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PermalinkAdulting sucks sometimes.
Such as when I find myself having to bail on three scheduled boosting sessions, partially because some flaky fucker (who did get fired, BTW) was supposed to get a lot done by now, but did not, leaving me with tons that just HAD TO GET DONE by Thanksgiving Day. Mandatory overtime. Lovely.

I think I am not going to schedule gaming sessions on weeknights anymore. At least not as long as I am at the job I am with now.

I am posting this from the office. I just now finished the pile of work I was served with, which got added to a couple of hours into my shift. If only I could sleep through Thanksgiving.
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PermalinkMy quest to have fun while earning gamerscore.
I have decided to prioritize doing blind first playthroughs of games I have yet to complete on any of my gamertags. And some of these games will be with a co-op partner locally. I am too poor to spend any more money on video games for myself anytime soon, especially with Christmas coming up in less than two months from now.

I pretty much am only playing for recreation, fun and relaxation now. I am realizing there is nothing wrong with being a casual game collector. I also am realizing that I have lots of awesome titles in my backlog that have been gathering dust on my shelf or hogging up space on my external hard drives, so I should show them some love before investing in adding more to my collection.

I played through the CoD Black Ops campaign last Saturday on the normal difficulty level, and I found myself having a blast with it. Eventually, I will mop up some of the other achievements on it. Maybe I will talk my RL buddies into playing Zombies with me eventually.

Honestly, sometimes I want to be challenged by a game, but most of the time these days I just want to game to play out the invincible Schwarzenegger fantasies that the easier difficulty levels have to offer to me. Maybe after I get through this currently very rough patch in my life, I will try to improve my skills. Who knows? There is not much skill involved in my gaming now, but there still is some catharsis found in it.

On another note, I have been working through Eternal Sonata on the Encore playthrough. It is amazing how much more enjoyable the story is now that I am playing through it again without any alcohol in my system. It actually makes some sense.

I also have been binge watching Mr. Osomatsu on VRV, that just shows how easily amused I have become. Heh.

Thanks for reading.
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PermalinkI am finding local gaming partners finally!
All I really had to do was ask around and network in my support circles. Now I have found a few people who are up to doing couch co-op with me a few times a month, and that has restored my interest in video gaming in general. Having local people who share my interests tend to make my interests seem a lot more interesting.

Now, if only I can find some guys my own age who are willing to do the online co-op campaigns on the games I own that do not have local multiplayer..... I am the only person I know locally who owns any generation of an Xbox, sadly.

I love achievements, but they come secondary to fun and exploration and trying out different strategies in gaming. Especially when I am playing with good friends.

In any case, I will not be making any new gaming purchases in a while. I am considering relocating to a different state in a little over a year from now, so I really need to save my money for the move if it should happen. Tacoma (the city, not the game) is just getting far too expensive for me to live in, sadly. It is not like I do not have enough to keep me going for a good long while as it is, as anybody who looks at my atrocious completion percentage is able to tell. Well, having local gaming friends gives me more motivation to improve that situation.

And with that, I end this blog post. Thanks for reading.
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PermalinkExtra Life 2017, final report.
I managed to raise $325 altogether for Team TrueGamingNetwork.

I started it off with a couple of hours of Eternal Sonata, continued with a mini bean dive that lasted four hours, then friends came over. We started with Cloudberry Kingdom, then most of them went home and it was one friend and myself that was left. We played through The Dishwasher - Vampire Smile in co-op, then Alien Breed Episode One in co-op assault mode (all four levels of it), then Narco Terror in co-op (and we both hated that final boss intensely). Then he went home, and then I passed out after spending the last couple of hours of this marathon on Clicker Heroes.

Many achievements were unlocked during those 24 hours. I am happy about that.

Thanks to everybody else who participated this year.
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PermalinkGetting ready for Extra Life 2017!
I will not be doing a stream this year, as I will be doing local couch gaming with friends during most of the 25-hour stretch, with a few breaks thrown in there to avoid developing blood clots. Expect a rise in my Xbox gamerscore.

I am truly blessed to have a friend who is willing to game with me throughout the overnight stretch. I am thinking of doing the Gears campaign co-op with him, seeing as I never finished the campaign of the first game on any difficulty. We will be taking a one-hour break at some point in there to smoke Cohibas, though.

The cash donations from friends are continuing to come in, so I will make a final deposit into the Extra Life box on Friday evening. In exchange for that, I am hosting a massive Extra Life party. There will be fried chicken, a ice chest full of soda, a veggie tray, and whatever my friends decide to bring. I am very much looking forward to it.

I probably will be gaming from 8AM-8AM, excluding a break here and there.

My Extra Life page is

Let's make Team TrueGamingNetwork reach its goal!
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