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Comment by Búżž#9081 at 22:13 on 03 Mar 2021


Comment by Manulels at 22:57 on 03 Mar 2021


Comment by mcsteel31 at 02:17 on 04 Mar 2021

Nice one

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Comment by Simpso at 15:30 on 03 Mar 2021

hows your wrist from the 30 minutes of click click click?

Comment by Icefiretn at 15:57 on 03 Mar 2021

Hey now, there's actually a pretty funny story here! :P

Comment by Freamwhole at 16:21 on 03 Mar 2021

I actually did read the story - it was pretty funny

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Comment by YODA12320 at 14:00 on 03 Mar 2021

let me know if you need me to put this on.

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                Status change by Quickdontdie at 07:51 on 03 Mar 2021Quickdontdie status: Getting called a sweat is a good feeling :D
Comment by fighterx93chipp at 14:58 on 03 Mar 2021


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Comment by planting42 at 07:17 on 03 Mar 2021

Damn MS marketplace ate my key. I hate playing offline.

planting42Tinker (PC)Over The Hill achievementplanting42 won the Over The Hill achievement in Tinker (PC) for 47 points
Comment by Markyshizzle at 14:25 on 03 Mar 2021

i remember somebody showing me a way to play this a game but cant dont have any of my old keys, happen to know a way around that?

Comment by Salsbar at 15:06 on 03 Mar 2021

I think you can still play it offline without a key, possibly?

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                Status change by is that Hydro at 03:45 on 03 Mar 2021is that Hydro status: Xitilon (Win10) RIP Ratio laugh
Comment by GTAmissions1 at 05:07 on 03 Mar 2021

The developer needs to bring in a revenue stream somehow

Comment by No Bad Games at 08:20 on 03 Mar 2021

Microsoft had no right to cuck their games, if they want to feed people shit games for easy G's and make a profit they should be allowed

Comment by is that Hydro at 14:18 on 03 Mar 2021

I got nothing against any developer - make your achievements whatever way you make them. MS just had to open up the books and find a sentence they could use.

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