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PermalinkExtra Life 2017 - Xbox One X winner and runners up announced!!
Hey guys unfortunately our internet is failing and streaming was piratically impossible at this time :(
Therefore we had recorded the winners using Jays phone. I have uploaded it to my youtube channel for everyone to see. The link can be found below!

Congratulations to 1st) Mark B (You are now the owner of a brand new Xbox One X - Enjoy)
2nd) MegsonGrove (Congrats you may now choose a game of your choice)
3rd) JTtheprincess (You also may choose a game of your choice)

Thanks to the 33 people who entered the draw you are all absoutly amazing!!
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PermalinkOnly two weeks left to enter to win a Xbox One X - Don't miss out
Hey guys! Its been a while now since I have made a blog in regards to Extra Life. But I am happy to announce that I have finally got around to it. The second prize I will be giving away this year is indeed the Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition! Which will be released November 7th 2017!
Earlier this year I gave away three prizes! First being the Nintendo Switch with a copy of Zelda Breath of the wild and I also gave out prizes of games to the second and third place winners.
Thanks to all who entered this draw you are all amazing. Thanks for all the kind donations I have raised $300 so far this year!!

What is Extra Life you may ask yourself?

I'm sure many of you here on TA are aware of what Extra Life is by now, however I will write about it here for those who may not be sure. Extra Life is a charity that is based in America, each year the charity aims to raise money for various children's hospitals across America. The person participating in raising money chooses a hospital in which they would like to support. This year I selected a hospital that means a great deal to me The Riley hospital for children located in Indiana. Website located here for the charity I am supporting
The children in these hospitals usually suffer from illness and injuries. Some children even suffering from things such as cancer. Your support will pay for equipment, operations and other things.
This charity has meant a lot to me for quite a long time now. I enjoy supporting it as its main focus is raising money for a good cause through gaming which is what I enjoy most.

How to enter to win the Xbox One X

I will be holding a draw. Which will involve three prizes the first prize will be the Xbox One X, second and third place will each win a game which they may choose (this excludes collectors editions),
I will be asking for a donation of $15 for entry into the prize draw, which works out at just over £11!
Its all for a great cause :) Just remember that.
To enter go to my Extra Life Page:
If for some reason the page doesn't work please go to and search Beth Corfield
Once on my page click the GREEN DONATE button located at the top of my page! Next you will see a list of donation amounts at the top you will see $15 simply click that and make the donation.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE make sure that when you donate you leave a message with your donation stating your gamertag so I know whos made the donation!!! if not message me here on TA telling me you have donated and the amount! So I can keep track of all donations made.

The winner will be announced on the 7th of November VIA my Twitch channel where I will be live streaming. I will be selecting a winner using the website where I will make a list of all people who have donated and the I will randomize the list. The top three people on the list after its been randomized will win the three prizes. Its thats simple and its 100% fair.

I wish you ALL the best of luck on this one!! Please show some support for this amazing cause!!
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