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Sketchy77Donut CountyPyro achievementSketchy77 won the Pyro achievement in Donut County for 17 points
TheDevilHandSkatemasta TchecoTheDevilHand completed the game Skatemasta Tcheco and is the 3,022nd gamer on the site to complete it
Sketchy77Pro AccountSketchy77 has just become a TrueAchievements Pro Account holder
Sketchy77Bean DiveSketchy77 has finished their Bean Dive - 20 games dived for a completion %age drop of 1.65
Sketchy77GTASC XISketchy77 registered for the GTASC XI event
Sketchy77Sketchy77 has reached a new milestone: 475 Games Played
TheDevilHandBack 4 BloodTheDevilHand won 2 Achievements in Back 4 Blood for 40 points
Sketchy77Bean DiveSketchy77 won 5 achievements in 5 new games as part of their Bean Dive
Sketchy77Bean DiveSketchy77 has started a Bean Dive
Sketchy77Forza Horizon 4Sketchy77 won 2 Achievements in Forza Horizon 4 for 24 points
TheDevilHandBack 4 BloodTheDevilHand started the game Back 4 Blood
Site Leaderboard Location Pos Gamers %ile
TrueAchievement in All Games 62,003 View history chart 649,413 9.55
Achievements Completion %age in All Games 69,241 View history chart 649,413 10.66
Achievements Won in All Games 41,596 View history chart 649,413 6.41
Gamerscore in All Games 46,326 View history chart 649,411 7.13
TA Ratio in All Games 484,822 View history chart 629,654 77.00
Completed Games in Role Playing Games 13,805 View history chart 606,184 2.28
Achievements Won in Role Playing Games 26,717 View history chart 606,184 4.41
Achievements Won in Adventure Games 30,571 View history chart 477,189 6.41
Completed Games in Adventure Games 16,842 View history chart 477,189 3.53
Completed Games in All Games 18,016 View history chart 466,928 3.86
Achievements Won in Role Playing Games England 1,874 View history chart 23,385 8.01
Completed Games in Role Playing Games England 1,486 View history chart 23,385 6.35
Achievements Won in Adventure Games England 2,813 View history chart 17,617 15.97
Completed Games in Adventure Games England 2,028 View history chart 17,617 11.51

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