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PermalinkMassacring the backlog some more! YaY!
I have decided to target some of my easy completions first to get them out of the way quickly. This involves some Ratalaika games. Lovely. My completion percentage will go up while my TA ratio will go down as the result of that. Both of those numbers are currently abysmal, but I will be working on that over time.

On another note, I did get to see Ghost in concert a few evenings ago, and it was well worth the trip to Portland. Cardinal Copia puts on an awesome show. I will gladly see them live again if the next time they come to this part of the country. I do kinda regret spending $40 on a concert T-shirt, though.

I also have been slowly working on my PlayStation backlog while I am at it, and that backlog is considerably smaller than the one I have on my Xbox. Currently, I have been playing through The Guided Fate Paradox on the PS3. That is going to be a long epic grind to complete. Of course, it also is kinda annoying to me that TrueTrophies does not properly update my profile most of the time whenever I pull off a scan there, but that's another issue altogether.

On the Xbox One, I have been playing quite a few Gears 5 sessions with randoms, and I have been having a blast, even though I am far from being the greatest player there is out there on that game. I still have to learn that cover is my friend and sometimes getting up close with a Gnasher is a terrible idea. Heh.

On that note, I end this blog post. Thanks for reading, as usual!
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PermalinkStill having a ton of fun with my backlog!
Sadly, I have had to drop out of a couple of boosting sessions I signed up for due to work and blood family obligations. If only I could win the lottery, then I wouldn't have to work and I would be taking my Xbox with me on my worldwide vacation, drinking local beer all around the planet, visiting museums, staying up late playing Xbox in five-star hotel rooms, etc.

Life goals, motherfucker. Life goals. I just have to get that winning lottery ticket. Not that I'm exactly holding my breath on that - I actually have to buy a ticket in order to win first.

Tonight, my nephew is visiting me, and I suppose it is a good thing that I have a lot of games that are not rated M that we can play together. Heh. He's very easy to please - all I have to do is feed him some tacos and talk with him a while, then play some games with him on a second controller.

A part of me remembers being a gamer kid. I only owned a small handful of games. I mastered each and every one of them. Now I own over 1,200 games between eight different consoles. My backlog is a massive beast that needs to be tamed, because it has been growing at an out of control rate over the last several years.

On another note - August 31 was eight years clean from hard drugs! YaY! Now it's eight years and thirteen days. I still engage in beer and indica, though. Progress, not perfection.

I guess I should avoid the Microsoft marketplace when I am smoking or drinking, since my backlog tends to grow a little bit a lot of the time when I do that. Heh.
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PermalinkMy gaming journey - play what I already own instead of adding to the backlog!
Money is tight these days. I can't afford to keep adding to my game collection anytime soon. Of course, there is always Game Pass, but given my currently abysmal completion percentage, I have a few years worth of games to keep me busy these days, so I should be saving some money every month by not buying new or used games for a very long while.

I also cancelled most of my video streaming services, since I have not really been using them that much. Most of the time I spend when I am alone at home, I either spend on my Xbox or my PlayStation. I regret nothing about it - I actually have been having a ton of fun with it all over the last couple of weeks. Achievement hunting is fun again now that I am over my depression episodes for the time being.

I have spent the last couple of days working on the Gears 5 campaign. Shame it was buggy at launch and many of the campaign related achievements did not unlock for me the first time around. Hopefully, that will all get fixed very soon. It is a fun campaign despite its current issues.

Not much else is going on here these days. I cleared up some of my easy gamerscore completions over the last week, I'll clear up some more of those this week as well.

Thanks for reading, as usual.
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PermalinkJust played through a gloriously grisly horror platformer last weekend.
The MISSING: J.J. Macfield and the Island of Memories Achievements

It was well worth the $30 I spent on it. Just for the joy of using my character's severed limbs to solve puzzles and move forward with the story. This is some of the most creative gore I have seen in the world of video games. The game itself is not that bad, either - it reminded me a lot of the Playdead Studios games. It was well worth doing a blind playthrough the first time around, as the puzzles were genuinely satisfying to figure out on my own.

I plan on sitting back and watching a friend play it without spoiling anything for him. I did that for him with Inside a couple of years ago, I am thinking I will get a similar response - a lot of WTF moments, followed with seeing his satisfaction at completing the game.

Granted, getting all of the donuts was a pain in the ass, especially on the conveyor belt level.

OK, that's enough raving about this game for now. If it ever goes on sale on the XBox Store, I highly recommend picking it up. That is all.
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PermalinkBack to work now.
Working a modified schedule for a couple of weeks, then it will be back to normal after that.

Feeling a million times better now that I no longer am vomiting a couple of times a week.

I have been playing Diablo III quite obsessively over the last week. The old-school version released in 2013 on the 360. I spent full price on it back then, and I just now got around to playing it in-depth. I only have four achievements left on that list, although seeing as my level 60 character is a barbarian, I think I will have to create another level 60 character as a different class to get the Bad Breath challenge for Belial, which is kinda a bummer.

Not much else going on here. My family life still sucks, but I am learning to distance myself from the crazy and exceptional people in my bloodline. At least I don't have to live with any of them these days.
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