins which just made the game feel Catholic.

But the political tone briefly returns at the end of overtime where it suddenly again feels like its got this sympathetic pro illegal immigrant and fuck white people shit going on. The crowning moment being Nick (the main character) telling the villain "he has no heart, man", really pissing the evil bad white man off before Nick murders him.

the thing is I know this is in the game because of Capcom Vancouver. They fucking did this with Dead Rising 2 back when they were Blue Castle Games. If you play Dead Rising 2, what should have been a clever tongue in cheek reference to how gamblers at a casino are not unlike mindless zombies (just as the 1st was about consumerism and mall shoppers), instead was mocking American culture and basing most of its psychopaths off of negative American stereotypes. Not to mention having a bizarre political slant with CURE and the pre-overtime ending with a villain that literally makes no sense. And before you try to defend it with "HURR DURR ZOMBREX HARVESTING BEES" the Kenny Rogers looking security guard "main bad guy" had exactly zero motivation to be part of that until the game pulled him out of its ass just for that reason.

The fucking sad thing is Capcom Vancouver has no development talent. They only exist for shitting out Dead Rising sequels since the franchise was handed off to them, none of which have matched the first game. Is it possible for those retarded dumb fucks to make a Dead Rising game without foisting hippie political messages on their customer base like a bunch of fucking assholes? From what I gather, they can't because I keep hearing Dead Rising 4's story and casting is so goddamned bad, the fan base is offended by it. You had one job, and you fucked it up. Fucking talentless parasites.

The Day of the Rake can't come soon enough.

fuck, I wrote way more than I intended to on Dead Rising 3.

in spite of what I said, the game is only -OKAY-. Its not the worst game I've played, but its not what I'd call good. Won't miss anything if you don't play it.

the DLC that comes with the apocalypse edition is fucking garbage. they add almost nothing of substance to the main story, and feature main characters I could care less about. I like how one is about the confederate faced biker you kill in the main game, like I was ever supposed to feel sorry for him or give a fuck about his background. All of the DLC side stories feel like easter egg hunts since each has 3 achievements for finding collectibles. *sigh* fucking collectibles.

Again, no idea about the Super Ultra DLC. Don't own it.... Yet.

As far as achievements go, Dead Rising 3 is tame on 100% WITH THE EXCEPTION OF ONE ACHIEVEMENT; Prestige Hound. So there's a general achievement for killing 100,000 zombies. This can be done fairly quickly and painlessly. To get Prestige Hound however, there are zombie kill challenges to complete that raise the total number of zombie kills to @ 330,000. Talk about a pointless boring fucking grind.
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