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The MascalThe Language Of LoveThe Mascal completed the game The Language Of Love and is the 87th gamer on the site to complete it
RunningFreak204Slayaway Camp: Butcher's CutRunningFreak204 completed the game Slayaway Camp: Butcher's Cut and is the 4,206th gamer on the site to complete it
Z0MBIESINCTacomaZ0MBIESINC won 4 Achievements in Tacoma for 54 points
            Secret AchievementZ0MBIESINC won the Secret Achievement in Tacoma for 11 points
            Secret AchievementZ0MBIESINC won the Secret Achievement in Tacoma for 11 points
Z0MBIESINCTacomaSpellcheck achievementZ0MBIESINC won the Spellcheck achievement in Tacoma for 11 points
Z0MBIESINCTacomaZ0MBIESINC started the game Tacoma

                Status change by Daemonicrazor at 02:07 on 28 Oct 2020Daemonicrazor status: Anyone with Xbox game pass and not using your Phantasy Star Online 2 perks? Would gracious accept any code offers or trade for others ;)
HereBeBogans2Dead CellsAbsolution achievementHereBeBogans2 won the Absolution achievement in Dead Cells for 10 Gamerscore
BravoTango5ZeroBravoTango5Zero has reached a new milestone: 35,000 TrueAchievement Score
Christian DoeThe TourystChristian Doe started the game The Touryst
LLTC1807Monster Jam Steel TitansLLTC1807 completed the game Monster Jam Steel Titans and is the 71st gamer on the site to complete it
Ginuwine AI3 shared  a clip of Rocket League® at 18:06 on 27 Oct 2020Rocket LeagueTrueAchievements TVGinuwine AI3 shared a clip of Rocket League recorded by Ginuwine AI3
Comment by Ginuwine AI3 at 18:07 on 27 Oct 2020

This is that alley-oop to yourself !

Comment by ProfessorPluto at 23:21 on 27 Oct 2020

I cant get it to load

...there are 2 other comments

Ginuwine AI3Insane RobotsGinuwine AI3 won 2 Achievements in Insane Robots for 303 points
BeanpotterHotshot RacingBeanpotter won 10 Achievements in Hotshot Racing for 2040 points
Hirsute DaveL.A. NoireHirsute Dave won 4 Achievements in L.A. Noire for 157 points
Ginuwine AI3WRC 8Ginuwine AI3 won 2 Achievements in WRC 8 for 204 points

                Status change by Swinny Costello at 23:24 on 26 Oct 2020Swinny Costello status: The Tales of Vesperia completion run-through is like comfort food at this point. Love it.
Comment by Arkzein at 04:31 on 27 Oct 2020

Looking forward to going back to it myself time permitting, having the option to complete it 4 times with achievements is brilliant.

Comment by Za Pantsupati at 12:15 on 27 Oct 2020

Yeah, so soothing to play such a great game again.

LeiChatWatch_DogsLeiChat won 2 Achievements in Watch_Dogs for 101 points
            Secret AchievementLeiChat won the Secret Achievement in Watch_Dogs for 23 points
Tasty ToobsTasty Toobs has reached a new milestone: 220,000 TrueAchievement Score
Ginuwine AI3EA SPORTS UFC 4Ginuwine AI3 won 3 Achievements in EA SPORTS UFC 4 for 453 points
The MascalThe Mascal has reached a new milestone: 32,250 Achievements Won
Comment by Silvano 92 Juve at 11:19 on 26 Oct 2020


The MascalPixel GladiatorThe Mascal completed the game Pixel Gladiator and is the 928th gamer on the site to complete it
The MascalPixel GladiatorThe Mascal started the game Pixel Gladiator
imaidiot19Minecraftimaidiot19 won 41 Achievements in Minecraft for 2560 points
imaidiot19MinecraftZoologist achievementimaidiot19 won the Zoologist achievement in Minecraft for 121 points
imaidiot19MinecraftInception achievementimaidiot19 won the Inception achievement in Minecraft for 58 points
imaidiot19MinecraftMap Room achievementimaidiot19 won the Map Room achievement in Minecraft for 125 points
imaidiot19MinecraftSaddle Up achievementimaidiot19 won the Saddle Up achievement in Minecraft for 28 points
imaidiot19MinecraftSuper Sonic achievementimaidiot19 won the Super Sonic achievement in Minecraft for 110 points
imaidiot19MinecraftArcher achievementimaidiot19 won the Archer achievement in Minecraft for 16 points
BeanpotterHotshot RacingBeanpotter won 24 Achievements in Hotshot Racing for 927 points
BeanpotterHotshot RacingC4 achievementBeanpotter won the C4 achievement in Hotshot Racing for 12 points
imaidiot19Bleeding Edgeimaidiot19 won 3 Achievements in Bleeding Edge for 127 points
BeanpotterHotshot RacingBeanpotter started the game Hotshot Racing
BeanpotterAwesome Pea 2Beanpotter won 2 Achievements in Awesome Pea 2 for 102 points
imaidiot19Far Cry 5imaidiot19 won 3 Achievements in Far Cry 5 for 64 points
imaidiot19Bean Diveimaidiot19 has recovered 25% of their Bean Dive
Comment by SoupaBuoy at 16:25 on 25 Oct 2020

Only slightly behind my recovery. Keep it up!

imaidiot19imaidiot19 has reached a new milestone: 21,250 Achievements Won
Comment by NoobgamerValbo at 16:14 on 25 Oct 2020


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Achievements Completion %age in All Games 1,156 View history chart 550,548 0.21
TA Ratio in All Games 4,693 View history chart 535,741 0.88
TA Ratio in All Games Australia 55 View history chart 3,560 1.54
Achievements Completion %age in Xbox 360 Games Australia 34 View history chart 3,547 0.96
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Capt Poopey Heterosexual Men Who Enjoy the Music of ABBA Public 4 7 57.14

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