Looking for co-op partner to finish off the final boss battle in Dead Rising 2: Case West. I have a save right before the fight to use.


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Another Black Friday Adventure
I previously wrote about the chaos that is Black Friday when it comes to games deals. Instead of the usual fight for games at my local Walmart where once the wrapping is cut, it's a free for all, I saw something completely different.

I was visiting family in North Tucson this holiday so I figured I would have to see what the adventure was like in "blue hair country". My initial assumption was that I would have free reign on every game I wanted. After all, we are not only talking about Tucson, but a retirement community heavy area. I arrived at Walmart around an hour before the sale began, assuming that I would be one of the first and only people there. Boy was I wrong...

There was a line wrapping around 2 aisles to get to the games. Not only that, but instead of the massive group of people surrounding the wrapped cases, the store had the line setup so that they could control how many people could get to the games at one time. Certainly not as interesting as the people pushing others out of the way or diving for a game that I have seen in past years, however much safer and I suppose more fair for those that play fair.

I would guess that there was around 75 to 100 people ahead of me in line. Considering that some of theses people were in line for PS3 games, WII games, or movies, I felt like I may be able to snag a game or two that I didn't already have. My biggest concern was that there would be someone ahead of me that was clearing the shelves for themselves so that they could make some cash reselling the games on eBay.

Once I was allowed to enter, I found every single title still available except for Black Ops 2. I probably spent more than I should have, but how do you pass up a deal?

My other gaming stop was later that night at the GameStop next door to Walmart. I don't usually hit GameStop on Black Friday because their deals never really excite me, however this year was different. A couple of must haves had me waiting outside the store an hour before their midnight opening. Thank God I was not at home in Colorado for this one when it came to the temperature outside. I have to say that I met some of the most interesting gamers while waiting in line.

I think all of us gamers have at least a little "gamer geek" in us, however what I saw was pretty humorous. The social skills that some gamers have (or lack) is pretty amazing.

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Comment by troyoy at 15:18 on 29 Mar 2020

sweet game, that what ever maker gun is insanely powerful and bad ass. game it self is insanely bad ass

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Comment by Styles Plural at 08:45 on 29 Mar 2020

Sweet. Was always curious about this game when it was discounted. Then I realized it had so many DLC packs...

Comment by ReiZero2 at 09:17 on 29 Mar 2020

Rev2 is not a good game. But its not crap either. Innovative chracters for this series. But downside- U play as a little girl who can only throw bricks and chick with...

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Comment by UltimateDespair at 14:02 on 29 Mar 2020


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