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Baby Sheamus

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“Samantha’s in trouble, and it’s all because of my pizza.”

Baby Sheamus

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Oriole2682Gum+Oriole2682 has rated the game Gum+ 5 out of 5
Oriole2682Hell PieOriole2682 has rated the game Hell Pie 5 out of 5
Oriole2682FROGUNOriole2682 has rated the game FROGUN 5 out of 5
Oriole2682IsonzoOriole2682 started the game Isonzo
NoHeroes94Dead SpaceNoHeroes94 won 2 Achievements in Dead Space for 21 points
NoHeroes94NoHeroes94 has reached a new milestone: 600 Games Played
Oriole2682I, AIDodger achievementOriole2682 won the Dodger achievement in I, AI for 22 points
Oriole2682I, AIOriole2682 started the game I, AI
NoHeroes94Dead SpaceNoHeroes94 started the game Dead Space
Oriole2682Hazel SkyOriole2682 won 2 Achievements in Hazel Sky for 26 points
Oriole2682Hazel SkyReader achievementOriole2682 won the Reader achievement in Hazel Sky for 13 points
Oriole2682Hazel SkyOriole2682 started the game Hazel Sky
Oriole2682Hell PieMentor achievementOriole2682 won the Mentor achievement in Hell Pie for 10 points
Oriole2682Hell PieOriole2682 started the game Hell Pie
Oriole2682Just Dance
          Secret AchievementOriole2682 won the Secret Achievement in Just Dance for 126 points
Oriole2682Just DanceOriole2682 started the game Just Dance
Oriole2682Flat HeroesOriole2682 has rated the game Flat Heroes 5 out of 5
Oriole2682Circus ElectriqueOriole2682 has rated the game Circus Electrique 5 out of 5
Oriole2682Elemental War 2Oriole2682 has rated the game Elemental War 2 5 out of 5
Piggy SmallsGRID LegendsPiggy Smalls completed the game GRID Legends and is the 51st gamer on the site to complete it
Oriole2682Circus ElectriqueOriole2682 started the game Circus Electrique
Piggy SmallsGRID LegendsWinter BashPiggy Smalls completed the Winter Bash DLC for GRID Legends
Oriole2682Gum+Go for the Gold achievementOriole2682 won the Go for the Gold achievement in Gum+ for 100 points
Oriole2682Gum+Oriole2682 started the game Gum+
FinalKaosGoldenEye 007FinalKaos won 2 Achievements in GoldenEye 007 for 176 points
Oriole2682GigapocalypseOriole2682 has rated the game Gigapocalypse 5 out of 5
Oriole2682Get-A-Grip ChipOriole2682 has rated the game Get-A-Grip Chip 5 out of 5
Oriole2682Elemental War 2Oriole2682 started the game Elemental War 2
Oriole2682FROGUNOriole2682 won 2 Achievements in FROGUN for 42 points
Oriole2682FROGUNHistorian achievementOriole2682 won the Historian achievement in FROGUN for 20 points
Oriole2682FROGUNSurvivalist achievementOriole2682 won the Survivalist achievement in FROGUN for 21 points
Oriole2682FROGUNOriole2682 started the game FROGUN
Oriole2682GigapocalypseOriole2682 started the game Gigapocalypse
Oriole2682Get-A-Grip ChipOriole2682 started the game Get-A-Grip Chip
Oriole2682Flat HeroesOriole2682 started the game Flat Heroes
Oriole2682Flippin KaktusOriole2682 has rated the game Flippin Kaktus 5 out of 5
Oriole2682Final VendettaOriole2682 has rated the game Final Vendetta 5 out of 5
Oriole2682Farm Manager 2022Oriole2682 has rated the game Farm Manager 2022 5 out of 5
Cheevo GuidesCheevo Guides has reached a new milestone: 800,000 GamerScore
BSL H34D SH07Sig.NULLBSL H34D SH07 completed the game Sig.NULL and is the 6,163rd gamer on the site to complete it
Maka91Dead SpaceMaka91 won 5 Achievements in Dead Space for 306 points
Maka91Dead SpaceBackbreaker achievementMaka91 won the Backbreaker achievement in Dead Space for 67 points
Maka91Dead SpacePusher achievementMaka91 won the Pusher achievement in Dead Space for 119 points
Maka91Dead SpaceFreeze achievementMaka91 won the Freeze achievement in Dead Space for 33 points
Maka91Dead Space
          Secret AchievementMaka91 won the Secret Achievement in Dead Space for 42 points
AHGregBattlefield 1943AHGreg started the game Battlefield 1943
Comment by Anima Pura at 14:03 on 28 Jan 2023

A certified hood classic right there

BSL H34D SH07Sig.NULLTitle Update 2BSL H34D SH07 completed the Title Update 2 DLC for Sig.NULL
Oriole2682Final VendettaOriole2682 won 3 Achievements in Final Vendetta for 77 points
Oriole2682Final VendettaOriole2682 started the game Final Vendetta
Oriole2682Farm Manager 2022Oriole2682 started the game Farm Manager 2022
Oriole2682Flippin KaktusOriole2682 started the game Flippin Kaktus
Oriole2682Flewfie's AdventureOriole2682 has rated the game Flewfie's Adventure 5 out of 5
Oriole2682Bit Orchard: Animal ValleyOriole2682 has rated the game Bit Orchard: Animal Valley 5 out of 5
Oriole2682Firegirl: Hack ‘n Splash Rescue DXOriole2682 has rated the game Firegirl: Hack ‘n Splash Rescue DX 5 out of 5
Bunny BreakfastShotgun FarmersBunny Breakfast completed the game Shotgun Farmers and is the 88th gamer on the site to complete it
Maka91Dead SpaceMaka91 won 4 Achievements in Dead Space for 304 points
Maka91Dead SpaceEviscerator achievementMaka91 won the Eviscerator achievement in Dead Space for 129 points
Maka91Dead SpaceSurgeon achievementMaka91 won the Surgeon achievement in Dead Space for 38 points
Maka91Dead SpaceFull Arsenal achievementMaka91 won the Full Arsenal achievement in Dead Space for 40 points
Maka91Dead SpaceFull Contact achievementMaka91 won the Full Contact achievement in Dead Space for 95 points
FinalKaosGoldenEye 007FinalKaos won 3 Achievements in GoldenEye 007 for 240 points
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Baby Sheamus
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