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State of decay review by me mark (blando1985)
This game quite literally drops you in the middle of a zombie outbreak, although your character Marcus and his fishing buddy Ed don't have a clue what's happening.

And so begins the tutorial area, you start with a plank of wood to beat the zombies which are attacking Ed, from there you are frequently told which buttons do what along with the game progressing, Just like a typical tutorial in most games these days. In my view it is a great way to get you into the at first complex systems in the game and what you need to do to survive.

Once the main game begins proper it is a bit overwhelming as you have so much to do - supply runs, improving your home base, rescuing survivors or even keeping on top of morale at home.

There literally is too much to do at first it seems but as you get farther along it levels out as you become used to the systems and establish a routine, like when the ammo supply runs low to and scavenge some instead of doing a story mission it becomes second nature to do supply runs over anything else as it is the most important part of the game.

In my opinion it is a bit of an obvious oversight that when on a supply run that you can't tell your friend to grab supplies also, or even put supplies in the boot of your vehicle.
All this means is I had to do supply runs very often, which is a good Job that its fun to do them but also quite scary as if you make too much noise the zeds will be on you like a fly on shit.
The day/night cycle is good - day being 1 hour in real time and the Same at night. Night is particularly scary as it is very dark apart from your torchlight, zombies seem to creep up on you very easily too.
The zeds in the game aren't a problem if 1 or 2 a attacking you, but it gets hard when there is 4 or over attacking the hell out of your flesh.
Meanwhile hoards are pretty scary as the run at you in big groups like a pack of psychos.

Now pretty much every zombie game going has a variety of different zombie types and this game is no different. The most tough to kill is the big bastard, as you might of guessed they are big fat zombie scum who take a big amount of damage. The others include a swat zombie, a feral,a screamer and a stinker, in my opinion a good range of special zombies.
Story mode takes a bit of a backseat I felt due to the quite dull missions it feels a bit like its there for the sake of needing a story, as I write this I can't recall a mission that stood out so you see my point.
By no means does it ruin the game though as the main aim of the game is to survive and help others do so, that's where the fun is and as I have played through it twice now I can be definite it is fun.

In summary I will say state of decay is a well thought out zombie survival/RPG , undead labs have done a great job on their first attempt at a dynamic zombie apocalypse even with the glitchy graphics and slowdown it is very fun and can be overlooked the combat is satisfying and cool fighting moves are nice, driving can be tricky at times due to twitchy controls on some cars but not a major complaint, home base and human survivor management is very in depth and can become addictive to see how long you can keep it all in good shape.

Overall I would give state of decay 9/10

Fun combat
Addictive survival elements
In depth management system
Big world full of zombies
Scavaging system works well

Quite a few glitches.
Graphics not up to today's standard.
User interface overwhelming at first.
Survivor AI could help more when scavaging.
Story feels tacked on.
Posted by Blando 1985 on 29 August 13 at 18:31 | There are no comments on this blog - Please log in to comment on this blog.

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