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Anybody want to sell me a Kinect 2.0? Mine is being a bit finicky, think it's fucked...

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Updated list of games I need!
Rugby League Live (GFWL) - Last one I need for 100% GFWL collection!
Enchanted Arms (Asian Version) - This is the HK/TW version
Scene It? Bright Lights! Big Screens! (ES/IT/CA) - These ...

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                Status change by Stealth David at 12:36 on 27 May 2020Stealth David status: Doing a #giveaway for game of your choice from my bag of #Xbox #PS4 #Nintendo #Steam codes just type !raffle in chat within 3 hours
Comment by JefeGator at 13:23 on 27 May 2020


Comment by LordoftheIsles at 13:25 on 27 May 2020


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Dylan XBADayZDylan XBA completed the game DayZ and is the 309th gamer on the site to complete it
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LavindatharMany FacesLavindathar has rated the game Many Faces 2.5 out of 5
LavindatharMany FacesLavindathar completed the game Many Faces and is the 129th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by Lavindathar at 11:21 on 27 May 2020

I quite like EAS. All their games are fairly fun, if short.

LavindatharLavindathar has reached a new milestone: 880,000 GamerScore
LavindatharMany FacesLavindathar started the game Many Faces
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SpiralOut46and2Awesome Pea 2SpiralOut46and2 completed the game Awesome Pea 2 and is the 25th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by Itchy Bahook at 08:31 on 27 May 2020

👏👏👏👏 well done Spiral, hope you didn't turn into this when playing it 🤬🤬🤬 lol, 🎆🎆✨✨🎇🎇🥇🥇🎉🎉🐶🐶🐾🐕👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

Comment by SpiralOut46and2 at 10:59 on 27 May 2020

Thanks Itchy! Yeah this was just as tricky as the first one, some levels I got through ok, others I was stuck on for a while lol. laugh I definitely turned into a mushy

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M317M317 has reached a new milestone: 475 Games Played
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                Status change by BiLLzuMaNaTi at 03:22 on 27 May 2020BiLLzuMaNaTi status: Achievement Land Podcast - Episode 53 - New Format:
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BiLLzuMaNaTiManeaterBiLLzuMaNaTi has rated the game Maneater 5 out of 5
Comment by BiLLzuMaNaTi at 02:09 on 27 May 2020

Achievement Review/Tips:

Comment by Randomnutta at 10:26 on 27 May 2020

DLC needed!

lucas1987Feistlucas1987 won 2 Achievements in Feist for 98 points
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montrossityDeliver Us The Moonmontrossity has rated the game Deliver Us The Moon 3 out of 5
montrossityKONAmontrossity has rated the game KONA 3 out of 5
montrossityPikunikumontrossity has rated the game Pikuniku 2 out of 5
MC PHILABUSTAAfter Burner ClimaxMC PHILABUSTA has rated the game After Burner Climax 5 out of 5
LavindatharMinecraft DungeonsLavindathar started the game Minecraft Dungeons
Comment by Lavindathar at 23:36 on 26 May 2020

Need to stop starting more games!

MC PHILABUSTAAfter Burner ClimaxMC PHILABUSTA started the game After Burner Climax
Comment by Bk LuCKY ChaRMS at 08:18 on 27 May 2020

Wish I picked up this game before it was delisted after burner games are the best

Comment by MC PHILABUSTA at 14:23 on 27 May 2020

Yeah I prefer it to outrun

Oriole2682Red Faction: GuerrillaOriole2682 joined a Boosting Gaming Session for the game Red Faction: Guerrilla
Comment by VictimOfDesire at 01:19 on 27 May 2020

You just starting this? I was debating on starting it myself, but it's a p daunting list, esp. with the minimum player counts ya need.

Comment by VictimOfDesire at 01:19 on 27 May 2020

If so, perhaps I'll start joining these too.

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