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PermalinkA few easy days before jumping into the Far Cry franchise with Far Cry 5
So, mostly settled into the house at this point; didn't have a lot of fixing up to do, so it was mostly organizing, unpacking, and adjusting. Still ate up a decent amount of my gaming time over the last two months.
That said, I did get Fallout 4 finished up to 100%; that was pretty satisfying (and makes me 2/3 for the series). I was still in an RPG explore-y mood, so I ended up getting back into Skyrim SE, though I took a few breaks here and there to play a bit of a few other things. Finally checked out a little of TC's Rainbow Six: Siege during the free weekend (even though I already own the game; just been too lazy to put the disc in), and discovered I actually kind of like it. I will definitely return to it at some point, though it looks like a fair amount of the achievements I have left will require some grinding.
I also picked up pretty much every Far Cry game out there in one fell swoop (went from owning one game in the franchise to ALL but one, not counting the newest one I have preordered) when they went on sale, and played an hour or so of Primal to check it out (knowing it's the most different one of the series). The Escapists grabbed my attention for a couple of days, and another dungeon DLC dropped for my ESO so I checked that out for a few achievements as well. Valentine's and St. Patrick's days helped me finish up my Calender Man achievement in Arkham City.
But the big deal is, I finally came back to and finished up Skyrim SE to 100% (also putting me at 2/3 for that series, if I count Skyrim for the 360 seperately, which I do, and don't count ESO). I also promply installed a whole bunch of mods, since I can finally play with them; now when I feel like Skyrimming again, I can have some extra fun.
And just today, I banged out nearly all of Horse Racing 2016, which I actually bought hoping to tempt my fiance to play, but it turned out she wasn't terribly into (doesn't like horse racing, just riding and jumping and dressage, apparently) so it ended up just being a quick and easy 1k GS completion for me.
Now I'm back to a few more easy games (Minecraft Story Mode season 2 and Batman Enemy Within season 2) before Far Cry 5 releases; then I think for the foreseeable future, I'll be exploring Hope County. Woo!

Hit list:
-Minecraft Story Mode, Season 2
-Batman: The Enemy Within, Season 2
-Far Cry 5
-Batman Arkham City (Return to Arkham)
-State of Decay
-LEGO The Hobbit
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PermalinkBought a house, still gaming
Been going through the homebuying process the last two and a half months, but still mostly been managing to get in my game time. Next week or two might be different, though. Finally nearly moving time!

Finished up Wolfenstein II (though I still have to replay the campaign on I AM DEATH INCARNATE for my last two difficulty challenges...won't even be attempting MEIN LEBEN mode. Can't even save the game? I don't have 8-10 hour stretches I can spend playing a game. Most of my gaming is done in 3-4 hour increments if I'm lucky), but I'm going to hold off on DLC achievements until everything is released.

Started Assassin's Creed Origins back at release, but it really didn't hold me; got a fair bit through the story but I think the sheer amount of shit that there is to do in the game is a bit daunting. I'll be back, though.

Focus for the last few weeks has been returning to Fallout 4, which I had started at release (two years ago! yikes) but wandered away from. Finally back at it as I had an itch to wander the Wasteland that I felt the need to scratch. Just finished up the main game cheevs and have two of the 6 DLCs done. Far Harbor is next on the horizon.
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