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Just developed a sudden urge to do the Endless Setlist III in Rock Band 3. Late now though, might tr

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Games Price Reduction that I Am Considering Buying
There are some old games that I had really wanted in the past that I just noticed are on sale for a very affordable price now that I am considering buying. The question is whether or to buy them or not and if I do buy them, which one do I want? There are three particular games that I currently have my eyes on.

1. Brutal Legend

Now, from reviews and such that I have seen this game is a blast to play. Great humor, great heavy metal music (I like some Heavy Metal) and I just think Jack Black is a hilarious guy. From what I saw, the is at the moment...under $10?! Though it's not including shipping (and shipping isn't that much more for me), but seriously, damn! Even with shipping that just seems like a steal for me! I played the demo a year ago and I thought it was an interesting game so this is definitely up there on games that I would get.

2. Star Ocean: The Last Hope

I'm questionable on this game. I enjoy JRPGs, played Tales of Vesperia (twice, actually) and that game was a blast, but definitely knew what to expect since I played Tales of Symphonia on the Gamecube years ago. I never played a Star Ocean game, ever, but from reading a brief summary I don't need to know any of the other game's stories to play this one since it's a sort of prequel. At the moment I can get it for $16 with free shipping and this game is hours upon hours of gaming from what I read. For something less than $20 and can give me weeks of value seems very reasonable to me.

3. The Last Remnant

This one I'm 50/50 on. From what I hear, the game has some issues and is very challenging. Though, the challenge is something I might just want. I don't really know much about it but I need to consider considering it's $20 and I am kind of in the RPG mood. This may be the title I may want.

Still need to consider which one of these I want and need to look more in depth on them but hopefully I can make a decision on the game I want!
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Comment by terrett101 at 21:38 on 09 Sep 2019

I'm considering giving this game a go. I read it's quite the grind though, especially if you want to unlock most/all of the achievements. Thoughts?

Comment by DemonATX1337 at 23:24 on 09 Sep 2019

It's a huge grind! But it's a seriously fun and beautiful game. If you start it, pick up the icebourne edition that just came out for a pretty good gear boost.

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