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Here's a week 8 breakdown of what I played in GTASC. Not sure if I will see a Week 12 with my current score but I need to catch up with this project nonetheless...

Gnomes Garden
2nd week on the countdown

Starting in Week7 and moving forward I've been playing these games. Nice, easy change of pace. Build some stuff, collect some stuff - and help these kingdoms get back on their feet - since they can't lift a finger for themselves and put in a hard days work.

Madden NFL 20
2nd week on the countdown

Yeah I kept playing Madden for achievements despite my feelings on the NFL. GTASC doesn't care about social stances...

Gears POP!
My SCORE: 3.0

I played a lot of Clash Royale once upon a time. For what this is - its pretty okay for that time before you put your cell away before bedtime. I really should read instead of this however. My reading backlog approaches my gaming backlog.

Slay The Spire
2nd week on the countdown

I stand behind my high praise of Slay. Even though Im horrible at it. I cannot get past the 2nd city.

Cities: Skylines
My SCORE: undecided

Skylines probably* plays better on a PC. But that said, xbox achievements are *worth* more than Steam achievements and so I bought it one of the many times it was on sale. In my mind, I have this wonderful city laid out. One where planning officials reach out to me and ask for help with their cities. We all have dreams...

*absolutely does
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As we closed down week 9 what did I play/unlock back in Week 7? Let's find out...

Old Man's Journey
My SCORE: pending but I'm thinking this is a 3

It certainly has a style about it and not enough games treat their players with enough of respect to believe they will follow along the story without spelling everything out. This problem has existed in television and now video games for just about forever and only a few shows/games ever demonstrate they believe in their audience so I do appreciate Old Man's for making the attempt...

Slay The Spire

I don't give 5s out willy-nilly. If every game is a 5 then no games are a 5. In the 656 games under my gamertag I've scored only 16 of them a 5. Slay the Spire really deserves 2019 GOTY consideration. It should be, at the very least, something we all see as a common appearance in honorable mentions in a few months...

Energy Cycle Edge

Breaking News: sometimes we play games we wouldn't otherwise for gamerscore.

Midnight Deluxe
2nd week on the countdown

I needed to go back and complete this one for my 26th completion. Sad amount for someone on this site. #WellAware

4th week on this GTASC countdown

After my GTASC runs ends, I think I need to be more selective in what I play. There's only so much time and for too long my MO has been playing a little of everything. I would love to see my title thru to their end. But, that said, SMITE was one of those titles I may never had touch if not for achievements but Im really glad I did a couple of years ago. Ive never going to be competitive but I do my enjoy my time with it.

Gnomes Garden

I can see some people discounting this game and all of the others in the series. Sure, it doesn't do anything new or amazing. But also, there's a place for something that's pretty chill unless you're chasing 3 stars on every level.

Madden NFL 20


Ummm.. well I have some real issues with the NFL and the sport in general. And those issues existed before a some immature, mentally unstable dude on 1600 Pennsylvania Ave started tweeting about it. It has ZERO to with the anthem, the flag or race. The actual issue the NFL faces is a serious health crisis they really don't want to discuss or solve. I've stopped watching the sport 3 years or so ago. So I do feel hypocritical playing this. But I guess, I view the NFL like many people view Boxing or Horse Racing. They used to be the most popular sport in America once upon a time but now people only care about them a few times a year.


have a great Labor Day Weekend everyone!
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You're reading this thinking - hey Baron Von Diego its week 8 of GTASC and this blog post is dated 8/22 about week 6. Correct. Im a little behind but here's what I played that week so long ago...

Rare Replay
4th week on the countdown

Thanks Rare Replay for your 200 achievements with 40 or so being basically start game X.

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden
TA Score: 4.0
My Score: forthcoming

Not sure if there's a checklist of what I like & prefer in game... but if there was. Turn-Based would be on it. Mutant has that - check. Post-Apocalyptic might appear. Mutant has that - check. RPG elements would certainly be and guess what... Mutant has that too - so check. And while that recipe seems in my wheelhouse I haven't been blown away yet.

Grand Theft Auto V
TA Score; 4.7
My Score: 5.0

Confession I haven't played more than 25% of GTAs story in all the time since release. I havent played more than a few hours of GTA online. But sometimes you've played enough, absorbed enough and watched enough to know a game is truly elite and worthy of high-praise. GTA is alot of things. So is Rockstar for that matter. And some of that *stuff* isn't ideal. But regardless, in a vacuum its hard to argue with it sets out to do and how it achieves it.

Gears of War 4
2nd week on the countdown

Nothing much to add except I want to try out Gears POP but Im worry about that darn ratio decay in its first week.

Football Manager 2019 (Win 10)
TA Score: 4.4
My Score: haven't picked yet

A couple of blogs ago I spoke about FIFA and soccer in general. I've played alot of sport sims over the years. OOTP predominately. What FIFA fails to do for me is the management - squad building side of the game. Yes they have career mode but its not on Football Manager's level. For me - I'll probably always play both every year. And can we just say how dollar for dollar how good XBOX GAME PASS is?


