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Gears 5 Tech Test was... disappointing. It hasn't really done much to shake its stale nature.

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World of Tanks - Premium Collection
As I've been hooked on the 100 Years of Tanks promotion, I find myself more interested in obtaining the rare tanks as well as those tech tree Premiums which are generally good in terms of crew training and silver gain.

New tanks acquired will be bolded with each update on this posting.

Tier II ~ T1E6-X
Tier II ~ T7 Car
Tier II ~ T1E6-X1
Tier III ~ Locust
Tier III ~ Blitzen
Tier III ~ Sexton I
Tier V ~ Ram II
Tier VIII ~ Freedom
Tier VIII ~ T34 Black

Tier III ~ Sexton I
Tier VI ~ Snakebite
Tier VI ~ Knight
Tier VI ~ Boilermaker
Tier VII ~ FV201 Black
Tier VIII ~ FV4202 (P)
Tier VIII ~ Centennial

Tier II ~ Pz. 38H
Tier II ~ Pz. II D
Tier IV ~ Pz. B2
Tier V ~ Pz. V/IV
Tier VII ~ Hammer
Tier VII ~ Kraft's Panther
Tier VIII ~ Löwe Black

Tier VIII ~ Liberté

Tier III ~ BT-SV
Tier III ~ Raseinai
Tier III ~ SU-76i
Tier V ~ Churchill III
Tier VI ~ T-34-88
Tier VIII ~ Motherland
Tier VIII ~ IS-6 Black

STA-2 Black

Type 59

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XBLA Marathon: All You Can Eat or Buy a New HDD!
After a very strong finish through 2013, which kind of slowed down through the first quarter of 2014, the task of reaching 150 XBLA completions has come to a close. So, with that, the step to 200 Arcade completions is a-go! As a small note, these are the rules I'll be sticking with to count it among the list;

DLC won't apply to any titles, unless the DLC is free and adds achievements to the mix. This is rarely the case though, so the former is 99% locked down.
So, what next? Simple, I'll be constantly updating this entry with the next fifty completions as I go along. You know how it is. As always, if anyone with the same game needs some tips that the guide(s) may not provide, send a message my way through TrueAchievements.

Completions (151-200):
151: Galaga Legions DX
152: Retro City Rampage
153: Foul Play
154: Child of Light
155: Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection
156: Zombie Driver HD
157: Charlie Murder
158: Sonic 4: Episode 2
159: The Raven
160: Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix
161: Final Fight: Double Impact
162: Sensible World of Soccer
163: Gyromancer
164: Crystal Defenders
165: The Walking Dead: Season 2
166: The Wolf Among Us
167: Guacamelee! STCE
168: Far Cry Classic
169: Valiant Hearts: The Great War
170: Call of Juarez: Gunslinger
171: Sacred Citadel
172: Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate Deluxe Edition
173: Sonic The Hedgehog
174: The King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match
175: Dungeon Defenders
176: Jeremy McGrath's Offroad
177: Max: The Curse of Brotherhood
178: Assassin's Creed: Liberation HD
179: Strider
180: MEGA MAN 9
181: Dead Block
182: Space Invaders Infinity Gene
183: Outpost Kaloki X
184: From Dust
185: Elements of Destruction
186: JUJU
187: Zeno Clash II
188: Geon: Emotions
189: Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack
191: Syberia 2
192: Monopoly PLUS
193: Costume Quest 2
194: Monopoly DEAL
195: Halo: Spartan Assault
196: Goat Simulator
197: Syberia
198: TBD
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Happy Wars or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love the Shield
External image

So, here we are. My old love hate relationship comes back, to once again, teach me the true nature of the grind and all that is foretold over many nights of constantly climbing over the enemies that block our path to our destination. The almighty tower. How must I declare my need for all your shining weapons, your armor, and shield? How can I, or even us, overthrow our enemies to the point where they can no longer move forward?

I'd like to think that Free To Play games on the Xbox 360 are likely to get better providing this trend does develop further down the line. Already, at the time of writing this, we can look to Spartacus: Legends, World of Tanks, Ascend: Hand of Kul and World Series of Poker (WSOP). What once was mainly home to PC gaming is now moving onto consoles, and even tablet devices.

One thing that I feel made Happy Wars great, is that you never have to spend real money on anything. It's likely you will bump into players who have premium equipment, and then you'll get that lingering thought that you'll have to keep on buying tickets, and hoping you'll end up with something great in return. Not at all. The treasure map is a really great addition, but although you can only get one premium item each month, and because it is random, you might not be happy with the outcome. Luck is a factor.

Which brings me to the Special Challenge prize selection. What you earn is here is not based on the outcome of your victory. I won with MVP multiple times, and after earning my chest, I won a wonderful 500 Happy Stars. Disappointing, but I moved on and kept telling myself that "I will get that damn Pirate Sword".

I won that sword five times. It's Level 14 now, and that's all I'm ever getting it to.

There are still problems though, the servers, while a lot more stable than its release predicament, do occasionally drop you from the game. Yes, sometimes I did lose my connection. However, even when it was stable, I would lose my sync to others in the lobby which altogether would abort the game no matter what.

One thing that really stood out for me in the list of problems is how often the auto-save kicks in. Pretty much it'll happen after any kind of in-game action, but going back to what I explained about the disconnections, it still saves after this. That's right, I lose all the progress I had made in that match, but you know what? Let's auto-save anyway.

On top of that, sometimes it would just hang on the "Saving" for over a minute, and that's when you know something has gone wrong.

External image

Here's some quick trivia for you. The save data isn't on your hard drive. It's saving to whatever servers Toylogic have in place. Epic did the same thing for Gears of War 3, but they also allowed you to save to your HDD or a USB device. So, you're connected and ready to go on your daily run for more XP and loot. However, something isn't right. You're stuck on the menu screen, staring at the characters on screen... (those lifeless dolls), and then before you figure it out...

External image

I don't even want to think how much added time there was between the save problems, the long matchmaking times, lost match progress, menu transitions etc. It's a long way to reach Rank 50, but that time only reflects on the actual games you played and finished. There's no clarification for anything outside of that. The quest system is still basic, providing next to no information for most of the tasks you need to complete. If Toylogic can implement a Treasure Map, new items, new game types (and even new characters) over this period of time since the game's release... why not more information within the Quest area? That data is lying somewhere within your standard XML script, allowing us to see just a number of some kind will make it a lot less frustrating.

After all that's said and done, it's yet another path that we push through, tired and regretting what we started. The good news is that, eventually, you will reach the end, and you will feel damn good that you did.

External image
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