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2: I Heard That Other Game Is Boring
I loaded up a few new games recently, more to have a few fun games on my card than anything else. I did a full playthrough of Bioshock Infinite from beginning to end in a single session, which was a good time. My friend purchased Infinite on release day and couldn't play it much because he had work in the morning, which enabled me to play it from 9pm to about 10:30am, at which point I had finished off the story. Utilizing a few checkpoints for the X number of kills achievements, I've done everything besides the 1999 Mode achievements and the collectables, which I am currently working on. It really is a great game, one of my new favorites. I highly recommend it. Besides that, I've made decent Dynasty Warriors progress, as well as decent progress in some uncompleted games on my card.

Hack n Slash Progress:
I finished the 7,500 item grind in Too Human by buying color runes for a few hours, finishing off that game. Warriors Orochi 3 has everything done other than the proficiency grind, which I am well on my way to finishing. Chaos mode completion was no problem. By exploiting how overpowered Xiahou Ba is in his RB special attack runs-faster-than-the-fastest-mount-attacks-3-times-faster mode with a maxed out big star weapon, the game plays itself.

For proficiencies, Wei, Wu, and Shu characters are all done, and I'm currently on the "Other 1" group of characters. I found a really efficient way to grind the proficiencies, getting 3 characters to S rank per 15 minutes or so. It takes the Map Pack 6 DLC; Speed is of the Essence map on easy. Fire it up, get about 1500 kills with each character, casually killing the primary target officers to make the 15 minute time limit while doing the kills. I got about 75% of the characters to level 15 by feeding them growth points. Combine that with a level 4 weapon that I fuse with every leftover random weapon the character has, the +20 mystic band of proficiency going up faster, and the +20 spear of having a ton more attack power on every character; it seems to be sufficient to complete the level within 15 minutes with everyone getting their S. Once everything is at S I swap to the best of the 3 characters I'm using to kill the few remaining officers, level done, wash rinse and repeat.

Completion Ratio Progression:
Game Room is done; I finally hit level 20 on the 21st, so that curse has been lifted. I boosted out Abstergo Employee of the Month in Brotherhood, all I need is 21 more levels online to have that one maxed out. I finished Reach on solo Legendary which was quite the chore, but now I have that out of the way. I need to get into the habit of doing the daily challenges to finish it off, which may take a while. I started up Left 4 Dead to do The Sacrifice, and I quickly realized it is the same glitchy piece of crap that Crash Course was in terms of achievements. I need to find someone to assist me with it/boost it, doing Chaos Generator takes someone standbying their router to get a game hosted off of Valve's servers then inviting the other player, should be a great time. I did some cleanup in Persona 4 Arena, which I admittedly only started playing because Persona is one of my favorite game series. I finished off 7 of the easier achievements I never got around to. I'm going to need to get very good at the combo challenges/the game as a whole for the Score Attack mode achievements, probably going down to the bottom of my to-do list. I do plan on doing the online achievements before it is released in Europe this May though.

Texas Hold'em, of all things, I saw this tumor hanging out and figured I would continue the good old turbo controller royal flush grind. 18,000 or so hands and no royal flush yet. When I finally do get it, I'll finish off the single player stuff. Funny story, I got the win a competitive 8 person online game achievement on my first try by joining a random game then all-inning about 25 times. It got down to me and the last guy, he waited to he was dealt a pair of aces, my jack 3 off suit or whatever is was turns into a full house and I won the game, achievement unlocked. Really took a lot of skillful poker playing for that one. The odds are still against me for getting the royal flush, but looking at it that way would make this a universe where I viewed such things based on their averages, not the odds of the thing happening within each individual instance.

Well there you have it, now you can all sleep soundly knowing you're up to speed on what Blue Radium is doing with his free time. Next post, I plan on making a list of every game I have available that I haven't played, and every game that I have played but haven't finished, for my personal reference and your viewing pleasure. Until next time!
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Not unplayable or overly frustrating, just runs horribly, boring and has the absolute worst controls for an FPS I have ever seen. Move over Americas Army.

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I definitely found it overly frustrating. It plays so terribly, especially not being able to move using hunter sense

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