Thats all for week 6 and I'll do my best to catch up with week 7 soon.
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Missed last week so here's a recap to sink your eyes into...

I'll likely circle back to week 6 tomorrow.

Vostok Inc
My SCORE: still deciding

So I get that Vostok is basically a clicker twin stick shooter. Seems cool but very grindy. But that's what clickers are so I shouldn't be surprised. Those lock screens - I really dislike those but probably cause that usually means death for me.

Crackdown 3: Campaign
3rd week on the countdown

Yeah - still blowing up stuff and using those Key to the City achievements for GTASC breathing space each week. Im afraid I don't have anything more profound to say...

Rare Replay
3rd week on the countdown

Just like Crackdown this has been my other GTASC go-to title here the first few weeks. This might be super obvious statement of the day - but going thru some of those Snapshots you really can see how far this medium has come. Evolutionary leaps. My son is 3 1/2 and so I wonder what will be his "Rare Replay" be like in 2045 and will it show that same amount of progress?

Void Bastards
My SCORE: Still deciding

This game seems to elicit some strong feelings one way or another. I played it in Week 5 super quick to continue my 38 day achievement streak which I then proceeded to lose the day after... But when Void was released I would see "Surprise GOTY contender" and then after a couple of days the new trend was "hold up - this isn't all that". I'll play some more in the coming weeks and likely find my own truth...


My friend comes over and I would describe him as a casual videogamer... Not on this site... Doesn't really care about achievements or trophies. Plays alot of sports game. You know the type. So what do I show him randomly. SUPERHOT.

SUPERHOT. Yeah. Say it with me. SUPERHOT.

I think this game is great in that specific regard. Everyone should at least play a few levels of this. I don't what that quality would be called except the "hey a random friend is here so I will show off this random game" game.

3rd week on the countdown
1st game where I exceeded 3k in TA

My play clock says 92 hours and 48 mins. So why do I think I barely know how to play this game effectively?

Gears of War 4

When someone asks me 20 years from now what game/series do you remember from the XBOX 360 days - I'll say Mass Effect. But I think Gears is a close 2nd. Now here at the tail end of "next gen" - safe to say Gears has been kinder to us than Mass Effect. People seem pretty hyped for 5 except for that Seriously 5.0 achievement. Those are beyond me and mere mortals.

stay tuned for the Week 6 breakdown...
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We're into week 5 but what happened last week...

Crackdown 3: Campaign
2nd week of playing and I have nice 270 GS vs 937 TA ratio

Started last week with more Crackdown Keys to the City achievements. And maybe I was too harsh on it when I said:
Maybe I'm missing something with this one. Sure its fun in that videogamey way.

Videogames are supposed to be fun. Its kinda of the point. I plan to make my way thru the campaign and blow up more stuff.

Rare Replay
2nd week of playing and my 778 out of 23425 TA for this title means I havent really touched it

Ive unlocked most of the low-hanging fruit on this now. Future sessions will probably revolve on just the titles I really want to play again. Im looking at you Battletoads, Blast Corps and RC Pro Am.

TA Score: 3.8
My Score: undecided

Ive wanted to dive back into No Man's Sky but Im going to wait for that Beyond update and so this seemed like something I should check out in the meantime. Only played for 45 mins but I liked what I did. Only gripe would be button/controller layout and maybe that can be customized... I was always clicking the wrong button to select or deselect.

Assassin's Creed Origins
2nd week of playing and I must have left this on pause with 29 hours playing time... Im only lv 20

Assassin's Creed is well the Creed of videogames. Its cool to make fun of them in that hey Im too cool for school and who even likes that junk way. Sure the series had a period where they may have mailed in the quality a few of them (Revelations & Unity) - but with Origins and the little Ive played of Odyssey - AC has morphed into something else. And I very much like what it has become. The cool thing about videogames is if you dont like a particular game or series no one is forcing you to play it. You could do something else - like go listen to your favorite Creed album. #JudgementFreeZone

TA Score: 3.7
My Score: 3.5

oh FIFA. Where to start? Ive played about 750 online matches on the PS4 version this year. I play ALOT of FIFA. I tweet about FIFA. I complain about FIFA. No other game elicits a stronger emotional response from me than this one. Its now on EA ACCESS and before I cancel my XBOX version to move to PS4 for Ultimate Team Marketplace reasons... (thats a whole subject left for another time) I thought I would unlock some straightforward achievements.

Soccer or Futbol or Football... and dont @ me ( Most people who complain about the term soccer vs football don't even know its origins)... but anyhow - the sport has become 1B to Baseball's 1A for me. They are the only two sports I care about it. And this game captures a certain element that I consistently come back to. The 3.5 score I give this year's version is a testament to what I believe they need to fix but the hundreds of hours Ive poured into it this and past years certain means something...


See ya next week
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