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Nothing spectacular, but not bad.Nothing spectacular, but not bad.

I know, it's already halfway through February, so it's a bit late to be publishing a January stat summary blog. I started working on this at the beginning of the month, but I usually write these in my downtime at work, and it's just been a busy time. I did start this at the beginning of the month, but it got put on the back burner a bit.

Anyway, January was a decent month for me. Nothing too crazy, but I did manage to make some progress on some things, and I'm overall happy with the month.

One slightly disappointing thing is that I've already been eliminated from the GTASC. This was my first GTASC, so I guess I underestimated the amount of change that would happen on the leaderboard as the deadline approached... when I looked Tuesday night, I was safe by over 200 points, but when I checked Wednesday morning, I was 70 TA points below the safety line, and it was too late to use my Ayudame bonus to stay alive. Plus, being at work, I didn't have the opportunity to pick up any achievements to get back in.

Even worse, this weeks bonus was to score twice as many achievements as you scored in the previous round, which would have been pretty easy for me if I'd managed to stay in (or activate my Ayudame bonus), so I would have been in the contest for at least a few more weeks probably. Sad, yes, but I was never going to go out of my way for GTASC, since I knew I wasn't going to be in it for the long haul. I had hoped to last a few more weeks than this, but oh well.

  • So what happened this month?

On the plus side, I completed 4 games this month, which is pretty good for me. First up was Plants vs. Zombies (WP) -- Played through the main campaign a long time ago, and got most of the achievements, but lost all progress when I had to reset my phone. I had to play through the main campaign most of two times to get one of the achievements I still needed, but managed to pick up all the rest along the way to get the completion.

Pretty much the same situation for Rabbids Big Bang (WP)... I lost all my progress a while back and just hadn't gotten around to restarting it. It seemed a lot easier this time around... hardly any of the levels had me stuck for more than a few tries, and it only took a few days to get three stars on all the levels and mop up the rest of the straggling achievements.

I also completed Secret Service, which is a crappy old 360 game that I started for last year's Easter Egg Hunt, since it had a couple of 0g achievements. I've been working on it off and on ever since, but it's a bit of a slog, and other things just kept taking priority. I used it as one of my eight games during the 12 Days of Christmas challenge, though, and that helped motivate me to get it finished.

Finally, I polished off the rest of The Wolf Among Us. This is a game I downloaded when it was Games with Gold, and it sat on my hard drive until I played the first episode for UHH2. It then sat dormant until UHH3, when I had to play episodes 3 & 4. I used it for Day 11 of the 12 Days of Christmas challenge (story-related achievements), and that left me with just the final chapter to play. This is a good story game, so I decided to go ahead and finish it rather than letting it languish until the next UHH.

I did manage to get in some HITMAN to go along with the Playlist. I actually completed the prologue, and I've got most of the Paris achievements. I also have the Sapienza episode, but haven't purchased the rest of the season yet.

I also played some Assassin's Creed: Revelations this month, since the inclusion of Origins in last month's TA Playlist made me realize just how far behind I am in this series. However, since I have the disk and it's backwards compatible, I switched away from that to play Dark Sector, from my list of "games I sent back before I got all the achievements I could, and that I want to finish up before I finally cancel my GameFly subscription." Not the most pithy title for a list, I grant you, but it conveys the point. More on that after some stats:

  • January Milestones

Only one milestone during the month of January -- Finishing The Wolf Among Us put me at 85 completed games, on January 19.
I didn't mark it down at the beginning of the month, but discounting what I've done so far in February, I believe I ended January with a completion percentage of 54.15%, having started no new games. That's an improvement of 0.38% over the course of the month, and about 4.49% of my 7.57% Bean Dive recovered. I think I'm still in good shape to recover my Bean Dive before July, but I can't let off the gas too much... it's going to take a good 50-60 achievements per month to get there. February should be a good month, though, thanks to the Winter Olympics.

  • So, what's up next? Well, that's where that list comes in...

There was a time when I didn't care so much about achievements, and when I got a game out from GameFly, I'd just play through the main storyline and send it back. Lately, I've decided that GameFly is not a good value for me, because I don't play through games as quickly as I used to. Before I cancel, though, I wanted to see if there was anything worth going back to clean up. I went through my game collection and set all those games that I once rented and then sent back to "No Longer Have," which resulted the following list:
*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

I'm not seeing many in this list that are completable (I'm just not interested in setting up boosting sessions to grind out multiplayer achievements, which is what most of these would require), so I think these games are really only worth going back to if I can actually get the completion, or else pick up a significant number of achievements to increase my completion percentage.

