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Anyone who could do the Deadliest Warrior Battlegrounds multiplayer achievement?

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My Personal top 10 games this gen and top achievements
Games (in Order)

1) Castlevania: Harmony of Despair

2) Nier

3) Double Dragon Neon

4) Black Knight Sword

5) Raskulls

6) Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien

7) Rocket Knight Adventures

8) Deathsmiles

9) Bioshock - All 3 of them really

10) Super Meat Boy

Honourable Mentions - Bastion, Mark of the Ninja, Venetica, Dust, Mercury HD, Star Ocean TLH, Mutant Storm reloaded.

I kept some stuff out of list such as games that were rereleased - MegaDrive Ultimate Collection, Midway Arcade Origins, Time Pilot, CAC etc.


1) The Bird or the Cage - Bioshock Infinite

2) The Next Story is Yours - Black Knight Sword

3) Victory! - Double Dragon Neon - Here's, a medal for your victory, to remind you of what you did to me!

4) Have I Told You? - Far Cry 3

5) Madness Prevails - Alice: Madness Returns

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