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L0rNThe Forgotten CityL0rN won 2 Achievements in The Forgotten City for 82 points
QuotientJanHalo InfiniteQuotientJan won 6 Achievements in Halo Infinite for 119 points
L0rNThe Forgotten CityL0rN started the game The Forgotten City
L0rNAgroundL0rN won 14 Achievements in Aground for 326 points
L0rNAgroundJustice achievementL0rN won the Justice achievement in Aground for 39 points
L0rNAgroundIndustrialize achievementL0rN won the Industrialize achievement in Aground for 39 points
L0rNAgroundPower Up achievementL0rN won the Power Up achievement in Aground for 36 points
L0rNAgroundMmm, Cheese achievementL0rN won the Mmm, Cheese achievement in Aground for 24 points
L0rNAgroundDistant Shores achievementL0rN won the Distant Shores achievement in Aground for 31 points
L0rNAgroundBuilding My Way achievementL0rN won the Building My Way achievement in Aground for 32 points
L0rNAgroundMilking Pigs achievementL0rN won the Milking Pigs achievement in Aground for 20 points
L0rNAgroundExperiments achievementL0rN won the Experiments achievement in Aground for 17 points
L0rNAgroundWyrmslayer achievementL0rN won the Wyrmslayer achievement in Aground for 24 points
L0rNAgroundRockslayer achievementL0rN won the Rockslayer achievement in Aground for 29 points
L0rNAgroundCrafting Time achievementL0rN won the Crafting Time achievement in Aground for 15 points
L0rNAgroundHeavy Lifter achievementL0rN won the Heavy Lifter achievement in Aground for 8 points
L0rNAgroundSharecropping achievementL0rN won the Sharecropping achievement in Aground for 6 points
L0rNAgroundShelter achievementL0rN won the Shelter achievement in Aground for 5 points
L0rNAgroundL0rN started the game Aground
L0rNStardew Valley (Windows)L0rN won 2 Achievements in Stardew Valley (Windows) for 29 points
GalaxySpiderWarframeRace Ace achievementGalaxySpider won the Race Ace achievement in Warframe for 350 points
L0rNGorogoaFirst Fruit achievementL0rN won the First Fruit achievement in Gorogoa for 100 points
L0rNGorogoaL0rN started the game Gorogoa
QuotientJanQuotientJan has reached a new milestone: 165 Completed Games
QuotientJanTainted Grail: Conquest (Windows)QuotientJan completed the game Tainted Grail: Conquest (Windows) and is the 50th gamer on the site to complete it
QuotientJanHalo InfiniteQuotientJan won 3 Achievements in Halo Infinite for 92 points
L0rNMarvel's AvengersL0rN won 3 Achievements in Marvel's Avengers for 46 points
L0rNMarvel's AvengersL0rN started the game Marvel's Avengers
L0rNCurse of the Dead GodsL0rN won 6 Achievements in Curse of the Dead Gods for 253 points
L0rNL0rN has reached a new milestone: 330,000 TrueAchievement Score
L0rNCurse of the Dead GodsL0rN won 2 Achievements in Curse of the Dead Gods for 59 points
L0rNARK: Survival EvolvedL0rN started the game ARK: Survival Evolved
L0rNElite: DangerousL0rN started the game Elite: Dangerous
L0rNRadiant SilvergunL0rN won 2 Achievements in Radiant Silvergun for 22 points
L0rNRadiant SilvergunL0rN started the game Radiant Silvergun
QuotientJanAlan WakeQuotientJan has rated the game Alan Wake 4.5 out of 5
QuotientJanAlan WakeQuotientJan completed the game Alan Wake and is the 10,274th gamer on the site to complete it
QuotientJanAlan WakeThe WriterQuotientJan completed the The Writer DLC for Alan Wake
QuotientJanAlan WakeQuotientJan won 2 Achievements in Alan Wake for 216 points

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