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People are terrible.

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Zed to Zed Podcast.
This is a little late, but better late than never right? For the last couple of months I have been co-hosting a podcast with zzUrbanSpaceman and Freamwhole. I say it's ...
Posted by Crandy on 26 January 16 at 07:30 | Last edited on 26 January 16 at 07:34 | There are 8 comments on this blog post - Please log in to comment on this blog.

angelskSpellspireCarp Knight achievementangelsk won the Carp Knight achievement in Spellspire for 19 points
MuddyAmoebaFallout 4
MuddyAmoeba won 2 Achievements in Fallout 4 for 21 points
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GillesdeRaisFallout: New Vegas3GillesdeRais has rated the Gun Runners Arsenal DLC in Fallout: New Vegas 3 out of 5
GillesdeRaisFallout: New Vegas
GillesdeRais won 2 Achievements in Fallout: New Vegas for 118 points
Chad and JessieNCIS
Chad and Jessie won 4 Achievements in NCIS for 222 points
NastyMastaDaddyRoad Rage
NastyMastaDaddy won 6 Achievements in Road Rage for 415 points
YODA12320 shared the  in Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two (Xbox 360) achievement list at 03:12 on 24 Nov 2017Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two (Xbox 360)Episode 4 - Below the BedrockYODA12320 shared the Episode 4 - Below the Bedrock DLC for Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two (Xbox 360) achievement list
Comment by YODA12320 at 03:13 on 24 Nov 2017

Its a thanksgiving miracle..

Jamal2807 won 4 Achievements in Furi for 917 points
Jamal2807FuriJedi Master achievementJamal2807 won the Jedi Master achievement in Furi for 37 points
                            Secret AchievementJamal2807 won the Secret Achievement in Furi for 306 points
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MemoriesOfFinalWin StreakMemoriesOfFinal is currently on a 1500 day achievement win streak
Comment by Apocalypse Kane at 09:54 on 24 Nov 2017

Good job, congrats ;)

Chunkeh MunkehAssault Android Cactus
Chunkeh Munkeh won 19 Achievements in Assault Android Cactus for 1474 points
Chunkeh MunkehSuper Lucky's TaleChunkeh Munkeh completed the game Super Lucky's Tale and is the 631st gamer on the site to complete it
Anno MundiL.A. Noire
Anno Mundi won 5 Achievements in L.A. Noire for 300 points
smrnovMarvel Heroes Omega
These items contain commentssmrnov won 9 Achievements in Marvel Heroes Omega for 568 points
smrnovMarvel Heroes OmegaTreasure Hunting achievementsmrnov won the Treasure Hunting achievement in Marvel Heroes Omega for 126 points
Comment by Dark Death 90 at 01:13 on 24 Nov 2017

How did you manage to get treasure hunting? I went to every treasure room and no achievement.

Comment by smrnov at 01:17 on 24 Nov 2017

Nothing special, just did every treasure room on every chapter. All of them on the solution. Popped on the last one.

Comment by Dark Death 90 at 02:38 on 24 Nov 2017

Wow. I've visited them all 3+ times, no achievement. This game does bad things to my blood pressure.

SpeleoFoolSpeleoFool has reached a new milestone: 17,500 Achievements Won
SpeleoFoolNarcosisSpeleoFool completed the game Narcosis and is the 370th gamer on the site to complete it
Comment by o0EviIToaster0o at 21:53 on 23 Nov 2017

Nice! How was this? I've been holding off on doing this because of the lack of guides

Comment by OO111111 at 21:59 on 23 Nov 2017

Maka made a pretty good video guide for it:<br/>Very disorienting FOV, but you get used to it as the game goes on.

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SpeleoFool won 6 Achievements in Narcosis for 768 points
Thrash ForeverACA NEOGEO KARNOV'S REVENGECARAVAN MODE 120,000 points achievementThrash Forever won the CARAVAN MODE 120,000 points achievement in ACA NEOGEO KARNOV'S REVENGE for 138 points
Comment by Thrash Forever at 20:01 on 23 Nov 2017

I hate this game so very fucking much. Avoid if you rage at cheap fighting AI.

The Fury I84IRocket League
The Fury I84I won 3 Achievements in Rocket League for 38 points
YODA12320 shared the news item The Sims 4 Patch Fixes Saving Issues at 19:08 on 23 Nov 2017YODA12320 shared the news item The Sims 4 Patch Fixes Saving Issues
Comment by YODA12320 at 19:09 on 23 Nov 2017

Another quality EA product lol.

Comment by SpeleoFool at 22:46 on 23 Nov 2017

Who? ;-)

                  Status change by Chunkeh Munkeh at 18:48 on 23 Nov 2017Chunkeh Munkeh status: Has anyone giving the free trial of Dolby Atmos a go for the headset? So far I’m pretty impressed with the sound it gives in my XO 7’s
Comment by YODA12320 at 18:52 on 23 Nov 2017

Ya I might for my X04s it just seems $20 Is a bit steep imo.

Comment by G ii F T 3 D xI at 19:37 on 23 Nov 2017

$12 till the 28th, just purchased it, heard gret things about it. gonna test it out later on my TurtleBeach Elite Pro.

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Jamal2807 won 2 Achievements in Furi for 46 points
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Comment by Chad and Jessie at 17:30 on 23 Nov 2017


GillesdeRaisFallout: New Vegas4GillesdeRais has rated the Lonesome Road DLC in Fallout: New Vegas 4 out of 5
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