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Video game characters : Now and then
There are many things that make a game great whether its the jaw dropping graphics or the amazing sounds , but there is another reason that make games fun - the charactes featured in them. There have been some amazing characters we've come to know and love from Mario to Master Chief . And have we not been amazed from seeing their worlds through their eyes and our own ? They have many times overcome challenges , thwarted the bad guys and saved the day . I have always been drawn to the game characted i control as i feel as i am helping them achieve their goal and rise to victory . Seeing the struggles and triumphs in games have always kept me coming back again and again to see what other games have in store for the people who buy them . Whether its Mario trying to save Princess Peach from Bowser or John Marston trying to keep his family safe by hunting down his former gang makes you a part of there story and i feel a certain bond with them which makes the game come that more alive . So in writing this i wanted to list my top ten video game characters from then and now and here they are : Now 10) Max Payne - Max Payne 3 9) Cole Phelps - L.A. Noire 8) Niko Bellic - GTA IV 7) Issac Clarke - Dead Space 6) Michael Jordan - NBA 2K11 5) Sam Fisher - Splinter Cell Conviction 4) John Marsten - Red Dead Redemption 3) Batman : Arkham Asylum and for spots 2 and one was tough to decide so to round out my top 2 video game characters from now are : Captain Price and Soap McTavish - Modern Warfare series . These 2 British soldiers are why i love the Modern Warfare campaigns from their drive to stop evil to their funny clever remarks these two men do whatever it takes to win . They will be my favorite video game characters for years to come . Then 10) Sub Zero - Mortal Kombat series 9) Luigi - Mario series 8) Zelda - Zelda series 7) Billy - Double Dragon 6) Ken - Street Fighter series 5) Samus - Metroid 4) Donkey Kong - Donkey Kong series 3) Pac Man - Pac Man series 2) Mario - Mario series and rounding out number 1) James Bond - GoldenEye . Shocker huh well it was hard to name them in order but i feel i got them right as i have many more too name but this is long enough already ( hope it wasnt too long ) but i wanted to express my deep feelings in this and for the love i have had for video games since before i was a teen . I look forward to writing another blog and hope you have enjoyed this .
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Comment by MaxGoose911 at 09:16 on 30 Nov 2023

God 🏆

Comment by Five1oh at 15:20 on 30 Nov 2023


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