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                Status change by K0RNMA5T3S at 23:15 on 05 Dec 2021K0RNMA5T3S status: Games completed 2021 Nr.30: Cuccchi
K0RNMA5T3SBullet BeatK0RNMA5T3S has rated the game Bullet Beat 2.5 out of 5
K0RNMA5T3SCuccchiK0RNMA5T3S has rated the game Cuccchi 2 out of 5
K0RNMA5T3SK0RNMA5T3S has reached a new milestone: 870,000 TrueAchievement Score
K0RNMA5T3SCuccchiK0RNMA5T3S completed the game Cuccchi and is the 60th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by K0RNMA5T3S at 23:01 on 05 Dec 2021

Very disorientating little game. Wouldn't recommend to someone with motion sickness as well.

Comment by Petrolium Bear at 23:08 on 05 Dec 2021

Thx. Will defo avoid can't even play Gears

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K0RNMA5T3SCuccchiK0RNMA5T3S won 20 Achievements in Cuccchi for 1447 points
K0RNMA5T3S12 Days of ChristmasK0RNMA5T3S has completed the Four High Rez Games Challenge in the 12 Days of Christmas event
Comment by K0RNMA5T3S at 22:32 on 05 Dec 2021

Cuccchi surely isn't isn't High rez in the slighest. I've seen 8-bit games with better graphics

K0RNMA5T3SCuccchiK0RNMA5T3S started the game Cuccchi
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