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PermalinkPart 5: The Wrap up
Now now we arrive to the final part. The Wrap up, I just want to clarify that my nitpicks we're not meant to be negative in any way towards any brand but we must open our eyes and see that there's a problem on both sides.
One of the issues in this final part will be the services, more specific to games services.

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We all cannot deny that the Xbox Game Pass is the best thing to happen to the Xbox One, To me it's one of the best services I have ever used and I have no doubts that this will be the pillar that holds the Xbox One together back to the top.

Some may say it's not worth it but after the inclusion of all Microsoft owned IP's will be coming to Game Pass Day 1, I's day it's hella worth it. With the game pass you download your games instead of streaming it, And I think that download is way better than streaming. I always make room in my HDD for a game pass game. Now we can only hope that Microsoft even gets some exclusives to put in there, Only time will tell.

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On the other side of the Tracks we have Playstation Now. A Game Streaming Service which is smooth if you have a really decent connection to the internet. It has a large selection of Playstation 3 games that you can play. I'd hardly call this Backwards Compatibility but it's something. Definitely not better than Xbox Game Pass in terms of Quality, And Similar to Xbox Game Pass it has something for everyone. Just Recently to Rival Xbox Playstation Now has now included PS4 Games to the service.

Soon Playstation will be moving from a Streaming Service to a Download Service like Xbox Game Pass to be on par with the Quality that Xbox Provides. Sony is on top of the field right now so I don't know if they'll add their exclusives to the Service, if they ever do. Sony will Dominate in the game service field as well. Because though Microsoft has the best game service and there's no Denying that. You cannot Ignore the fact that Sony has the Best Games to offer in terms of Exclusives. As a Xbox Player I can see the appeal of Playstation. But Xbox Wins on this front.......for now!
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PermalinkPart 4: Exclusivity and Games Variety
And now we get to the games. The meat of the matter, The important part of any console and usually the decider of what console to buy. It's the games that Drives Sales and it's the Games that bring on the Entertainment. Without Games Consoles would be just another box in the living room. So what do we know about games? And What type of games exist for each console? What drives gamers to their console of choice. I will look into this, First we Begin with.

Exclusivity Like always since Xbox is my console I will begin with them. Saying that Xbox had a slow start would be a understatement. Xbox always did lack in the games department, Sure the xbox has games but how many of those games are Rememberable or worth playing? Let's take a look at the Exclusive count for both consoles from 2013 to 2017

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I know posting this image is never fair to the Xbox Side but it's Factual and sometimes truth hurts. Xbox had a lead in 2013 then it spiralled out of control as Playstation just Dominated Hit after Hit and not just American Releases but Japanese Releases as well since Playstation is No-Region. 2017 is where things began to slow down.
and then came this year of 2018 so far this is what's coming for both consoles.

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Both Systems are even when it comes to exclusives this year out of all the games shown only Sea of Thieves has been released and so far it's been lack-luster. Sea of Thieves isn't for everyone specially me, Who plays primarily Solo in most games and Sea of Thieves requires more than 1 player to enjoy. Not that it's not possible to solo, I did command a ship on my own and got out to sea...then got shot down.

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Off the Top of my head I can only think of a handful of games that I liked that was Microsoft Owned those were.

State of Decay
Sunset Overdrive
Dead Rising 3
and Recore
Honorable Mentions goes to Halo MCC with Halo 5 and LocoCycle.

Final Fantasy 14 got Denied Entry into Microsoft's console. Project Spark Died before I even got a chance to play it, Scalebound got cancelled, We Happy Few is no longer an Exclusive and Space Hulk: Deathwing for Xbox got cancelled. at this point it seems like xbox is bleeding and everyone is taking their exclusives away.
But it seems like we're getting No man's Sky for Xbox. Sony is throwing Microsoft a bone. but now it's no longer an exclusive to anyone.

On the play station side I can think of a few game I really enjoy. Those were.

Playstation All-Stars
Project Diva X
The Tomorrow Children
Everyone's Gone to the Rapture
Ether One
Infamous: Second Son
Infamous: First Light
The Last of us
Final Fantasy 14
and Ni No Kuni

Ok that was a little more than I expected. I feel like I can go on though. Even from this list there are more Rememberable games on the Playstation side. those are the games my cousin let me play and I enjoyed.
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PermalinkPart 3: The Interfaces
Now we come to the Interfaces the screen that you look at when you start up your console.
We'll start with the Xbox One, The Start screen or Interface has seen many changes throughout the past few years. That could be a good thing or a bad thing depending how you look at it. Me personally I enjoyed the Original Design with the Big Boxes. Let's call this one Version 1.0

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This design was great, Everything I needed was right there at a glance The game was front and center and this design actually made snap easier to work with. Once the snapped window was out everything auto sized to perfection. Though Microsoft thought this design was too cluttered and that people wanted a more streamlined look to their interface. Enter Interface 2.0

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Ok this design was a improvement the main game was still front and center and the focus of the design everything else flowed along with it oh and advertisements wasn't a thing in this version. It was clean user friendly and this was my new favorite. *sigh* Then more updates started rolling in. Aparently Xbox UI designers wasn't satisified with this design and wanted more information to be put on screen. I was getting greatly annoyed, Eventually version 2.5 came out.

