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                  Status change by omgeezus at 16:20 on 26 Jun 2022omgeezus status: Preview of this year's Bean Dive: omgeezus' To-Do List
TrueAchievementTrueAchievement has reached a new milestone: 95 Completed Games
TrueAchievementA Memoir BlueTrueAchievement completed the game A Memoir Blue and is the 11,468th gamer on the site to complete it
TrueAchievementA Memoir BlueTrueAchievement completed the story in A Memoir Blue
Mannyy2FreshTrueTrophiesMannyy2Fresh has just linked their TrueAchievements account to their TrueTrophies account
Remco1986LakeMetal Detector achievementRemco1986 won the Metal Detector achievement in Lake for 131 points
SoupaBuoyLast StopSoupaBuoy won 5 Achievements in Last Stop for 172 points
MbhyatCrimson SpiresMbhyat has had their walkthrough for Crimson Spires published!
BeanpotterReflection of MineBeanpotter completed the game Reflection of Mine and is the 565th gamer on the site to complete it
BeanpotterReflection of MineBeanpotter won 3 Achievements in Reflection of Mine for 344 points
DarkDomi18Daymare: 1998DarkDomi18 won 12 Achievements in Daymare: 1998 for 406 points
Da GermanProAnniversaryDa GermanPro is celebrating their birthday today!
Comment by suitexbl at 00:32 on 26 Jun 2022

Happy birthday!

Comment by Da GermanPro at 00:41 on 26 Jun 2022

Thanks, suite! It's been a while; how've you been?

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Mannyy2FreshThe PsychoduckMannyy2Fresh completed the game The Psychoduck and is the 412th gamer on the site to complete it
OsseblokShinyOsseblok won 4 Achievements in Shiny for 58 points
OsseblokShinyOsseblok started the game Shiny
NatorDomNHL 22NatorDom won 3 Achievements in NHL 22 for 198 points
NatorDomNHL 22CHL Scout achievementNatorDom won the CHL Scout achievement in NHL 22 for 82 points
NatorDomNHL 22Star Studded achievementNatorDom won the Star Studded achievement in NHL 22 for 44 points
NatorDomNHL 22Level Up! achievementNatorDom won the Level Up! achievement in NHL 22 for 72 points
ManicMetalheadOh My GodheadsManicMetalhead won 2 Achievements in Oh My Godheads for 176 points
angelskConariumangelsk won 15 Achievements in Conarium for 1056 points
Remco1986Remco1986 has reached a new milestone: 150,000 GamerScore
Remco1986LakeRemco1986 won 3 Achievements in Lake for 354 points
Remco1986LakeCat Lover achievementRemco1986 won the Cat Lover achievement in Lake for 104 points
Remco1986LakeTower Watcher achievementRemco1986 won the Tower Watcher achievement in Lake for 124 points
Remco1986LakeHigher Ground achievementRemco1986 won the Higher Ground achievement in Lake for 126 points
angelskWho Pressed Mute on Uncle Marcus?angelsk has rated the game Who Pressed Mute on Uncle Marcus? 5 out of 5
angelskConariumangelsk has rated the game Conarium 5 out of 5
Comment by angelsk at 18:51 on 25 Jun 2022

3 not 5. Was on the wrong game!

ChuckNorrisJunrMotoGP 20ChuckNorrisJunr has rated the game MotoGP 20 4 out of 5
Remco1986LakeRemco1986 started the game Lake
CognitiveCaveatLast StopCognitiveCaveat won 4 Achievements in Last Stop for 81 points
BeanpotterBullet BeatBeanpotter completed the game Bullet Beat and is the 5,694th gamer on the site to complete it
BeanpotterBullet BeatTitle Update 4Beanpotter completed the Title Update 4 DLC for Bullet Beat
AaronJamesx38Fall GuysFall Bae achievementAaronJamesx38 won the Fall Bae achievement in Fall Guys for 10 Gamerscore
Da GermanProFall GuysDa GermanPro won 6 Achievements in Fall Guys for 67 points
Da GermanProFall GuysDa GermanPro started the game Fall Guys
Remco1986ContrastRemco1986 completed the game Contrast and is the 11,063rd gamer on the site to complete it
Remco1986ContrastRemco1986 completed the story in Contrast
Remco1986ContrastRemco1986 won 4 Achievements in Contrast for 672 points
Remco1986ContrastFIN achievementRemco1986 won the FIN achievement in Contrast for 298 points
          Secret AchievementRemco1986 won the Secret Achievement in Contrast for 149 points
Remco1986ContrastBookKeeper achievementRemco1986 won the BookKeeper achievement in Contrast for 76 points
          Secret AchievementRemco1986 won the Secret Achievement in Contrast for 148 points
Mannyy2FreshThe PsychoduckMannyy2Fresh started the game The Psychoduck
DarkDomi18Daymare: 1998DarkDomi18 won 5 Achievements in Daymare: 1998 for 111 points
MR MITT3NSBorderlands 2MR MITT3NS won 3 Achievements in Borderlands 2 for 150 points
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Gamerscore Week 26 2022 30,443 221,012 13.77
TrueAchievement Week 26 2022 41,196 221,012 18.64
TA Difference Week 26 2022 51,735 221,012 23.41
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TrueAchievement in All Games 103,132 View history chart 695,198 14.83
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omgeezus Extra Life 2019 TrueAchievements Team Request 53 61 86.89

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