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MidniteDLITEMidniteDLITE has reached a new milestone: 840,000 TrueAchievement Score
MidniteDLITEFirewatchMidniteDLITE won 3 Achievements in Firewatch for 360 points
MidniteDLITEFirewatchMidniteDLITE started the game Firewatch
InigoMontoya80Limb HunterInigoMontoya80 completed the base game Limb Hunter and is the 2,999th gamer on the site to complete it
omgeezusCompleted Gamesomgeezus created a new Completed Games Goal - 905 by 01 Jan 2023
InigoMontoya80Limb HunterInigoMontoya80 started the game Limb Hunter
Stallion83Gotham KnightsStallion83 won 3 Achievements in Gotham Knights for 1204 points
K4rn4geFuserK4rn4ge won 2 Achievements in Fuser for 434 points
K4rn4geFuserHeadliner achievementK4rn4ge won the Headliner achievement in Fuser for 345 points
SizzlingGoreMechapunkLevel 1 achievementSizzlingGore won the Level 1 achievement in Mechapunk for 100 points
SizzlingGoreMechapunkSizzlingGore started the game Mechapunk
SizzlingGoreSoccer StorySizzlingGore started the game Soccer Story
K4rn4geThe Knight WitchCheaters are also Winners! achievementK4rn4ge won the Cheaters are also Winners! achievement in The Knight Witch for 47 points
Comment by Music72 at 20:44 on 05 Dec 2022


Comment by Clad master at 21:32 on 05 Dec 2022

No,Winner ! wink

albajosGroundedalbajos completed the game Grounded and is the 6,741st gamer on the site to complete it
albajosGroundedGrounded 1.0albajos completed the Grounded 1.0 DLC for Grounded
albajosGroundedalbajos won 16 Achievements in Grounded for 2507 points
albajosGroundedSuper Win achievementalbajos won the Super Win achievement in Grounded for 812 points
          Secret Achievementalbajos won the Secret Achievement in Grounded for 281 points
albajosGroundedSplinter Master achievementalbajos won the Splinter Master achievement in Grounded for 133 points
albajosGroundedUnderexposed achievementalbajos won the Underexposed achievement in Grounded for 60 points
albajosGroundedAim Small achievementalbajos won the Aim Small achievement in Grounded for 65 points
albajosGroundedGlob Job achievementalbajos won the Glob Job achievement in Grounded for 148 points
albajosGroundedGet Yoked achievementalbajos won the Get Yoked achievement in Grounded for 118 points
albajosGroundedWeb Master achievementalbajos won the Web Master achievement in Grounded for 50 points
albajosGroundedFortified achievementalbajos won the Fortified achievement in Grounded for 113 points
albajosGroundedProtein Shake achievementalbajos won the Protein Shake achievement in Grounded for 129 points
albajosGroundedBeefing Up achievementalbajos won the Beefing Up achievement in Grounded for 104 points
albajosGroundedExoskeleton achievementalbajos won the Exoskeleton achievement in Grounded for 94 points
albajosGroundedBlock Buster achievementalbajos won the Block Buster achievement in Grounded for 139 points
albajosalbajos has reached a new milestone: 1,160,000 TrueAchievement Score
albajosGroundedalbajos completed the base game Grounded and is the 10,146th gamer on the site to complete it
albajosGroundedInto the Woodalbajos completed the Into the Wood DLC for Grounded
Active Targets
December Achievement Days Target
December Achievement Days TargetEarn achievements on 5+ different days
Joined on 29 Nov 2022
Ends on 31 Dec 2022
4,024 participants
Cheese TouchBronze medal
7 days for Silver
Silver medal
December Snow or Ice Target
December Snow or Ice TargetEarn 3+ achievements with "snow" or "ice" in the achievement name or game name
Joined on 29 Nov 2022
Ends on 31 Dec 2022
3,327 participants
Cheese Touch
2 achievements for Bronze
Bronze medal
December Sale Target
December Sale TargetEarn 500+ Gamerscore in games that have been on sale in 2022
Joined on 29 Nov 2022
Ends on 31 Dec 2022
3,859 participants
Cheese Touch
215 gamerscore for Bronze
Bronze medal
User Leaderboard Access Pos Gamers %ile
iM JacK Over 30 and under 75 Public 290 669 43.35
Templar Punk Backlog Junkie Public 307 398 77.14
Sashamorning Sashapalooza 2.0 Public 3 9 33.33
Cheese Touch The Backlog Reduction Society Private 2 4 50.00

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