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I really didn't like this design and this is where the User Interface for Xbox Started to decline. The game is in the center but not in the way that i liked. the icon was small and it cluttered the screen with information i didn't care about. Clubs, Game Hubs and Advertisements Plauged this design for the worse OH! and my custom wallpaper didn't even work fully, it gets cut off half way down by a gray background...but if you think it couldn't get any worse I present to you the current UI Version 3.0

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UGH!! What can I tell you about this crap of a design, Microsoft really stooped really low on this one. I mean first of all in this current design Advertisements are EVERYWHERE!! I hate Advertisements you are only graced 3 of your personal icons on screen at once. Absolutely everything about this design is not good at all. They made this for complete customizability using "Content Blocks" Which is Buried Below everything. You'd have to go out of your way to get there. Down Down to get to your Pins, Instead of in front on top where i can see it. I only care about my Games so i'd would like that to be front and center where I can see them.

Then you got the new Tab Flyouts which in reminiscent to the 360's disc style design. it's cleaner this time around but not needed if anything it clutters up the screen further and it distracts. They put so much emphasis on Clubs and LFG and Leaderboards now, look i don't care about any of that garbage I don't want to be in Forced Competition with my friends over who can get the most Achievements this month.

On a brighter note the new Avatars is supposed to be out this month, I'm excited for those but it's taking it's sweet time getting to the main release ring. I think it's funny that even though the avatars made it to the testing ring. no one is really making videos about it on youtube or maybe everyone's on a secret NDA and cannot discuss it.

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On the Playstation side of things the User Interface pretty much stayed the same which is good it's confidant that the UI is good so it doesn't have to change and I agree. All your games are on the bar and they can be put into folders for easier access. You can add custom wallpapers to the PS4 UI and you can use themes, some are animated and some are static, Not only does it add a wallpaper to the Background but the sounds, music and notification sounds also change.

Every Category and game has a sub menu pressing down on the icon will give you more information about the game. Now the one thing i like here is that Information is buried down below not in your face right off the bat like Xbox does. but that doesn't mean the Playstation UI is without it's faults, though it's good it's not perfect.

For one, you cannot change your Username once you've created it. but it's not much of a problem long term if you're a new user and you've really thought of a good name that will last forever. then there's no need to change, nor why would you want to?

Playstation doesn't have Avatars like the Xbox does, sure at one point they did with the inclusion with Playstation Home but that's long gone and now. People are compensating by posting up Anime images and real pictues of women with cleavage. Those profiles with the cleavage images have well over 1200 friends and mind you the Friend Limit is 2000.

The Playstation UI has a cool and colorful chat system and just like the xbox can be accessed via app from phone.
xbox goes a step further and has this feature on windows 10 pc's as well.

You can access Playstation Store in different Regions and buy games from there to use on a American account as long as that JP account in on your Playstation, my cousin she loves doing this specially for games with a much high mature rating in Japan. I'd have to admit I am intrigued for i too watch anime and alot of IP's are unavailable in america. to be able to play those games would be nice.

Overall the UI is solid. My cousin said that the UI hasn't really changed since she's gotten her PS4 and it's only improving while keeping it's core design. that sounds nice and reassuring, because sometimes you really dont want to change it up. "if it isn't broke, don't fix it".
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PermalinkPart 2: The Consoles
The Xbox One X and the PS4 Pro, Both very similar consoles but the specs are very different. there was a saying in life "It's what on the inside that counts." That shit don't apply here though the specs are different the community and the games on the console is what brings home the gold and I've played a lot of gems on both consoles, but what console will deliver the best entertainment for me in the future 2018 and beyond.

The XBox One X or (XBOX) is definitely the most powerful console to date handling everything if not most things at 4k 30 to 60 fps depending on game. I Currently own a Xbox but mind you I do not own a 4k UHD TV, that's too expensive for me. I got the Xbox to support Microsoft and I wanted my games to run their best on my 1080 monitor.

