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So I've been planning to hit 50k GS on the nose and have been planning to do so this week. As always best laid plans go out the window when it comes to popping cheevos! Was planning on trying to do it with Frequent Flyer in FIFA 09, just simply because it's one I've been trying to get for some time - play in all 48 stadium and win. I've already been through them all previously ticking them off and it never popped so I started round again. After playing about 7/8 games and it still not happening I gave up on that 20GS to make the total and switched focus to 20GS for Japanese Connoisseur
in World of Tanks as it's another cheevo I've been working on to get for a little while. With only the 20GS required I finally got a 5th kill in the last Japanese Tank I need, however my performance in the round was so stellar I actually destroyed 5 tanks and took loads of hits and won the 'Tis But a Scratch cheevo for 10GS and the 20GS didn't pop for the Japanese Connoisseur. So now I'm sat on 49990 wondering why the 20GS cheevo didn't pop and now what am I going to pop instead for only the 10GS required? After looking through the achievement app and playing another game (with zero success in kills) after about 5 minutes the cheevo just popped whilst I was in the achievement app looking at the Japanese Connoisseur. Cheers for the timing Xbox, this took me over of course and I was sat on 50010! At this point I thought what the heck might as well boot up the 360 edition and instantly pop those as well on that. Then by doing that it took me over the 75k TA, which I was also planning on doing.

All in all 50k GS and 75k TA has been reached and now I crack on with whatever but I swore not to start any more new games until I've recovered by Bean Dive from 2 years ago first! The backlog is starting to build up a bit. Most probably enough to Dive it all when the Bean Dive comes round again this year! Only 49 cheevos left to recover the current one.
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