So, taking all that into account, these are the games that I think are worth getting again:
Call of Duty 3 -- 3 /26 (11.54%) -- Potential: +14 (17/26, 65%)
Enchanted Arms -- 4/25 (16%) -- Potential: +21 (25/25, 100%)
Left 4 Dead -- 9/50 (18%) -- Potential: +34 (43/50, 86%, not including DLC)
Overlord II -- 36/49 (73.47%) -- Potential: +8 (44/49, 90%)
Scene It? Lights, Camera, Action -- 15/42 (35.71%) -- Potential: +27 (42/42, 100%)
Star Trek -- 1/49 (2.04%) -- Potential: +45 (46/49, 94%)

Between those six games, I could pick up a total of 149 achievements, with two potential completions, so it wouldn't be a bad thing to clean some of those up, since I don't know how long my 360 will still be running. The disc tray is getting really bad, and eventually I think I'm just not going to be able to get the disc back out. While it's got life left, though, I'd like to clean up some of these. GameFly is sending Star Trek, so I'll start on that later this month, probably after I'm done with Olympics stuff.

Okay, that's probably enough for this blog... just wanted to get all this down for the record. If you're reading this and you're not me... why? laugh Good luck out there!
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Out with a bang, thanks to the 12 Days of Christmas ChallengeOut with a bang, thanks to the 12 Days of Christmas Challenge

It was a good month. I earned 109 achievements in December, about 10% of my total achievements for the year, and still managed to get plenty of time away from the Xbox for holiday-type stuff. With the exception of one achievement earned in a Windows Phone game while I was just messing around, all of my stats this month are due to the 12 Days of Christmas Challenge, which I really enjoyed.

I detailed some of my early progress with the Challenge in previous blog entries (here and here), and I was going to make a final blog entry for the rest of it, but since I didn't actually finish the challenge until December 30th, and I didn't really do any gaming apart from that this month, it didn't make sense to spin off another entire blog about it.

Suffice it to say that the final five days went pretty much according to plan, and I was able to finish the entire challenge using only 8 games, and using only one game per day, except, of course, for days 7 and 12, where that was impossible.

My final 12 Days of Christmas Challenge page: BetaSigX20

I didn't start any new games for the Challenge, which was one of my goals (though admittedly not that difficult of a goal, given that I Bean Dived my entire backlog back in July and still have plenty of games laying around with only one or two achievements popped). Still, I tried to pick games that I really wanted to get cleaned up and finished off, rather than just picking easy games that could get me through the challenge the quickest, and I'm pretty happy with how it all turned out.

A quick recap:
*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

I thoroughly enjoyed the 12 Days of Christmas challenge, and I'm looking forward to the next one! I signed up for the 2018 GTASC (individual only), but I don't expect to make a deep run in that. I'll just play games as normal (other site contests/challenges will probably take priority), and when it's my time to lose, that's fine.

Stats for all of 2017Stats for all of 2017

The 109 achievements in December put me at 1093 achievements for the year, making 2017 by far my most profitable year in terms of achievements (my wife would certainly argue with the use of the term "profitable" there, but whatever). In 2016 I earned 777 achievements, and not more than 500 in any year prior to that. I credit TA with a lot of that -- the contests and challenges give me a drive to unlock achievements that I just don't have otherwise.

Naturally, that means I also scored a lot more GS and TA score than in previous years, and I also just played a lot more games -- I played 138 different games over the course of the year, and even without the 40 or so from the Bean Dive, I still would have played more different games than in any previous year. Some of those were apps from the Easter Egg Hunt, though, so again, it was the site contests that helped to make this my best year ever, stat-wise.

Really, the most unbelievable stat to me is the 34 completed games. Looking back over my period summary history, that's just an insane amount! I finished off 14 games in 2016, and prior to that, I don't think I ever topped 5 completed games in a year. I just wasn't that concerned about completions until I started tracking stats on here.

So, a couple of notable milestones during the month of December --
As for score, I hit two milestones while doing the Day 12 challenge... I passed the 115,000 gamerscore mark on December 29, and the 195,000 ta score achievement on December 30.
Percentage-wise, I'm up to 53.77%. I'm more than 50% recovered from my Bean Dive (4.11% recovered out of 7.57% total) with 348 achievements left to recover from the Dive. So far, I'm on track!
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