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I've been a little scatterbrained the past few months, playing a bit of this and that while still pretty much daily playing Gems of War and Blackout in Black Ops 4. The latter is slowly losing it's grip on me, as other than certain days and when they put out a fun new mode (Pandemic, I love you, I wish you weren't temporary), I'm just not feeling it anymore. Even with the new changes they've made with Contracts to earn Reserve crates, they've filled the Reserves with so much bullshit between the individual gun camos, charms, character skins, etc, that it feels impossible to ever get everything, let alone the stuff I'm actually interested in. And I'm pretty sure they're gonna release at least one more Operation's worth of stuff, too, which means even more dilution.

But that's fine, because we're only a few weeks out from Borderlands 3's release, and I'm super stoked about that! Been putting the work in slowly trying to finish up Borderlands GOTY edition before it releases (just yesterday got my last ClapTrap DLC collectible, so now it's just lvl61, Crawmerax and the Moxxi DLC...ugh), but I'm not sure I'll make it. Definitely not finishing up both (or either, really) stacks of Pre-Sequel before then either.

As for Gems...only have two achievements left (barring further DLC additions), both relating to the Underworld Renown. It's just frustrating, because I can only make 3 delve attempts per day at the delve I'm trying to get 100%, other than if they run a special Delve event, and even then, I have to hope that it's MY delve they're running the event for. And they make the Chaos Shards currency so hard to get that the treasure troops required to upgrade the hoards are too rare...Ugh. So maybe one day. The question is just if that day will happen BEFORE I get frustrated enough to call it quits on the game (just realized a week or two ago that I only have roughly half the Mythic cards available, despite playing consistantly every day for more than a year plus about two years or so of gametime in overall).
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