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[Big Sean - Verse 1]
Sometimes I dream bigger than I live
Sometimes I think better when I’m lit
So go head and light it
Roll it up, ignite it
One time for all my niggas that dreamed it then real life’d it!
I swear I’ve been through everything in life but a coffin
They say sky’s the limit, how bitch? I’m moonwalking!
And my middle name Michael ho
Success is my idol and being broke is my rival
But it’s cool because I got the title ho
See I just want my fantasies in real life
You got everything tell me what it feel like
Muthafuck the radio if I can’t hear mine
They give the wrong niggas more airtime than airlines
Is you feeling me?
If not you feel my energy
See I know I’mma make it, but even if I don’t
Don’t feel bad cuz honestly all these times that I had
Those will be the best memories

Be the best memories
I hope that you remember me cry
These will be the best memories
Ooooh ohho ooooooooo
Cause in the end all you really have is memories
Ooooh ohho ooooooooo

[Big Sean - Verse 2]
Are you willing to give up what you love for who you love
Or lose your girlfriend to groupie love
Everywhere I go I get a group of hugs
That's what happens when they need connections and you the plug
How many trends you gotta set before you considered great?
How many missed calls before you considered fake?
How many dreams before its considered fate?
I’m eating in a world where I’m considered bait
A workaholic addicted to bills
People addicted to me cuz they addicted to real
My best friend got addicted to pills
I can’t look at him in his eyes, you don’t know how that shit feels mentally!
I ain't trying to rock no shirts that say “in memory”
I’m praying that he make it, wished we could go back
Cause honestly all the times that we had
Those be the best memories…

Be the best memories
I hope that you remember me cry
These will be the best memories
Ooooh ohho ooooooooo
Cause in the end all you really have is memories
Ooooh ohho ooooooooo

I just wanna say that at the end everything you got is mostly memories. Make sure that they count. Because otherwise you may end up dying in greater pain than death itself. No one wants to die regretting stuffs. Coulda done this or that or whatknot.
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Everyone that knows me well (Even those that don't), those who played in sessions with me or those who I dunno had a chat with me for a couples of minutes will agree on ONE THING : I lack patience. You see ? There it goes, I admitted it. But aside from the fact that I admitted it, what's next ? I mean, I could easily admit it and then move on. But I won't. Matterfact, admitting it is the FIRST step in the long journey of getting over it. which means, doing yoga, having a psychologist, and more, following tai-chi classes for that matter. But at least, I did the first step. Now what's about to happen next is up to me. If I'm truly Dedicated, Ill be able to seek the help and hopefully on God solve that matter.

Now that leads me to games developper. (I know the link is horrible but whatever, just read or don't) You know, those guys that works day and night in the small hope of making something that's going to be incredible and prolly last forever in the great book of amazing games. You know, amazing games like Zelda, Mario, Halo, Rainbow Six, Splinter Cell, Starcraft, Kid Icarus, Burgertime, Tetris, and so much more!

Those games all had one thing in common. The masterminds behindthose games were able to do something great, but they had the will to do better. And this is exactly why once upon a time, when a new iteration of one of the games I named (5 lines above) comes out, it's almost garranty to be a hit. Because they are just amazing. They are trying to revolutionize the genre and with that comes great benefits.

Anyway, this is not where I wanna go. Nowadays, with the great Era of UPDATES, I feel like games developper are just so bless to have this opportunity to fix and make their games even better. It's like a way to redeem themselves and at the same time, to ensure that peoples are going to enjoy the game, the WAY that it should be.

So why some developpers (or publishers whatever) decide not to fix their games ? It is an actually legitimate question I'M asking to whoever reads this. why in the world, would you leave something broken and move on without even having an ATTEMPT to fix it ? Is it lazyness ? Is it because you know that peoples will be able to move past that mistake ? Or is it just because you (you = games develpper) are a motherfucking robber that's able to live with the fact that now that you got my money in your pocket, you can walk peacefully away ?

I'M having 4 games in mind at the moments, theses are the games that truly frustrated me the most for the past year.

1) Call of Duty: World At War, or should I say , Grenades a War. Why in the world would you leave a game in this state without even TRYING TO FIX IT SON OF A BITCH, if I was a war veteran I would use this pîece of shit as a underplate and even there I'M not sure I could eat my great food on that piece of shit. Irrealistic as fuck and desrespectful to those who had to put their fuckking life on the line. To be depicted that way hold on, so that's what the war was ? Peoples running around like fucking clowns and throwing thousands, no MILLIONS of grenades back ???? Treyarch is definitely out of my list of games developper, never will I play one of their games again, better yet I won't play another cod EVER for that matter.

2) Need For Speed. So here we are right ? The game was just right and fun, until those sons of bitches decided to add those Prestige Challenges. Problem is, it haven't been tested before being put out and despite the fact that there is only 53 pages of complains on the forums about that, they don't give a shit. So I won't give shit about them either, and definitely won't buy the next one :) Oh and for those wondering what Prestige Challenges is, it's basically all the races you done in the story mode, but this time with medals at the end, depending on your time . Problem is, the times are ridiculous, only 1 car is able to do the races with a decent time, EVEN if there is BETTER CARS THAN THE PORSCHE BITCH, but anyway this game is fake as fuck. The otjher drivers are too busy smashing you so you don't get there in time, invisible walls make you crash, trucks will stop in the midle of the road to prevent you, and more, and more.

3) Killzone 2. Sorry I know, we are on an achievement site so Sony is prohibited right ? anyway. This game lose some of the progress that you make online. You play 8 hours, but only retain about hum.... 3 hours ? So a easy grinding ends up taking 2 weeks instead of 2 days, top.

Sadly, all those games could be fix, but as you can see, Treyarch moved on to Black Ops, which turned to be the biggest cliché videogame ever, and the graphisms are horrible, Wood died but they tried to keep him alive in Black Ops 2 which was a big fail from their lazy asses and Black Ops 3 is simply.. well another piece of shit. Need for Speed is having a sequel which is a try hard Fast & Furious 1, but will never be because Fat & Furious was truly a classic and Need For Speed died since underground 2, and that's a fact we all know this. Killzone 2 has and will always be shit and that's exactly why Sony should stop milking this shit before it turns out like Halo.

To conclude I wanna apologise for my horrible orthograph and my abusive use of curses. I was mad when I typed it all, and won't correct it because I'm too real for that. Hopefully it won't be taken down. Goodnite :)
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