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PermalinkTomorrow, I have off work. SP gaming awaits all night tonight!
That means tonight will be an all-nigher of Saints Row and black coffee. I'm not really all that good at this game, but the more I play, the better I get, so I guess eventually I will obtain all 31 of the SP achievements it has to offer. It is a lot of fun, as well. Especially listening to the Krunch 106.66 station, and being reminded of many of the songs I loved when I was an elementary school kid. I will admit that I spend way too much time causing random damage with my followers in a car listening to that particular radio station than I do in actually trying to progress the story and complete activities.

The reason I am off tomorrow is not exactly great, not exactly bad either. No more overtime hours will be available on my job for a while. More time to game, less money in my wallet. It doesn't exactly hurt me financially, but I do like having overtime pay. On the other hand, I can spend more time getting more intimately acquainted with my 360 and my One.

I think I will enjoy taking on the role of a SP gamer who does the occasional couch gaming with RL friends. It is relatively stress free, and the only motherfucker I have to impress will be myself. Plus, I have done to lot of boosting on my two prior accounts, and I do not wish to do any more boosting. Solo grinding is something that I am perfectly alright with, though.

Just posting this here to kill some time as my 360 is currently occupied with transferring all of the games on demand I have purchased from the internal drive to a new external hard drive. And it is taking its sweet time with that. Meh.

Thanks for reading this gratuitous blog post.
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PermalinkAsking for advice concerning an excessive games backlog.
I have been collecting games for well over a decade now. I have two previous gamertags on Xbox Live. The first one I abandoned because I was an active alcoholic/drug addict when I had that tag, and I wanted a fresh start after too many times of being a fucked up asshole on online matches. The second one I am keeping around as a dummy account, and I still use it to see if I want to commit to a game fully before diving right in. This is the account I am doing most of my gaming on now.

I own over 800 games between six different consoles. I have probably completed the SP on only 100 of them at least once. And SP is the kind of gaming that I vastly prefer. Mainly because I like getting lost in a game, and I like being experimental in my gameplay even if it means I fail miserably at times. I also like doing a first playthrough of any game without using a walkthrough of any kind.

I am fully committing my free time to three games currently. Saints Row on the 360, Clicker Heroes on the One, and The Guided Fate Paradox on the PS3. I am having a blast with all three of these games, actually. Even if Clicker Heroes is going to take me an eternity to get to level 3600 due to the fact that I am reluctant to spend real money on it.

The thing is I keep adding to my backlog. I see the XBox Deal of the Weeks and the PlayStation Flash Sales and the used game shops, and then my wallet opens faster than a hooker's legs at the sight of a suitcase full of Benjamins.

I do not want to neglect my social life, and I do want to keep my job. I also want to experience every game I purchased. Therein lies the dilemma. I own more than I could possibly ever complete the SP on in a reasonable amount of time, and yet I keep adding to it because I am addicted to the thrill of the new purchase at a good price. I replaced buying drugs with buying video games when they are on sale. It is equally addictive to me. Even if it is considerably less destructive. I am not dipping into my 401k, so I still am able to be a responsible adult on top of all of this.

So..... Does anybody else have any experience in this area? The thrill of hunting out good game deals, leading up to backlogs that are excessive?
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PermalinkI owned Saints Row for several years. Started it Friday.
And I am hooked. Oh, am I ever hooked.

I will be going for all 31 SP achievements here. Then I will probably move on to the SP in Saints Row 2.

I prefer single player games, actually. Mainly because I can fuck around and go on rampages without pissing off any fellow players.

All of the SP gaming I own will last me a few years. I am going to try to make the non-BC 360 games that I own my top priority for the next year. I do have plenty of them.

So, on this note, I have been taking out Vice Kings territory at a rapid pace today. I will see how much more I can conquer before bedtime.
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PermalinkOne salt-free weekend, coming up!
It looks like my weekend plans fell through. Originally, I was going to help my parents do some yard work at their house. But that is going to be postponed until another weekend due to disagreeable weather being expected.

So, given the nature of my last blog post, I think we all know what this means.

Friday evening to Sunday evening, zero responsibilities.

Fuck it. I'll grab a bucket of wings on the way home. See if any of my friends are able to join me. Binge gaming coming up ahead! Fuck yeah, motherfuckers!

Now, the only real problem is that my game backlog is so massive (over 600 games between four different consoles) that I could easily spend more time deciding what to binge play than actually binge playing. >_<

I used to be addicted to binge drinking. Now I am addicted to buying games when I can get them for a decent price. One of those addictions was bad for my liver. Both of those addictions have been bad for my wallet. Still, it's improvement.

I will admit that I have been sucked into a freemium game over the last week. Clicker Heroes has sucked me into its brainless world of grinding, leveling up, ascending, obtaining all the dopamine hits that come with fighting and defeating increasingly stronger monsters with NONE OF THE ACTUAL EFFORT INVOLVED. Well, I guess it is more of a fluff piece of escapism than it is an actual game. If I ever 100% the gamerscore on that particular game, please forcibly drag me out of my apartment into the world outside and tell me that there is more to life than this. Why are the utterly brainless games always the most addictive to many otherwise intelligent people, myself included?

Heh. Now that I am finally getting the super busy life I have always wanted, I realize that balance is key. I need work, I need socialization, I need play, and sometimes I need to say fuck it and zone out to an intense gaming experience like Electronic Super Joy, or degenerate my brain cells to something like Clicker Heroes. And now I am in the process of figuring out how to juggle and balance everything in my present and keep preparing for my future while I am at it.

Not sure if there really is anything to add to this now. Thanks for reading!
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PermalinkMy salty whiny gamer blog post.
I don't have enough time to get deep into most of the games I really want to get deep into.

I want to have mad skills at gaming. Like I have mad skills at my job. If only I could play games for as many hours a week as I have to work at my job, I just might have those mad gaming skills.

Still, this is better than being a shut-in. I have to acknowledge that much.

I actually am jealous of the kids who have tons of time to get good at the games they love to play. That is my pathetic salt, whine, bitch, whatever you want to call it. I can't wait until I have enough paid vacation time saved up to spend a couple of weeks doing nothing that even comes close to adulting.

This post is not 100% serious. It is more like 50% serious. Or 60%. Heh.
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