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PHT999RunbowPHT999 won 7 Achievements in Runbow for 136 points
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PHT999RunbowYou Juan-A-Go? achievementPHT999 won the You Juan-A-Go? achievement in Runbow for 14 points
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PHT999RunbowIn The Zone achievementPHT999 won the In The Zone achievement in Runbow for 11 points
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PHT999Blair Witch PHT999 won 6 Achievements in Blair Witch for 205 points
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Comment by nervebullet at 04:09 on 24 Feb 2021

Do you recommend it mate?!

Comment by PHT999 at 21:04 on 24 Feb 2021

Yeah it's alright tbf. The last chapter drags on a bit but apart from that it's pretty good. Short and sweet

PHT999Blair WitchThe idol achievementPHT999 won the The idol achievement in Blair Witch for 15 points
PHT999Blair Witch
            Secret AchievementPHT999 won the Secret Achievement in Blair Witch for 64 points
PHT999Blair WitchCounseling achievementPHT999 won the Counseling achievement in Blair Witch for 21 points
PHT999Blair WitchPHT999 started the game Blair Witch
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