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Auto completing DLC is like cheating on a test, I got a 100 percent and didn't have to do anything t

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                Status change by MuscularTea at 02:22 on 05 Aug 2020MuscularTea status: I have a spare code for Rogue Company if anyone wants a code.
Comment by DURDENS WRATH at 05:55 on 05 Aug 2020

It looks so good but I've been burnt by hi-rez Studios and their BS achievements for paladins that they added

Comment by MuscularTea at 07:20 on 05 Aug 2020

I can understand that. I tend to not care about the achievements in games I know I'll just enjoy anyways, but those paladin ones did suck.

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Comment by sseagle at 23:34 on 04 Aug 2020


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