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A game for a favour
Many months ago, near the beginning of the year to be more precise, I asked for assistance in tracking down the location of a very elusive piece of attire for my good self.
After many months, I have finally found the name, or least a description of it. But alas, nowhere to buy a new one. So I enlist once more in the good people here to help in this regard.
Anyone to find for me what I'm looking for in either a medium or large, will be rewarded with any xbox 360 or xbox one game they wish.
The item is described as a 'nike air reversible jacket'. I have a link here to view the exact item I'm looking for.
Of course, if you happen to see it in a shop, I'll pay 150% the retail price as well as shipping, packaging etc alongside any game too.
Find it quickly as I'm exhausted with the search.
Can LEGO dimensions be 100%'d anytime within a year(and I don't mean achievement wise)?
Collecting all 480 gold bricks is taking a while and I can't find some minikits anywhere and even so, that's not the worst part of it.
There's only one multiplier now and it's x2.
Of course, the only things to purchase are the red bricks and the gadget upgrades. So I thought - easy now. And it was. To begin with. Then I came across one upgrade for an item that cost over 804,000,000 studs. With a rate of 150,000 studs a minute, that over 4800 minutes, or 80 straight hours of point collecting and that's excluding the loading times every few minutes. I stopped upgrading the last few items afterward, so I hope there is no more costly upgrades like that.
So I stand by my decision that there ought to be a reallife prize for doing everything the game has to offer.
The entire LEGO Dimensions collection just for you...
With the purchase of LEGO Dimensions on Tuesday, I was excited to see how the implementation of a toy pad worked, and I will say I find it to be very fun.
Looking at the achievements, I was somewhat curious why they did not follow in tandem with the other games' style and when I played, I found out why.
Firstly, I'll provide a few details on how it all works;
The toy pad is effectively a pressure plate plugged into any of the USB ports on the console. Characters, vehicles and gadgets have individualised micro chips built into the base of the constructs that act as an identification for each item. When placed on the pad, they materialise in-game. Quite simple.
However, there is no free play mode for levels in this game. You can only use the characters you have bought in any packs purchased separately. Which means that unless you purchase every pack, you can not collect every collectible. Quite a faux pas.
Not only that, but for the items included in separate packs, all instructions for the items are found in-game, which means if you want to buy the LEGO without the game, you won't be able to build the items without looking online. Another oversight missed by the developers.
Nevertheless, you can complete the game by obtaining all the achievements without needing to buy any packs.
Unless you are willing to fork out around £550 to own them all and complete the game 100%, then it will be uncompletible.
Luckily, I have them all, even the ones that are not out yet. I tried taking a picture to show here, but there are simply too many to fit into one picture and I have them all lined up nice and neat.
If there are any I would suggest buying then I suggest Doctor Who and Back to the Future.
So it got me thinking, why is there no reallife minifigure of the main antagonist; Lord Vortech? The character looks very unique. Why not present it as a reward to those who complete all that the game has to offer? Unfortunately, there are no existing characters being made...currently.
So here is something that may be of interest. I will give anyone an unopened collection of the entire set, to the first person to create an enlarged version of the Vorton Chamber from the game, into minecraft form. Why would I do this? Because I have a set to review and another set as a spare in case of any faults, which there is not. And I have no space to display them all. So there you have it! Take as long as you need, but you have until the end of the 1st of March 2016.

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Comment by PeachCloud87115 at 13:43 on 26 Oct 2020

awsome job

Comment by Shadow Tobuscus at 14:13 on 26 Oct 2020


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                Status change by Kitty Skies at 15:26 on 25 Oct 2020Kitty Skies status: I'm looking to borrow some JP 360 games, anybody willing? Thanks 😊
Comment by RadiantViper at 15:33 on 25 Oct 2020

One day I need to find someone selling Lego Batman JP lol ... only region stack I care about

Comment by PeachCloud87115 at 15:44 on 25 Oct 2020

Im trying to get LA NOIRE Jp

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                Status change by Kitty Skies at 04:09 on 25 Oct 2020Kitty Skies status: Would anyone want to lend me any Jap 360 games, please? 😁
Comment by Punk Nine at 10:50 on 25 Oct 2020

Uh...kitty. You're not supposed to say that. That's racist. You Welsh bastard.

Comment by NastyMastaDaddy at 11:05 on 25 Oct 2020


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Mike United 007AnniversaryMike United 007 is celebrating their birthday today!
Comment by boldyno1 at 03:58 on 25 Oct 2020

Happy birthday pal

Comment by Mike United 007 at 07:00 on 25 Oct 2020

Thank you mate :-)

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