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Xbox 360 Vs Playstation 3
This is one of the things that i hear the most. Either it been from a friend or it been on a networking site. Like "Facebook" or "Youtube" and sometimes on the odd occasion. I have been asked " Which is better Xbox 360 or PS3" ?

I don't really know how to answer this question. Maybe thier isn't an answer to this question. But if i had to answer it, I would say !

Both console's are very much the same, Within performance and graphics. they both relatively play the same games, with a small expection of a few games which come exclusive to that console. But never the less. They all function the way we want them to and that should be enough.

I guess there are some people who have both consoles, Who are very hardcore gamers. But then yet again they are going to be playing one console more then the other.

So in theroy i don't know which has least problem's in terms of quailty and performance. But then again we are going right back to square one, " With which one is better and why ? "

So why did i choose "Xbox 360" Simple question, I had an Xbox perviously and i enjoy most of the games they had to offer. One of those games was "Fable" one of the better games out of the series. But subconsciously i was more drawn to an Xbox.

I think the moment when i first earned a "Achievement" was something that made the experience of playing games even better then ever. Who doesn't like have a record of every game they have played and showing it off to the xbox community. either it been moderately completed, or they have every single achievement. Either way your playing in the sence of what kind of gamer you are.

PS3 on the other hand, with thier trophy system. Was something that didn't give me the satisfaction, Like the Achievement System for the 360.

In the end, Will i still get the PS3. Yes, and no. laugh reason been is i can't afford one, and secondly. I won't be playing it as equally as i would be playing the 360.

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