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Achievement hunting on pause during CODBL4
Well, someone secretly bought me Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 (since I refused to purchase it myself, protesting the removal of the single-player campaign), which of course meant I ended up playing CoD after all (which kind of screwed up my plans to focus on Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Assassin's Creed Odyssey, both of which I haven't gone back to since BO4 hit).

Quick review of BO4: I remain grateful that someone purchased it for me rather than my spending my own money on it.
Everything in the Zombies mode of it is awesome. It has a great selection of zombie material right from the get-go, not even including the Season Pass exclusive Zombies map (which is right now the only 'perk' of getting the Season Pass, which I do NOT feel is worth the extravagant $50 they're charging). The Create-A-Class is a delightful new addition, as are the 'Specialist' weapons for use while killing Zombies. And for me, a very welcome new addition is the fact that I can now play Zombies Solo with Bots, which means I can actually do some real Zombies action and explore by my lonesome instead of having to rely on matching up with randos online (which I abhor).

Multiplayer online is ok. It's not as good as BL2 or 3's, both of which I enjoyed immensely; but it's better than Infinite Warfare's MP, and more satisfying that WWII's (which also wasn't 'bad', but I'm in the minority that prefers the newer, modern/futuristic takes on CoD MP...very disappointed that they caved and removed the verticality of BL3's MP and went more boots-on-the-ground). I still find myself living in Hardcore mode almost exclusively, as it's obnoxious how much ammo it takes to actually kill someone in Core and I'm f***ing sick of getting the drop on someone, emptying my clip into them, and NOT killing them somehow while they miraculously spin around and kill me dead.
Spawns in MP could use some help, though I think a patch a few days ago might have improved them slightly; however, I still don't understand why they don't implement a brief, 1 second invulnerability shield when respawning. Spawn-camping is utterly infuriating and this would be an amazingly simple solution.

Blackout is... well, complicated.

I was initially pretty against Blackout mode, mostly because I see them as having ditched my beloved single-player campaign in order to include this mode instead. I'm still peeved about it, and having put probably 100 hours into Blackout now, I still greatly wish I had a campaign to sink my teeth (and hours) into instead.

That said, I *am* somewhat enjoying it now.
Firstly, it's far, far better and more fun when playing with friends. I have yet to play with more than one friend (so my Quads experience is limited) but I hit up Duos regularly with my friend and enjoy the challenge. I have put a lot of time into Solo as well, including racking up 5 wins, but it's definitely more fun with friends. Hopefully a couple more of mine pick up the game and i can truly enjoy Quads.
Second, it's definitely a change of pace in multiplayer play; while I definitely enjoy the fast-paced nature of regular MP, I enjoy the more cautious and strategic play that Blackout affords. (I also always wanted to enjoy MP modes like Search and Destroy, but always found them extremely frustrating and boring to play since they always entail multiple rounds, and if you die during one you are forced to sit and spectate for the remainder and I find that INCREDIBLY BORING.)

However, I do have some major complaints.
One, how they have handled 'unlocking' new character skins is unbelievably RNG-based and infuriating. Having to FIRST have the luck to stumble upon a special character mission item is bad enough (including several items I've yet to see in all my time playing), but some of the requirements you must fulfill during the course of the match once you obtain them are insane and also often luck-based. Firebreak requires you to get a fire-kill once you obtain the item; certainly hope you've found a Molotov equipment item, or find one before you get killed, since it's the only fire-based damage item in the game, and they don't bother to give you even one on the crates that the mission item spawns in. Prophet requires you to win a match while having 3 perks active (at time of victory). Doesn't sound too bad, considering how much the Perks aid you in victory, but even just obtaining the item is a challenge let alone securing a win. Newest additions include Mason (which requires first unlocking another difficult skin, and using it) and Woods (another one that requires winning the match!). Even some like Seraph are relatively easy to do, but NOT to obtain the item for first.

Two, the game seems really unbalanced at times. Much like regular MP, often I find myself getting the drop on an enemy who's facing away and completely unawares, and yet end up dead despite pumping most of a clip into them due to them magically spinning around and basically one-shotting me, seemingly ignoring armor and the fact that my gun was superior in firepower than theirs. Often times, it seems like the game has selected certain players secretly and decided that they get a boost, and I say that as someone who's won a game where that felt like it was what made it happen.

Third, bullet dropoff is definitely uneven, the game's whole collection of weapons seems aimed at short to mid- ranger warfare, but with such a huge map and such large distances between locations, this means that sniper rifles are king. Easily 70% of games I died in/lost were due to an enemy having a sniper rifle and my being entirely unable to either 1) see them/be aware of them or 2) able to reach them to even fire back.
And this brings me to another point; sniper rifles are so important to winning, and yet they are the most difficult items to find for me. I almost never see them, I go for easily 5-10 match stretches without encountering them as drops or in enemy loot. Yet I regularly encounter enemies who kill me with them. So either my RNG is superbad (very likely, as it is in just about anything I play) or they spawn in some places more frequently and I'm simply unaware of where those places are.

I cannot fathom buying the Season Pass for this game at anything less than 50% off, unless they add something truly more substantial to the game than simply another Zombie map and set of MP maps for each DLC. I expect a significant number of new characters to unlock, and they better have at least two more new Blackout maps in development or coming, because while it's fun for now, eventually this map will be very boring to play on. They'll need to spice it up to keep at least me interested.
Also, they better make their loot reward 'seasons' last longer or make it slightly easier to rank up in; I have been playing almost daily since it went live, and I'm barely halfway through the loot tiers, with only about 30 days left. I'm not confident I can finish it off before it ends, even with the new Daily Skip they just implemented; and if I can't, then anyone who plays it very casually has absolutely no chance. And FUCK Activision/Treyarch if they think I'm going to spend a dime to try and unlock stuff. Anyone who wastes money on digital crap like that is an idiot. Fuck microtransactions, they have no place in video games.
Posted by CQOzymandias on 17 November 18 at 14:32 | There are no comments on this blog - Please log in to comment on this blog.

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