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Been going through the homebuying process the last two and a half months, but still mostly been managing to get in my game time. Next week or two might be different, though. Finally nearly moving time!

Finished up Wolfenstein II (though I still have to replay the campaign on I AM DEATH INCARNATE for my last two difficulty challenges...won't even be attempting MEIN LEBEN mode. Can't even save the game? I don't have 8-10 hour stretches I can spend playing a game. Most of my gaming is done in 3-4 hour increments if I'm lucky), but I'm going to hold off on DLC achievements until everything is released.

Started Assassin's Creed Origins back at release, but it really didn't hold me; got a fair bit through the story but I think the sheer amount of shit that there is to do in the game is a bit daunting. I'll be back, though.

Focus for the last few weeks has been returning to Fallout 4, which I had started at release (two years ago! yikes) but wandered away from. Finally back at it as I had an itch to wander the Wasteland that I felt the need to scratch. Just finished up the main game cheevs and have two of the 6 DLCs done. Far Harbor is next on the horizon.
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