I play my Xbox on my Monitor along side my PC which is Tri-Monitored. the Xbox is connected to the Middle monitor
and my PC occupies the Left and Right Monitor. I like to play my xbox games along side TrueAchievements site. to make my achievement hunting and walk-through guides easier to follow. It works out for me well and I can't complain how well it works.

I can only imagine games in the future and backwards compatible games will run at their very best on Xbox but I have a strange feeling this is only geared for those who like sports, racing and FPS games. those types of games where FPS tend to matters the most.

The Playstation 4 Pro or (PS4 Pro) I do not own, but I have played it at a cousins house when visiting. games pretty much runs the same at a glance, she does not own a 4k TV as well and a glance I don't see a difference. I'm sure there's some better Anti-Aliasing on the Xbox side of things but when your playing games at a glance things tend to look the same. images on my xbox is a bit crispier I can attest to that.

I don't own both consoles so I cant give detailed information about the differences. I do not wanna own both. I would sell one to get the other. that's how it is. if you're going to support something you are going to go all the way and not play both sides.

My cousin asked me "when are you getting a PS4?" Jokingly I would always say "Probably Never" I love my Xbox so i'm sticking by it. but recently that belief, That faith has been shattered and if anyone read comments on youtube and reddit posts and misc sites. people would swear to PS4 as being the best.

You even start to open your eyes and see there's a slight tilt leaning towards PS4. You'd start seeing PS4 commercials on TV. When was the last time you saw a Xbox Commercial on TV? Games would Exclusivly give content to PS4. recent example is monster hunter world. Street Fighter and Horizon content specifically for PS4. Where's the Xbox Equivalent? Why is Playstation getting everything first now n' days? Why did warhammer decided that dropping the Xbox version was a better decision? I see these things and I ask myself. "what's going on?"
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PermalinkPart 1: Introductions/History
I am writing this to document my experiences with the Xbox, compared with Interest in the PS4 Everything i write is strictly my opinion and thoughts. Not trying to be negative and looking at both sides with a fair lens. I'm writing this so i can look back and compare later down the line.

I am a gamer through and through, I've played PS3 and a bit of PS4 over a cousin's house but now I'll have to decide which console I want to support for the remaining time of my life as a gamer. This to me is a personal decision, A Crusade if you will to discover just where my gaming life lay. I've been with Xbox from the OG Xbox(late to that party)and most of the 360 period. I got into Xbox One just 2 Years Ago.

I am a Achievement Hunter so most of my time I spend gaming is to play and unlock achievements. I find it addicting enough to challenge myself to get achievements no one on my friends list have. Speaking of friends I have none, sure my Xbox has friends in them but no one really talks to me, I get a question here and there but I'm not "buddy, buddy" with any of them. sometimes I get a friend request through passing when playing multiplayer games.

I am close with it's my go-to site for Xbox News and it's where I check my achievements check-list. I comment on interesting subjects sometimes I go out of my way to put in my two-cents. sometimes where they don't belong. but I'm glad that my voice can be read, I'm not out to make trouble my opinions can sometimes be misunderstood. but I mean well.

Just found out that there's a PS4 Equivalent called if I ever decide to make the jump the experience won't be too foreign. I would just have to register to the site as a new user. (Hmm.. What would my PSN name be?)

I'm a Xbox fan, Been a fan for a while now. I know Microsoft had some shake-ups here and there. It's not entirely their fault they pushed hard to fix a lot of the problems. I like that in a company, Definite gamer friendly environment. Then there are news that make me scratch my head such as the "No Swearing" Rule on all Microsoft Platforms. do MS not understand that swearing is fun to do? and that some people do it to express themselves? This "If True" Can pose problematic in the future.

They dubbed Xbox "Great for First-Person Shooters and Racing Games" I'm more of a RPG, MMO and Strategy Gamer.
I like games with a story and games that make me think. I like puzzles and platformers. There was this one game I really liked on Xbox though and that was Sunset Overdrive. That game has a certain quirkiness that was fun to play. it's a third person shooter I'd never though I would enjoy it so much, That game was made by Insomniac Games. That Studio made alot of highly successful games for Sony and the Playstation Brand. The last RPG I played on Xbox was Blue Dragon it was made by Level 5 Studios which seemed to make the jump to Sony as of late.
Those were Xbox Exclusives back in the day. Fallout 4 was the last RPG I played that was a Multi-platform game.

I like playing online with people but finding friends and keeping friends is tough, I mean really tough I'm not much of a talker and I tend to keep to myself and play mostly single player games. I know that don't help me much I guess as long as I got the TrueAchievements site I can also find people to group up with to complete a difficult achievement or an achievement that needs a co-op partner.
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