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                Status change by SprinkyDink at 22:12 on 18 Nov 2019SprinkyDink status: Getting an xbox one x on wednesday. What game should I play first to really get the full experience of visuals and performance
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ChrisLemsPaGamerscoreChrisLemsPa achieved their Gamerscore Goal - 90,000 by 31 Dec 2019
ChrisLemsPaThe Outer WorldsChrisLemsPa won 3 Achievements in The Outer Worlds for 117 points
PolcanSuper Wiloo DemakePolcan started the game Super Wiloo Demake
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Comment by SprinkyDink at 17:42 on 16 Nov 2019

oh pretty

Comment by JimbotUK at 17:44 on 16 Nov 2019

How many badges tho?!

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NO1KEVHuman Fall FlatIce LevelNO1KEV started the Ice Level DLC for Human Fall Flat
NO1KEVLeague of EvilNO1KEV won 4 Achievements in League of Evil for 405 points
PolcanPolcan has reached a new milestone: 650 Games Played
PolcanDEAD OR ALIVE 6Polcan started the game DEAD OR ALIVE 6
PolcanPolcan has reached a new milestone: 360,000 TrueAchievement Score
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