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CastoxDisc RoomCastox won 3 Achievements in Disc Room for 122 points
CastoxDisc RoomGOLD I achievementCastox won the GOLD I achievement in Disc Room for 7 points
CastoxDisc RoomCastox started the game Disc Room
CastoxChorusCastox won 4 Achievements in Chorus for 149 points
CastoxChorusTwo Birds achievementCastox won the Two Birds achievement in Chorus for 30 points
CastoxChorusUneasy Alliance achievementCastox won the Uneasy Alliance achievement in Chorus for 31 points
CastoxChorusGhosts achievementCastox won the Ghosts achievement in Chorus for 62 points
CastoxChorusCastox won 6 Achievements in Chorus for 377 points
CastoxChorusDisciple achievementCastox won the Disciple achievement in Chorus for 29 points
CastoxChorusTime to Spear achievementCastox won the Time to Spear achievement in Chorus for 28 points
CastoxChorusThe Nameless Dread achievementCastox won the The Nameless Dread achievement in Chorus for 200 points
CastoxChorusThe Crimson Void achievementCastox won the The Crimson Void achievement in Chorus for 66 points
CastoxChorusSet in Motion achievementCastox won the Set in Motion achievement in Chorus for 25 points
KhalaanKhalaan has reached a new milestone: 70,000 TrueAchievement Score
CastoxChorusCastox won 6 Achievements in Chorus for 560 points
CastoxChorusOrigin achievementCastox won the Origin achievement in Chorus for 24 points
CastoxChorusParagon achievementCastox won the Paragon achievement in Chorus for 204 points
CastoxChorusCult Slayer achievementCastox won the Cult Slayer achievement in Chorus for 24 points
CastoxChorusSpace Traveler achievementCastox won the Space Traveler achievement in Chorus for 117 points
CastoxChorusDisruption achievementCastox won the Disruption achievement in Chorus for 23 points
CastoxChorusThe Path Forward achievementCastox won the The Path Forward achievement in Chorus for 167 points
CastoxCastox has reached a new milestone: 220,000 GamerScore
CastoxCastox has reached a new milestone: 360,000 TrueAchievement Score
CastoxCastox has reached a new milestone: 60 Completed Games
CastoxLittle Nightmares IICastox completed the game Little Nightmares II and is the 2,833rd gamer on the site to complete it
CastoxChorusCastox won 11 Achievements in Chorus for 223 points
CastoxChorusPayback achievementCastox won the Payback achievement in Chorus for 20 points
CastoxChorusHuntress achievementCastox won the Huntress achievement in Chorus for 19 points
CastoxChorusFull Arsenal achievementCastox won the Full Arsenal achievement in Chorus for 18 points
CastoxChorusHelping Hand achievementCastox won the Helping Hand achievement in Chorus for 27 points
CastoxChorusPhoenix achievementCastox won the Phoenix achievement in Chorus for 21 points
CastoxChorusRelentless achievementCastox won the Relentless achievement in Chorus for 18 points
CastoxChorusSafe Home achievementCastox won the Safe Home achievement in Chorus for 14 points
CastoxChorusShields Down achievementCastox won the Shields Down achievement in Chorus for 13 points
KhalaanHollow Knight: Voidheart EditionKhalaan won 32 Achievements in Hollow Knight: Voidheart Edition for 618 points
CastoxChorusAnother Life achievementCastox won the Another Life achievement in Chorus for 10 points
CastoxChorusCastox started the game Chorus
Weekly Leaderboard Pos Gamers %ile
Gamerscore Week 27 2022 132,116 151,492 87.21
TrueAchievement Week 27 2022 142,079 151,492 93.79
TA Difference Week 27 2022 144,107 151,492 95.13

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