I just realized that when Halo 6 comes along, I want the Flood back!


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I just realized I have been looking at a blog post for a game that I already completed. Thanks to JDuke705 for helping me through Divinity.

Because of work, school and family, I have not had a ton of time to game so I have started leaning into playing games that I want to play instead of games I know I can get 100% completion. We all game for different reason and I guess now I just want to go out and have fun more than just earning all of the achievements.

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FinnanAnthemFinnan won 5 Achievements in Anthem for 174 points
FinnanAnthemSniper Ace achievementFinnan won the Sniper Ace achievement in Anthem for 39 points
FinnanAnthemStraight Shooter achievementFinnan won the Straight Shooter achievement in Anthem for 42 points
FinnanAnthemBorn in Battle achievementFinnan won the Born in Battle achievement in Anthem for 30 points
FinnanAnthemI Call Shotgun achievementFinnan won the I Call Shotgun achievement in Anthem for 41 points
FinnanAnthemComrades in Arms achievementFinnan won the Comrades in Arms achievement in Anthem for 21 points
JDuke705VerdunBasic Training achievementJDuke705 won the Basic Training achievement in Verdun for 29 points
JDuke705JDuke705 has reached a new milestone: 340,000 GamerScore
JDuke705VerdunGott Mitt Uns achievementJDuke705 won the Gott Mitt Uns achievement in Verdun for 26 points
FinnanAnthem Finnan won 5 Achievements in Anthem for 124 points
FinnanAnthemRestoring Glory achievementFinnan won the Restoring Glory achievement in Anthem for 20 points
Comment by Falensarano at 18:23 on 19 Nov 2019


Comment by Finnan at 21:25 on 19 Nov 2019

It's a free rpg that isn't complicated?

...there are 2 other comments

FinnanAnthemUncommon Talent achievementFinnan won the Uncommon Talent achievement in Anthem for 19 points
Zombi3 GrimSubnauticaZombi3 Grim started the game Subnautica
JDuke705VerdunJDuke705 won 4 Achievements in Verdun for 120 points
JDuke705VerdunHeadhunter I achievementJDuke705 won the Headhunter I achievement in Verdun for 36 points
JDuke705VerdunBlast fishing achievementJDuke705 won the Blast fishing achievement in Verdun for 24 points
JDuke705VerdunCorpseman I achievementJDuke705 won the Corpseman I achievement in Verdun for 27 points
Zombi3 GrimRAGE 2Zombi3 Grim won 2 Achievements in RAGE 2 for 59 points
Zombi3 GrimRAGE 2Hangtime achievementZombi3 Grim won the Hangtime achievement in RAGE 2 for 42 points
Zombi3 GrimRAGE 2Over 9000 achievementZombi3 Grim won the Over 9000 achievement in RAGE 2 for 17 points
FinnanAnthemIncursion achievementFinnan won the Incursion achievement in Anthem for 33 points
FinnanFinnan has reached a new milestone: 17,750 Achievements Won
FinnanPandemic: The Board GameFinnan completed the game Pandemic: The Board Game and is the 33rd gamer on the site to complete it
FinnanAnthemEarly Warnings achievementFinnan won the Early Warnings achievement in Anthem for 30 points
FinnanAnthemFinnan started the game Anthem
Zombi3 GrimRAGE 2
            Secret AchievementZombi3 Grim won the Secret Achievement in RAGE 2 for 10 points
Zombi3 GrimRAGE 2Zombi3 Grim started the game RAGE 2
FinnanHuman Fall FlatFinnan won 2 Achievements in Human Fall Flat for 31 points
FinnanHuman Fall FlatFinnan started the game Human Fall Flat
ExoRcisE MeBorderlands 3ExoRcisE Me completed the game Borderlands 3 and is the 5,196th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by pTartTX at 16:59 on 16 Nov 2019


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